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a poem for fun

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craving the sweet caress

of your lips as fine sake

I approach the door

With shinobi like stealth


As the latch gives way

No sound is heard

It is as if a kami

Had silenced all in it’s courts


I slip through the threshold

Like a ghost unseen

My breath catches

In unexpressed hunger

As your form appears


You lay lazily with

Only a grin covering you

To see you now the lotus

Would weep in shame of your beauty


I slide to your side

Avoiding disturbing the covers

We lay side by side

With touch and taste the ritual begins


On old as time

And young as the lovers

Their souls merging and separating

As their bodies move in a sensuous flow


Each craving the touch

And the end

But wanting it to never end


Finally when they can take it no more

Senses expand encompassing the others feelings

With shrieks of ecstasy and joy

They collapse onto one another

With pants and sweat dripping

They lay close and drift off

To a sated slumber




(if this is in the wrong place, sorry dear elders. Would you mind moving it to an appropriate place, if that should be the case?)

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