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  1. Blby bounced up and down and did a quick circle of the table. "Isn't this exciting?!" he asked. Completely confused about Chiroq's terror. ... and then somoene poked him! When he turned and saw a wolf, he jumped a foot before he realized there had been a mind greeting. "eep! You poke people in the brains too! I mean 'Hello!' And um, please don't eat me!" Does the other pig know there's a wolf in the room? Blby raised his small voice as loud as it went "Fellow pig, Fellow pig? There's a wolf and a cabbage here, and they both talk by brain-poking. Fellow pig? I smell you you and a faint whiff of tangerines!"
  2. "Oh! My! Umm! You really are a worried cabbage!" Perhaps Chiroq was less than amazed at this announcement, but Blby certainly did not notice. He stared in amazement, nose twitching in a way that sent shivers through Chiroq's leaves. I should ask some of the Pen carnivores what they do about sentient dinners. Blby looked at himself. Or maybe not. Might be a bad topic considering that I'm a bit vulnerable. Blby looked at Chiroq, still a bit shocked that this cabbage had talked into his mind. "Poor vulnerable dinner" he muttered under his breath. "Umm, hello! And no, I have a carrot under the table Really should teach people not to pick a guy up and leave his dinner behind under the table for any passer by to eat. It never talks to me, so I think I'll eat that instead. I don't think Gwaihir would let me in his garden. He's a bit ... protective about his plants as far as I can tell. I have GOT to tell the other guinea pig about THIS!" Blby's nose twitched with excitement and he rushed up to Chiroq and nosed him in a friendly fashion. "EEP!"
  3. Blby sat under the table, eating the carrot he'd grabbed earlier and sniffed. It was a smell he'd never smelled before. Sort of like a cabbage (makes me hungry)... But not. It also smelled a bit like fear. A scared cabbage??! Blby stuck his nose out. Nothing on the ground. Not even feet. I swear I smell something that's afraid though! Could it be on the table? *sigh* This could be interesting. Blby's plump body could be seen to leap grandly .... and futilely into the air. *Bounce, jump, hop!* But no, there is just no what that even a fit guinea pig can jump onto a chair. Huffing and puffing, Blby stopped and thought again. So I can't get onto a chair, what ... WHAT the heck! "Umm, hello, did someone just poke me in the brain?
  4. *Scamper scamper, run in circle* Who would have done this? *Scamper scamper, hop* It just doesn't make any sense. Did he do it? Maybe, but why? Maybe if I keep running, it'll make sense eventually *scamper in circle, scamper in circle* OOC:Jamie/Gryphon
  5. *whisker wiggle* "Hello!" A fellow pig! "We don't. But we really don't have a clue. Humans always do what the crowd does. If the crowd is angry at that boy, either they're right or they're dangerous. I'm far too small to fight angry humans." Then they heard signs of grief and Blby wondered if tragedy had struck again. Sheer panic struck and he fled to the security of a Christmas tree."
  6. Death? eepeep! Not much of a party this. Fine holiday Christmas ... murder! "!EEEPEPEPEPEPEPEeE!" Hide! Table! "Umm, oops, sorry, if that was your foot I crawled on" Fortunately, guinea pigs have never had great eye sight, so Bartleby was not particularly inconvenienced by the dark---if only the humans would stop bumbling everywhere. Seems like a bad time to be a ten year old boy! Poor kids. Some of them are very nice to guinea pigs too and feed us treats. I wonder if this Brian would have. Why on earth do humans do such things to each other? I've never in my life seen a guinea pig kill or a rat or a mouse...or anything I know. Well, cats and owls and things do, but they eat their kills at least *shudder!*. Only humans kill and then walk away. Bloody nasty. Who is it they're all critical of now? Mattie? I'm not presuming he did it, but maybe avoid him just in case! OOC: Voting for Vene/Mattie
  7. "Eeepeepeepeep!" Probably nobody heard it, but that was the shouted opinion of one of Santa's elves when the lights went out. A guineapig wants to hide when trouble comes but in this dark, he didn't even know where the furniture was. "God I hope no one steps on me" was the next thought." Then there were the screams. Blby knew immediately when he heard them that those were heartfelt. Some things you can't mistake and at that Blby stopped thinking sanely and fell to small guineapigish prayers.
  8. Oh my, so many kids! Do they all have to grab me? eepepeeep. That boy almost stepped on me! "Thank you dear. Yes, I'm an elf. I don't know if most of Santa's elves like me, but EEPOW! the hair is definitely real." Where is that Santa, these kids are fun, but they're tooo much. AAh, there he is and ....WHEW! He stinks of nicotine and menthol with something else *whiffwhiff* booze thrown in! UGH. I wish humans had the sort of smell we do. Eh, time to go distact the girl. *nuzzlenuzzle* "Don't cry! I'm small and fuzzy and my Santa hat will tickle you. There! That's better ....
  9. Yes please, I would indeed like to be a guinea pig if possible. It's all I know how to be!
  10. Well, what if I were some sort of elf hired by the store? I'm the right size for one. Maybe I'd look cute in an elf hat.
  11. eeep scurry blush. Should speak, hidehidhide, but should speak. Fight will. Bravebrave "Umm I think I'm still pretty new hear, but thank you!" *scurries Speedily under table*
  12. Fun to read so far! Thank you for sharing! I'll be watching for more!!
  13. Suddenly it hit Blby that someone was dead. Really chirp squeak scurry eep BUMP. And very quickly it was discovered that six foot tall suits do not fit under tables. The clatter of a knocked over table echoed and a six foot tall necromancer jumped at the noise. "Eepeepe! I mean, Sorry for the noise! I'm embarassed!" With that Blby decided to put himself out of public view for a bit. With a shudder he sat down at a table against the wall. At least they can't see me blush under this fur.... Or through the costume. Remember, pig, you're a necromancer. You don't apologize and you probably shouldn't be embarassed. Be bold. ... like that'll ever happen. OOC: Still no vote yet
  14. Blby stumped in. "Sorry I'm late for this disaster! I was in the bathroom and had a spot of trouble getting my costume on." To anyone who knew the small black guineapig in real life, this was not surprising at all. He was six feet tall and wearing a large suit that only his nose and eyes poked out of. He swivelled his eyes and tried to look dangerous, or as he would have put it, carnivorous. Blby put his mouth up to the speaking tube and his voice boomed darkly. "Greetings, all."
  15. Few people really think about what it's like to not be themselves.
  16. "eEEp! "Erm, I mean, Welcome!"
  17. Blby


    OOC: Note there are references to this post and the following one here. You might want to read them first. Also, Peredhil, I'm not sure if Guido and Nuncio are twins or not. I'm assuming here that they are at least distinguishable to a stranger. Apologies if I got it wrong. IC: Blby scurried back into the Cabaret room. It seemed safer here. ANOTHER ONE! The gods are among us here! Blby promptly ran over to Guido's feet and abased himself, nose to the ground. "Greetings, Almighty One! I exalt you although I know not who you are. Be forgiving please, I am but a young and foolish guinea!"
  18. Everything was happening a bit fast for Blby. WET! Wassat? OMGOMGOMG! WOOOOOLF!. Blby tried to run, but there was only a wall behind him. EEEp OH! eeeepp help help ........ wait. It laughed. Things don't usually laugh at their dinner do they? Try to hold still. With that decision, Blby made a conscious effort not to move, but still his body shivered. :: Greetings, Blby... didn't expect you to be visiting that lizard so soon! Beware his... special offers.:: Blby raised his head "You spoke?" "But no, you didn't speak. Wuuuh...." And then the window slid open and the quick paced salesman began to speak. Blby just froze in bafflement, taking paper mechanically, but not understanding. He was still in shock when a giant guinea pig stepped in. It's huge, but it's a pig, I'm sure. I don't think we come in giant sizes, but umm, clearly we do. Maybe it's a god? It must be. As Tanuchan swept Blby up, he made a mental note to make obseiance to this god as soon as he got the chance.
  19. *Small huddle of black squeak* DEAFENING NOISE! Terror! Fear. HELP! Noise!....Stop, Blby. Calm down. and no matter how loud I yell, no one would hear me over that din. Well, you never know. One could always try? "Excuse me, noisy people, please leave!" Speaking of oddities, what on earth is that thing sticking through my door hole? I can't even leave while it's there. Well, relax and turn on the news. WTF! That's my door! And the thing stuck in my door is a stinger! Wait! A stinger? EEEEP! *hides under his bed*
  20. "When I was just a small piglet, My father said to me, Blby 'Go see the world before you set- tle down. See pigs besides just me! Just watch out for sneaky capture. They slip up from behind your back and dig their hands into your fur, then pop you go into their sack. If you want safety, be a pet. Sometimes you may be bored, but they Take care of you and you'll be set For water treats and daily hay. But if you're smart and guinea-tough, Be an adventurer, my son.' Life's been fun and sometimes rough But I've travelled hither and yon. May I stop here for a while 'Fore I go another mile?" OOC: I fear my poetry's not very good, but it's what I could think of, so I figured I'd try.
  21. If you don't mind a new participant, I'd like to join. If you'd rather have experienced people, that's okay of course.
  22. Hello, Might a small black guinea pig join? I will come in costume as a necromancer.
  23. Blby


    As The Researcher picked up Blby, Blby erupted into comments. Of course, Professor Hassium might have been more likely to notice if Blby hadn't automatically started speaking in his native language--squeaks! "What am I doing here? Let me out! I object! "Wait! Ummm! What are you doing with me? No! Don't grab me by my neck! That's rude! HEY!" Desperation, confusion, kick! Wiggle, shake kicking all the time. HAH, dropped. Free! Woah. Where am I? Big, flat, and wwwheeew, this is scary-high up! AH, perhaps a counter? "Hello, someone please move me? I really don't like it up here!" Might get more answers if I didn't speak in guinea pigish. "Umm, hello! Friends, Romans, Guinea Pigs, Lend me your .... transportation!"
  24. Blby


    "Rabies indeed!" Blby muttered to himself. Someone would have to have a talk with that researcher. But for now? Blby really did want to see the other guinea pig again. The problem was that man wanted to take Pig away. Didn't seem polite anyhows. One didn't want to be kidnapped oneself, but perhaps if one took precautions one could talk to the researcher. He turned to his table companions and said "Don't let him kidnap me, but I think I"d like to invite that researcher here." Turning to Death of Rats, Blby said the same thing in his own native tongue (after all Death of Rats seemed rather formidable though his motives were unclear). Then he raised his voice, "Mr. Researcher sir, would you like to come have a drink with us before you go?" "The researcher looked at the table, puzzled by the small voice he heard. And as he identified the small guy beckoning at him, he blinked in surprise. Another talking guinea pig?! Aloud he tried to disguise his surprise. "Eh... sure... you seem to have a nice choice of drinks in there..." He patted his pocket to make sure Guinea Pig was still there, and turned to the lizard that was still talking about geld. "Hmm... I'm afraid my geld is a bit ... compromised right now. You see, I'm in the middle of a project and I actually need all the help I can get. Wouldn't you be interested in investing that geld on it? If i'm succesfull, the profits will be really high." Blby smiled to himself. Perfect. Now, what next? Was the researcher likely to free Pig? No, he seemed pretty keen on keeping Pig, but DEET DEET DaBOOOM Fragments of tangerine went everywhere. Degorram ducked slightly, mostly shielded by the lizard. Wyvern himself might have stood through the explosion if he hadn't been hit in the face by a tangerine covered owl. Patham was the straw that knocked the lizard backwards. Wyvern went flailing, muttering somethign about AlmostDraconic Bomb Shelters. He reached something and began to pull himself up with it. Now, Mynx naturally had stayed where she was-a tigress wasn't easy to knock over. However, once Wyvern pulled her chair out from under her there was no help for it but to fall flat on top of him. To give her credit, she fell as dignifiedly as one can. Wyvern, on the other hand, just flattened underneath the weight. "I bet he'll want retribution for that" Blby commented helpfully. He turned towards Death of Rats, "Do you think he'll ask you for the retributions?" Even guinea pigs can smile and Blby definitely proved it as he pictured that. The Researcher side-stepped the flying tangerines, but still one caught him on the shoulder and went oozing down the jacket. Suddenly Blby had a purpose. Now that counts as a distraction! He jumped mightily to the researcher! Now was the time for mighty freedom rescue! He sailed through the air ... And fell flop into the wrong pocket. ACK! Panic! Ignominious scampering! Wiggle-fuss!!! Blby was stuck in The Researcher's lower left pocket. OOC: Thanks to The Researcher for answering my questions and giving me his lines/actions.
  25. Blby


    Dark and comforting. One can regain one's thoughts under here. But WHAT is that? It's coming it's coming it's a cat! Well, a small cat. Not grownup, buT NOT WHAT I NEED. If it's a normal cat it won't understand human or guinea pig. Try both? "Cat, this is my hiding place. Don't even TRY to eat me. I'm tough. EEEEEEEEk, don't come near eeeek!" Run behind chair. Stop. Try again in guinea pig. "EeeEEpp plurrrrr, eep, plurreE, plurr plurrrr* eEEK." It's approaching again! backupbackupbackup! WHO'S that! OH. OHOHOH! Oh, now she's gone again. I didn't mean to freak out. She was just being friendly, but she did shock me with the l oud noise and the face suddenly! OH! Okay, she's back and she's talking. It's time to act like a human and not a small furry. (Particularly since t he other small furries aren't answering! gr!) And remember how strong the drink is on such a small being. "Thanks for the drink. Is it this crazy normally?" *trying to approximate a purring guinea pig
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