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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

More Bad things Snypiuer has done

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O.K., Snypiuer has written off and on about things he has done (or MAY have done - things he will neither confirm nor deny) that one COULD consider to be "BAD".


Here's another:


Snypiuer goes to store. At check-out counter, bag boy is annoying checkout girl. Bag boy is, obviously, high school kid and so is check-out girl. Check-out girl is decent looking. Now, Snypiuer is in NO way a looker. He is not a Brad Pitt or a George Clooney and he is DEFINITELY no where even NEAR the scale of the raw sexuality that is a Steve Buscemi. But he does know looks and she was . . . O.K.




Snypiuer: Dude, why don't you just ask her out?


Bag Boy: Huh!?


Snypiuer: She's cute, ask her out.


Bag Boy: What!?


Snypiuer: Let's face it, you OBVIOUSLY like her or you wouldn't be annoying her so much.


Bag Boy: I'm, I'm, I'm . . . just


Snypiuer: Look. We both know that, even if she wasn't cute, you're young, you're horney, that's enough. Your hormone saturated brain wants her. Ask her out. What's the worst that can happen?


Bag Boy: ahhh *With a look of shock, fear and EXTREME embarrassment, he quickly walks away*


Snypiuer: Well, he'll either ask you out or leave you alone from now on. Just remember, they're ALL horney until they're about . . . you know what? Don't even TRY to put an age to it, just remember that they're ALL horney.


Check-out girl: *Wide-eyed with a 'what-just-happened?' look* umm, thanks?


Snypiuer: No prob, you have a WONDERFUL evening!

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You know, Snyp, I probably needed someone like you around when I was a teenager.

I sure as hell couldn't tell when a boy was flirting with me...



Also: lololol

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