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  1. P.S. might i share a link to here on FaceBook giving credit to where it is due of course?
  2. this is how i feel about how the Gods have responded to so many of the fools who are hypocritical in their faith. if people took more responsibility for their actions God may not have had to do the 'tough love' thing.
  3. There are many creatures that live in the many Plains of the world. Of them much may be said, however there are a few of which the less said the better. And Never speak their names, for to do so is to give permission for them to inhabit your body, and surrender your soul. But for one to understand the evils of these beings one must know of them, and the evil they do. But even as I say evil you must understand that evil is only a superficial description. How can ones whole be evil when it is what you feed upon that you follow? When your source of flesh happens to be damaging to that which is about you? When it is sadly your job to go to and gather upon the place where death chaos and destruction multiply? While they are an anathema to all Valkyrie like myself, they have a place in the wheel of the world and so I do not hate them, perhaps I pity them a tad bit…. However, there are some I fear because of their uncanny connections. The first of Those we speak not of are those I fear. They are oft seen carrying scythes, covered in black cowls and following either individuals of items that soon will cause either Death, Chaos, or Destruction of something important. (Please note I count important as the intangible not the tangible, even if the tangible is connected to the intangible.) They feed on the tear and rift caused by these damages and oft revel in the misery caused. When major incidents happen with many casualties you will more oft then not find these creatures swarming in the hundreds to these areas, one reason why I dislike watching the news. If you acknowledge their presence they will close in on you and you will more oft than not find a disaster happening in your life soon after unless someone else draws them off. If ever you catch Sight of them: look away swiftly, ignore that spot in the room casually and carefully finish your business there, and finally leave the room as normally as you can. The next of those we Speak not of are a pitiful bunch. Their main food and nourishment is discord, gossip, confusion, and despair. They can feed off of any negative emotion, but those are the only ones that truly nourish them. The others are like high calorie junk food for us. Filling but next to nothing in the sense of real nutrition. These creatures are hunched over and have long noses, they have no eyes or mouths, big ears and if you are foolish enough to listen you hear a maddening depressive litany of mixed profanity and putdowns constantly being whispered from them their legs are muscular and their tails help them balance their skin is pale and their arms look thin and deceptively scrawny. Do not be fooled these creatures are not to be underestimated, and not to be trusted. They preferred to be unseen and in the shadows, and if seen they react violently. If you see them pray they don’t know, and do try to slip away carefully. The last of those Who We speak not Of is a miserable creature. It is the last type of creature humans are likely to see or interact with. These creatures shun humans if at all possible, and their touch is corrosive to the physical plain. It is not anything they intentionally want to do, but it is how they were made by their father, as a prank perhaps, but one in bad taste. They only seek a place to hide in safety alone and in safety from the physical plain away from Midgard. Their shape is similar to a rotting tree that still stands but with legs and arms, more oft than not with great crumbling beards and eyes blacker than the abyss of the nothingness that came before. If you catch sight of these creatures it is already too late, hope that you have lived well and will soon see the Gardens of Helheim or Valhalla.
  4. (OOC: i hope this is the right forum..... anyone that remembers me knows i am notorious about getting it wrong. if its wrong please let me know and i will re-post in the right place!) by way of introduction into the heart of me allow me to offer this verse: here i am, oddly broken and whole built for life yet missing on most when calls the Spirits of old their calls i must head for my duties beyond the Veil i may not deny my soul is tantalizing mix of poet, philosopher, and animal with all the right portions proper for the Nose all these mixed cause a unique blending of Dominance, and Submission i accept the label of switch with pride while at my heart i know my Fur peers out to stalk and hunt quietly, with grace leased from the soul of the Cat within.
  5. Contemplating the nature of Memories.

  6. (OOC: this is a series of stories i am beginning to write. there will be many and possibly something that may become more than i dream. but as the tittle says, just a story for now. Enjoy as you will.) I am sitting here in my apartment. I remember things that are important for the world to know in this moment. But I fear if I speak them plainly they will be taken as fiction and be ignored passed by and treated as trash literature. Or if someone should take them as real truth of what I think and feel I should be locked up, declared insane and mentally unwell in need of quarantining lest I infect others with my insanity, for it is a logical insanity. Still more I hope that perhaps as I write this it will be accepted by those with the ears to hear and eyes to see the truth I hide in the words of this inadequate language I have at my disposal in this life. For truly how can any language express and contain the whole of the spiritual ideals and physicality? How can the true essence of the untouchable and unknowable be fully bound by anything so trivial as a phrase or a thought? I feel like a painter beholding a vision of a prophet so pure and so beyond her kin she has to put it out but all she can manage is the barest of stick figures before the vision is taken from her being lost for all eternity. So bare with me as I record here my effort to express the knowledge gifted to me of my past….. and of the past of the entirety of the human existence. And keep in mind there are parts here of fiction, and parts of what I feel are truths revealed in my memories of the past lives I have lived, and who can say what is the real truth? And who can say, what is the “real” fiction? That is for each individual to discover, but know there is truth and reality in this tome. And its knowledge might truly set one free to roam the world as the Wyld Women of old, free from the concerns and goals of the society that tell us to expect the worst, and a will to make the world better. Even if that better be only a smile to another as you pass them. The first thing I must explain before moving to the first story is of the cosmetology of the universe. There are theorists who say this world is but a shadow, there are others who say it is but one of many, and yet others who say there is but one and but one life. As I said before and you will likely understand by now, I believe there are many lives we live on this planet. And what you will not know yet is that I believe greatly is that I know within that there are more than one…… Words fail to express this concept at all. Even with all the learning and all the languages out there this concept gifted to me and peek beyond the Goddess has shared with me has left me without a way to express it properly with you. Allow me to try to reuse a word, but in reusing this word I want to give it a new definition for the context of this book. Plains: this word will express the in the context of the universal ideas, the whole of creation. The physical plain we live on now, the plain of the dead where we tarry a time before reincarnating, the plain of the Spirit where the Gods and Goddesses have formed their plains and realms, also the many plains of the spirit creatures and their homes, and finally the plains the Goddess created in experimenting on what became this current physical plain so that her children might be comfortable and safe. This is the entirety of the definition of the word Plain. So to pick up on what was being said: I Believe and Know deep inside that there are many Plains of existence Veiled just beyond the sight of many. These Plains are varied rich and some are so deliciously Beautiful beyond what can be expressed; I wish at times I could just share the bits and glimpses I get from time to time with everyone I meet. These are the times I know what this plain could look like and be, if only we could get our shit together. In the earliest memory I have I am somewhere. I am comfortable, and I am watching someone moving in the void. This void is all encompassing. Nothing exists and nothing can. It is like the vacuum of space, but much emptier and like being in limbo. Comfortable yes, but also an exquisite torture. I have no real form, no eyes yet I see. No ears but I hear, no nose but I smell. I am nothing at this moment, but at the same time I am. Before me is one I know is pure ecstasy and everything to me. She is life and death. She is my next breath and also my last. Somehow I also know She is the all of Raw Power. From Her I can feel the thrum of her Aura, crushing and yet caressing. It terrifies and excites me, I want to investigate it more closely and yet at the same time I want to run from it and hide. She moved and I could feel in Her aura a deep loneliness and longing for companionship and love. In my state I had no idea of these concepts yet, but I knew somehow I was the solution. Perhaps I was the thought or idea of the solution I wondered a moment even as I dismissed it for surly I am real and not just a thought or insubstantial. In a moment she reached out and there was a light it came from nowhere and everywhere in an instant at Her simple thought, or perhaps at the motion, or quite possibly it was an unspoken word? I knew not but as I watched I could feel Her amazement and awe at the response to Her action. I watched in curiosity as she did extend her arms and begin making circles forming many planes and odd spaces; I did not yet know what a plain was, all overlapping in areas but not completely. These plains and spaces She filled with Her essence and being creating a primordial space. She seemed to smile at a thought and began molding the bits of the primordial essence and created planets moons and the bones of what later became stars and black holes. I watched in awe feeling like one watching Van-Gogh as he sketched and painted his great works knowing the significance but not quite the full impact. The light She had made She gripped and pinned into each sun and star, then turned to the planets on each She went down to and walked upon even as we do now. As She did she saw how hard and harsh the land was given at this time there was only stone and rock. As She began Frowning softly I realized She had been evaluating and planning Her next move. She smiled and touched the stones and all the planets became covered in softer earth and dirt some rock and stone still was exposed but the ground was softened and made more comfortable. After a few moments She nodded and reached into Herself and pulled a part out and planted it into the ground and plants began to grow on the surface of all the planets. These green things were as varied and unique on each planet as the planet from the next. They all seemed to be small and at their tallest only knee to chest high. She smiled and nodes as the Green things grew slowly now after sprouting and covering the dirt and earth. However Her smile was short lived as I heard the Green things speak to Her telling her of their need for something to drink. From Her wrist She spilled a drop or two of Blood and the land was covered in water and the Green things cried out begging Her to stop as they could not breath through the water as it was. With a thought the dirt and earth swallowed deeply and hid the water underneath it to save the Green things. In thanks for the rescue the Green things reached down deep assisting the Earth and dirt to hold fast to the stones, as when it swallowed the water its hold on the planet had become loosened and might one day if not for the Green things the earth and dirt may slide off. All the work had left the Green things thirsty and they drank deep from their newly formed roots but even as they did some of the Green things again complained they were dying of thirst. So She went to them and dug pits and valleys by placing Her wrinkles upon the land making rivers, streams and ponds for these water loving Green things to move to and congregate about. She also left a breath upon the sphere of aura surrounding the planet so the Green things would not want for breath. But as She exhaled She set into motion winds that uprooted many of the Green things and to apologize to those who were pulled up She replaced them again into their ground and gave them more substance causing them to grow into greater beings, Trees, bushes and vines that worked together to shelter and block the wind from pulling up their smaller Sisters and Brothers out of the earth where She who made them had placed them. The Green things smiled and for all She had done Gifted the Woman with a name, they called Her Goddess for She had Gifted them with life and being. The Planets Gifted Her the Name Mother, and The waters Gifted Her another as did all She Made up to now. Her loneliness had abated a touch with Her work, but even with all there was She had not what She sought out. I could feel the fact there was a cusp of change upon the horizon of the moment as she thought a moment then stepped off the planet and began to spin each of them, then the moons and suns and stars, giggling and smiling as she saw that the spinning gave a time for the Green things to rest in the dark at times and a time to grow and stretch in the sun at another. But as She went out getting giddy from Her fun of spinning all she had made She was suddenly heard the cries of the Green things on one of the first places She had spun looking back She saw that it has crashed into its sun and burned up in the light. With a gasp She instantly froze time everything pausing its motion and life becoming almost void again. With Thoughtful moments She began to set up laid planning and rules for the planets, suns, moons, and stars. And to see they all stayed in their paths as She had carefully set them She set out an invisible guardian She named gravity to hold them to their places. With a nod She let time go and move forward and saw that everything returned to moving spinning and living, moving to the places She had appointed for them with grace and splendor. Smiling broadly she saw the pictures that had been outlined by the Stars and Suns hearing the soft thrum of the songs sung by the planets, moons, suns, and stars. As She listened She named the pictures and nodded gently knowing these names would be passed to Her Children. Even as I heard the names I smiled wishing for the tongue to speak their names, and as if hearing my plea She stopped and looked seemingly in my direction of the void, outside of where the plains and everything existed. She returned to the planet and found it overgrown and crowded by the Green things. They had used up much of what they had to eat and would die off at this rate, the Goddess frowned knowing this was not good and reached into Herself again and this time drew out all manner of living creature and beasts. Each designed to eat the various Green things but in return made food for the Green things as they lived and died. A cry rose up from the rivers, streams and ponds as the Living creatures and the Green things argued and fought for space and the Goddess called for them to cease fighting and tell them what the problem was, for they ought not to war with their siblings at any time. This was to be the First Rule She made to all the Living World: War not with Your Siblings for this is not what you are meant for. As both settled and quieted they presented to Her that they were too crowded and that there was no room for them to safely live in these small places together. After much thought She reached down and made some ponds much larger and others she took and stretched into oceans and made room for all the Living beings and the Green things to live in harmony. For those displaced on the land that was moved She made souls for the animals of some and others She made smaller and able to live in the spaces between. To those She made smaller She gave new purpose and jobs; some to clean the Green things, some to clean the Living beings, and come to deal with those who passed making the remains move more quickly into food for the Green things and into the earth and dirt. Again I realized I knew I was missing something in the grand scheme of the way She made all things. I looked at Her more and more as the Green things had called Her as, Goddess. And with much respect I must add, for She clearly had much intellect and foresight in the way She put things together. Not that She always had them perfect, but they were always a wonder to behold. She smiled and nodded again and this time I heard Her voice clearly as She said, ‘I have not forgotten you sitting there waiting your turn to become.’ And in the next minute I can remember clearly I was waking up upon a hill under a shade tree my senses and understandings much diminished now but much more real and solid. The gentle breeze tickled upon my skin as my eyes beheld the sun in the distance just beyond the rustling leaves of the tree I leaned against. I could feel the blades of grass upon my bare back as I lay face up. The delicate clinging scent of roses gently and teasingly drifted to my nose as I closed my eyes and reached out with my Self, able to feel the many things about me my Sisters and Brothers about me as I lay there breathing the air of the planet I found myself upon. It was a warm planet and I would guess early in the spring from what I see in this memory. But in that moment I Knew and could feel the Magjik of all that was and that could be. And I also Knew my purpose as a person, and sister to all that was: to love and to be loved. Knowing this I cared for the land and grove of fruit trees many years with a young man even as the Spirit Creatures and their Kin began to breathe and visit. Even when I was old and the Nature Spirits took over caring for the bulk of my work. The work I did was in the company of a young Male of the same species as I. we lived a long life in the clean and clear Pristine home made for us and had children even as we did we knew others who lived in other groves and made children with them on occasion should we have taken a fancy. At the time to make children was only an extension of our love, not something we felt shame or dismay over. During these days Magjik was but second nature as a means of helping to care for the land and those Green things and Living beings who were our Sisters and Brothers. We had to teach our children on occasion when they were unruly or not ready how to use this tool as they were often impatient or not watching closely to their actions, when they did we taught them about their tools as we had seen it taught to us when the Goddess was creating the world and the Plains. As time went on and I aged in this life I thought less and less of that time before but now in this life I think of it and wonder why it was not thought of so much. Where had I been was I really alive then? Was I only a thought at the time of creation? Or was I a part of the Goddess as She created all, a subconscious drive to be loved and love? Or perhaps I am but Her dream? As I had said at the beginning of this story this is only my oldest memory and I will now divulge this is also my most cherished Memory. Even these words I have used are but shadows of the true depth and beauty that was experienced and seen at that time. After all how can I explain to you what I had seen and felt in this time? No human tongue can express it, nor any other tongue that may or may not exist.
  7. yet another night denied the blessings of Morpheus's sweet embrace mind racing awake and withdrawn from the veil of sweet slumber memories running and resurfacing as old as the stars themselves the sweet visions of the times when the veils were not locked when the halls of Valhalla were open to all those worthy souls whom Odin would welcome and feast with as if they were of his own blood and by the morning sun they would train and battle in preparation when the time that Helheim's tending lines were not neglected by their Mistress and sang with the flow of those passed from the plain of flesh and headed to their reincarnation in their next lives when the Elysium fields were open to the casual traveler and may be visited easily the scent of the wheat, ripe and heavy with the time of harvest when Olympus was not separated so far from the other realms and Zeus's randieness was to be wary of when the beauties of Shangri-La were open to the world and the ambrosia of immortality was not so closely guarded an item and long before the Hebrew God was conceived, born, or thought of and long before the blind religious savaging wars that came after. another hour passes it feels like a countless number my soul burns with the countless years it has lived here on this planet, and on the previous ones and memories slowly drift to me, memories of the world of Cyro in its glory as we set the last stones into place feeling a sense of pride as we looked out at what we had managed to accomplish of the cold stones against the heat of the high noon sun in Tikal as i listen to the priests and priestesses go about business of the simple pleasures of a flute to play while watching over sheep on a hill overlooking the great Mediterranean while others cook our simple meal of the golden palaces and temples of the Chinese that i either served in or helped to build, those scents and smells so very fill my senses even now the feel of sweat and the touch of tiredness in my muscles as i worked long folding the nabe-gane many times working out impurities and strengthening the blade of my katanas and little memories of being the kings potter and saving the little girl from the gypsies who wanted to abuse her of being the ice-field hunter wanting naught to do with the humans who scorned me and tried to chase me off and yet it was i who kept the monsters at bay from them chased off the dragons, and showed those things that go bump that there was more powerful that laid claim to those lands all these memories and more and now i am here my body is still young this time around yet i am plagued with arthritis and my body wracked with seizures and heat issues many days i have no idea who i am or who my lover is even though i am waking up next to them and i am here left to wonder, what is it i have forgotten that has so punished me?
  8. stepping through the edges of the place between where the world tree system exists and picking a remembered branch of the system one that had not been visited in too long. "i have been too long absent, and so many changes. i wonder if i shall even be remembered amongst my friends?" a soft grin passes her face as she remembers the good natured ribbing and teasing amongst them and the unique situations and features of them all, the most prominent being the wizened Wyvern who ran the recruiting office. she pauses and brushes her white hair back and summons a desk and chair sitting down and begins her application filling it out using her new name and all. "too many changes to go by who i was after all," she mutters while pausing remembering the requirements and sighs softly. "i wonder if a tale is still required, i have so many and have lived so very many lives to draw from..... i never know what to put here." as she looks about her molten copper eyes taking in the numerous branches of the world tree system at this end how many of them that have been broken off and the ones still forming and even those that thrive even after the many years since their conception. as she took it all in a thought formed and a smile passed as she remembered a tale told to her as she grew in the cradle. "perhaps a simple retelling of a lost children's tale?" she muttered as she scrawled it out upon the parchment and then signed it taking it and standing as the desk and chair shimmered out of existence as she steps through the entry to the end of the branch and into the Pen's Keep. She quickly began slipping quietly through the sleeping keep to the recruiting office silently opening the door and tacking her application on the inside of the door for Wyvern to see pausing a moment to notice that the office is oddly clean now. Nodding to the enchanted door in the corner she slips out and to her long neglected home, hoping the mess is not too terrible. after all a unmaintained space compression spell can be a catastrophe especially in a plain as unique as the one the Keep was inhabiting. hopefully the twins had kept to their duties in her absence....... Application for admittance re-admittance to the Pen Keep: Name: (former name was Mai Takekaze) Tulay Takekaze Age: old enough (seriously i wonder why every application seems to have this one) Gender: changing (at least they didn't ask sex this time) Race: no thanks (like i would admit to something i am not even sure of) Description: white hair, molten copper eyes, feminine curves, attitude when called for, Mistress of many elements, and all around wordsmith in training. Applicant Story: 'Sit and listen. The Goddess three have given me a tale to say It concerns the beginning of all And of the magic she grants. In the beginning of all things The Goddess was. She was both male and female She had been, and may always be She moved in the nothingness that was the element of darkness As she waited for anyone to come, She grew lonely After a time a thought came to her She would have children to love and care for And she set about making a home for them yet unborn First she knew they needed a place To walk and run and climb So she looked and nowhere was found To do this for her children She reached out and formed The hills valleys and plains And set them into the flow of time And as she did this the element of earth was born As she looked at her work a thought occurred Her children needed to drink so she set to work The Oceans Rivers and ponds she bent And the element of water was born She looked and realized the water made the earth cold And children need it warm to live So in the earth deep she reached out and made A furnace to burn always And so the element of fire was born She looked to make sure the Home was complete But found no air to caress or care So she breathed onto the world And the element of air was stirred into being As she prepared to bring her children to be A last thought occurred Children start out small and scared of the dark So of her own she gave and formed the sun To shine till all else ends and the element of light was born As she looked she found the earth was hard And no one living yet so she took hold of the elements And made the grass trees And all other plants to give softness to the earth And also made the animals to be friends to her children She looked down on the home she made And she smiled now for all her children Should need was now there for them. With this thought she birthed the children she had. And she decided to make them able to reproduce and made them male and female. They were either two or many, it matters not how many. What is important is that now the seventh element was now laid and birthed: the human spirit. The elements brewed and stewed Wanting to live on their own And reproduce so they made the sprits faye and all manner of spirit folk So now my friends you now do know of the reason we all exist and live. We were made to comfort and love and be loved. And we must care for our home for the thought that went in to its making. And this is why we do harm to none, so mote it be' ((*ooc: this is my original work just in the story of my characters past life it is a children's bedtime story that has been forgotten in the modern days))
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