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    Blby's body lengthened at all the stimulus. First there was the fascinating appearance of Pig and the freeing from the green scary. The fall! An OWL! The grabbing of Pig by the researcher and now tangerine guns wielded by a rat! Timing was complex. Which had happened first? What was happening now? Terror? Or excitement? Both! And would the tangerine still be edible after it was shot. Wouldn't want to waste a good tangerine if he could help it. TOO MANY PEOPLE! but ... but.... Blby was torn. Finally he leaned towards Pig "eep EEep eepeep?" One just must get out of the crowd. AND GRABBED. UNDER TABLE! rUN RuN! MOVING. Safer. Now? Well, someone should help Pig. It wasn't in his nature. But he'd be nice to have around. Besides there was a rat out there with a gun. It wasn't scared. Maybe he, Blby could do it? At least he could move quietly and speak in a language the humans wouldn't know. He approached Death of Rats' table. "Squeaak?" One's rat was a little rusty, but maybe he would understand. He iddn't seem to be a normal rat in the slightest, but if he was any sort of rat he might feel a kinship. "Squeak sqqqueakkk? sQUEak, SqueAk!" One wanted an answer, but one couldn't wait for one. Bartleby darted at the Researcher. The shoes were shiny and wouldn't work but NIP Bartleby nipped a nearby ankle. There! Now completely out of courage he ran from the crowd, ran from his boldness. Ran back under the table!
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    Blby blinks as Ozymandias appears. "Erm, hello! My name is Bartleby and... Suddenly Wyvern appears and grabs Blby by his neck. Almost immediately Blby stops struggling though his feet kick occasionally. Blby shakes dramatically and tries to speak " " No words come out, so Blby shakes quietly in Wyvern's grip. His eyes roll slightly and look towards the others assembled.
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    Eyes a-twitch, Blby watches Tanuchan and his body shivers slightly. "Uh, hi!" as he takes a bite out of the fruit, peel and all. "Aye, I have come far, through noise, through threats, and even imprisonment." Seeing Mynx approach, Blby edges slightly into the corner more. "Hello! My eyes aren't the greatest either, frankly. How do you get around then? Seeing a third being approach the table, Blby gets twitchy. Suddenly his spot is vacant and Blby scurries under the table and out the other side. Mynx and Tanuchan blink. "Are you okay? Tanuchan asks kindly" Blby blushes slightly. "Uh sorry, I'm a bit scared of being surrounded by too many people. But I didn't mean to run. Please do join me, Mr. Mustache."
  4. A small one comes into the room inquisitively. As he wiggles his nose he smiles shyly. "How is everyone?" He waves and then his shyness overcomes him and he scuttles towards a dark table and starts eating an orange.
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