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Brighid of Byrness

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    Reading, writing, hiking, sharing delicious food and a glass of red wine with friends, enjoying dark chocolate and a pot of loose-leaf chai, listening to music, and sitting by the fire while the rain or snow falls outside my window....

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  1. Hey, James! Two heart-felt poems; is the muse the same for both? You've got a good start on the second one -- just needs to be cleaned up a bit. I really like the rhyme scheme...it's like a waltz of sorts (for those of us who aren't ballroom dancers)...one, two, three...one, two, three.....
  2. Rose Red (never watched it, but I like Stephen King) Candy corn or pumpkin-shaped Reese's?
  3. Write an "or" question or have someone else do it?
  4. The beating of drums inside my body -- the insistent thrumming of passing time. It's relentless, the Fates' swift strumming; you can't resist their dance sublime. Not corny but cliche: Resistance is futile
  5. 42 is always the real answer...so I'll pick 52 just because I'm feeling contrary Death by boredom or death by chocolate?
  6. The world turns, and turns, and turns....whether we're on it or not...and keeps turning through individual ups and downs. The Elizabethans called it "The Wheel of Fortune." It's great to see you're still writing; it seems to be pretty quiet around here! My private message feature isn't working (or else I would send you one inquiring about the state of affairs of James, Scheherazade, Zool, and Brighid. I think they're still in a cavern somewhere). Hopefully that will get remedied (relatively) soon :smile:
  7. Brighid couldn't help but take some secret delight in James being harassed by the rubber chicken; he deserved it for all the witch nonsense he kept feeding Scheherazade. He often seemed too cocky, and he needed to be taken down a peg or two; although, all of them had been tested by the fog and she knew James didn't possess as much self-confidence as he wanted them to believe. "Bested by a bird, oh brave leader," Brighid sniggered in James' direction. "That bird is a maniac," James replied, pointing in the direction of the rubber chicken who was roosting quite peacefully in the safety of Scheherazade's arms. "He doesn't look too dangerous," Brighid retorted with a smirk. Swiftly, James lunged out of the pool, grabbed a hold of Brighid, and pulled her back into the hot spring. "Why you ---" Brighid sputtered as she surfaced for air. But she couldn't resist laughing as she wiggled free from James' grasp and started flinging water at him. The two of them engaged in a friendly but competitive water fight. "Here, hold him," Scheherazade said to Grimmael as she pressed the bird onto the older man's lap. Then she ran towards the hot spring, launched herself into the air, and shouted, "Geronimo!"
  8. Red...I guess. I don't know a whole lot about chili apparently Kill a spider or set if free outside?
  9. It was my attempt to write something; I'm in a terrible funk!
  10. I missed this when you first posted, and you have me a bit confused...so I may or may not be belatedly wishing you the same
  11. A new year unfolds: like a skein of yarn it rolls, batted by Time's cat.
  12. Yeti...I have a hard time pronouncing "abominable snowman" clearly! FedEx or UPS?
  13. Another favorite! ^^ For some reason I always liked this Rush song even though it's not one of their best...just upbeat and catchy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTFHwTKWawU
  14. Not racist Breakfast foods: sweet or savory?
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