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The Land of Failed Gods

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The time will come,

when I no longer allow the Gods to rely upon their immortallity.

I shall deny them their omnipotence

and take from them the faith which sustains them.

They will be cast down and judged.

As they had judged.

Had they adhered to the Laws I handed down to them,

so long ago?

The scales of justice shall weigh their fate.

Those found to have stayed true will ascend to my Kingdom,

to live, eternally,

by my side.

The others shall become mortal,

to live out their lives amongst the many others who have failed,

and fallen from my Grace.

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Hmm...Harmony wonders if this is referring to all the long time writers on this forum who have vanished for years at a time? (Looks around sheepishly) my apologies for the lateness. Glad to finally be back where Muse shines and quills are never dull...

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