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Hold Me Closely

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This is another one of those that I'm not REALLY sure if I actually wrote it or heard/read it or heard/read something like it. . . my mind tends to wander and I can never be sure EXACTLY which thoughts are mine and which just happen to be passing through at the time. . . either way, it's a little awkward, but I hope you like it anyways *********************************************************************************


Take my hand and

Hold me closely

Feel the chill

Deep in my bones

Softly whisper

In my ear

"It's O.K. Now, you are home."

Rock me slowly

Kiss me sadly

Wash my face

With tears from your eyes

Start to tremble

Cry out madly

Let me go

Say, "Goodbye."

The end has come

I've done my time

I've been released

Left the line

Soon you'll see

Now that I'm gone

It's not the end

Life goes on


You'll be happy

Memories fade

We all move on

Just remember

When the time comes

In the end

You were never alone

I'll be there to

Hold you closely

And whisper softly

"It's O.K."

"Now you are home."

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Oooh, I like this. Good stuff. Even if it were inspired by something else - is there truly anything original? - you made it yours and shared it here. thank you!

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I just noticed I never read this, and wow, am I sorry.

Like P said, originality is a myth, mostly. Every chord's been played, every word's been said, every thought's been thought. It's our job to rearrange them into something different. Something inherently ours. Or theirs. Or no one's.

I love the role reversal you did here. It makes a strong story of mutual care, of kindness repaid. I especially love the lines of "Wash my face / With tears from your eyes". They make for a powerful image of cleansing through hurt and empathy.


Snypiuer, my hat off to you.

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