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  1. The penguins, rather oblivious to the clear and present danger, followed the stout cigar smokers' directions. One penguin, by the name of Feathers McGraw, leaned to his closest waddling neighbour and whispered "Hey, I've heard of this OONAZ ka FON thing! - its when.......
  2. Very Happy Birthday Tralla =) And to you to Seii *adds to the festivity with some Ol'Peculiar*
  3. I initially thought "Oh so finnius is into wrestling " Signed.
  4. I guess I have some spare time this "summer", do I sign the dotted line here?
  5. PM me my friend, I have the set ups ... .. (if you're serious)
  6. is my outlook bad that I understand the translation better than the definition? ;p
  7. lumpen begins whispering close to Gryphon "su nioj, su nioj, su nioj, su nioj, su nioj, su nioj the heralds will take over... before dematerialising into inactivity again
  8. Holy expletive Batman. Nah, I don't think I do have any - new computer here since those days
  9. *lumpen holds a quick council meeting and votes Vlad, Tralla and Falcon out of Inactive-r-us* That'll show you > (ooc: wish i had the motivation to come too?)
  10. I cast "lumpy" as one of the names to be used! http://www.themightypen.net/public/style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif
  11. I'm not sure of the legitimacy of that claim, J
  12. Last 48 hours: ACDC, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Joss Stone Those are the ones that stand out anyway....I have no idea why joss stone was put on..seems a little out of place
  13. I have a friend who was journeying about the phillipines/thailand/cambodia these holidays for us (dec-jan-feb), haven't heard word from him yet, but hoping for the best
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