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  1. Happy birthday Xeros.

  2. Greeting one and all Its been quite a long time since I have been on this website and am very pleased to see that its still thriving. Also very pleased that my username and password were still active lol. Looking forward to reading the stories and contributing some of my own works aswell.
  3. {The doors to the Cabaret Room come flying open. All activity within the room ceases and all eyes fall on the doorway. A light fog forms at the entrance and a shadowy figure appears. The fog starts to glow a deep redish color, and instantly ignites into flames. As the flames slowly die off the figure in the shadows walks through and is revealed to be Xeros. He looks around the room at all the new faces, and sees some familiar faces from days past.} Xeros: And just when you thought it was safe in the Pen, I have come back. {He bows politely and smiles an evil grin, before walking fully into the Cabaret Room and with a flick of his hand, the doors close hard behind him. Xeros walks up to one of the few empty tables and takes a seat.}
  4. **** As the arguing amongst the collection of bounty hunters continued, most of which was directed towards that the actual price of Gyrfalcons head should be, as well as the other conversations pertaining to relationships and alterior motives.. the group failed to notice a man dressed in a black cloak sitting in the back of the hall. He chuckled to himself as he quietly puffs away on a long wooden pipe.. "So Ugarte and Bob have put a bounty on Gyrfalcon's head... And they actually found people dumb enough to take that offer... What fools.." Thought the cloaked man. The cloaked man continued to puff away on his pipe for a few more minutes before rising to his feet. "My master will be pleased with the information I have gathered for him" The cloaked figure said to himself. The cloaked man slowly made his way out of the auditorium walking with a slight limp ****
  5. **** The guard slowly made his way up the staircase with Racouol straggling behind, still trying to put the rags of clothing on. Reaching the top the guard slowly opens the heavy wooden door and waits quite impatiently for the prisoner to reach the top. "Come on!! Come on! I haven't got all day ya know." Grumbled the gard as Racouol finally reaches the top stair. Racouol just mutters something under his breath and walks out the door. As he exits the guard gives him a swift kick in the ass that sends the miserable Racouol falling face first into the dirt. The door is quickly slammed behind him. Racouol sighs and stands up calmly dusting himself off as best he can. A dark chuckle and clapping can suddenly is heard behind him. and a familiar voice rings out through the air. "Well this is a pleasant turn of events I must say. The great Racouol thrown in the dungeon like a common criminal." Racouol turns and sees Xeros leaning against the wall with a smug look upon his face. "And what are you doing here?" Racouol snaps at his former companion. "Who me?? Why I just came to see if the rumors were true, and low and behold... They were.. " Xeros snaps back at him. "How this is a strange twist.. You know most people would be able to picture myself in the dungeon... But you.. Thats someting no one would have expected. Racouol glares at Xeros "Well I hope you've enjoyed the entertainment. Now if you'll excuse me I have other matters to attend to, and you're not included in the.. Racouol turns and starts to walk away.. Xeros gets back to a standing position and smirks. "Now Racouol.. Is that anyway to treat the man who just paid for your freedom??"
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