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  1. Well, as far as Beck was concerned, I've begun to realize it's one of those weird things I like that won't hold a wide appeal to everyone. I showed it to you because my roommate and I both got a kick out of it. The Anime Club I frequent would tend to agree with you about Beck though, and I've come to the conclusion when describing Beck, I should say: "It's a different kind of weird." I deeply, deeply fear Excel Saga, Peredhil. But every time I watched an episode, I just couldn't stop laughing at Rikudo and Nabeshin locked in their eternal struggle over what to do with the show. As far as the other two are concerned: Cowboy Bebop should be watched without fail. It's absolute canon. Unfortunately, I have heard of Nuku Nuku but never actually made the time to watch this; I will rectify this as soon as possible. At any rate, I think I will be taking a brief break next time I post in this thread to discuss the new anime that was released in October, maybe some time after Halloween.
  2. Well, back again, as promised. This time I've got a few newer things, so let's get to them. Planetes (Planetes or Planet Es) - Set in the near future, debris orbiting the earth has become a problem for space travel. As such, special sections of orbiting space stations have been founded to retrieve the ever growing amount of debris around the earth. This anime focuses on one of those sections. (Drama/Sci-Fi) This anime probably has the most realistic depiction of space in animedom (which really doesn't say much). It tries very hard not to rely on any anime-stereotypes and does a fairly good job of it. I think it's safe to say that Planetes is probably one of the best animes you've never heard of. Princess Tutu (Princess Tutu) - A duck transformed into a girl tries desperately to save a prince by finding the pieces of his shattered heart and restoring it to him...by ballet dancing. Weird enough yet? There's also a maniacal story writer lurking in the shadows trying to turn their whole saga into a tragedy. (Fantasy) It's a magic girl anime. Fear it. It's also shoujo. Fear it more. But it has its own little twists, some fairly nice ones if you can get around the fact that it's a magic girl anime. It's probably one of the better ones out there right now. If you think you can stand the genre, it's worth your time. I'm having to dig through my hard drive now to remember stuff that I watched that not many others did to find this stuff. I might have to start relying on some of the more popular anime in the near future. It's either that or I have to start relaying stuff to you that's coming out right now before I really know whether or not it's worthwhile. I tried that with Zadown once, and he didn't take to it too well.
  3. The Roses weren't depetalled, most of them were just transplanted, while the rest of us withered in the Terran sun.
  4. Simon took a huge breath of fresh air and exhaled it all at once. He dozed atop a rather comfortable bed, alone in one of the most expensive rooms the inn had to offer. Isachar was in the private bath he had demanded a bath drawn for him the second they had arrived. Simon heard his off-key humming from the adjoining bathroom. The staff had been too quick to respond once he’d tossed a small lump of gold their way. So much for keeping a low profile. As for Lewis, he had hopped out onto the roof to be alone, and Simon couldn’t blame him. There were just things two squirrels should never, ever do together. Hiding together underneath a human’s cloak was one of them. A knock came at the door, interrupting his peace and quiet. Simon sat back up rather quickly to see a maid quietly open the door. She carried a tray with a small kettle and an elegant but simple porcelain cup. A service from the inn, he wagered, trying to garner more money out of their new, wealthy guest. Simon watched as she took note of him, sitting alone on the bed, and she tilted her head, confused. Simon only returned the gaze quietly. After a moment, she shrugged and went back about her business, placing the tray on a small table in the corner of the room. She then made a move towards the bathroom, but stopped. The maid just stood there for a moment, debating something. Whatever it was, she eventually made up her mind and turned around and made for the exit. She had placed her handle on the doorknob, when Simon did something very stupid. “Thank you,” he said. The words came unbidden, and he immediately clapped a paw over his mouth. The maid whirled around, her eyes darting about in surprise. When they finally came to rest on Simon, the squirrel shifted uncomfortably. The surprise in her eyes turned to fear. “Umm,” Simon stuttered. What could he possibly say now? “…M…M…!” she began to mouth. “Could we just forget I said anything?” Simon asked sheepishly. “…Ma…Ma…!” “Please?” “MAGIC!!!” The scream was deafening. She backpedaled as fast as she could, slamming herself against the wall. She grabbed at the doorknob desperately, never taking her eyes off of the tiny squirrel. Finally, she managed to get a hold of it, slammed the door open, and ran into the hallway screaming. Isachar rushed into the room, draped in nothing but a towel. He glanced outside; the maid was still screaming. He quickly shut the door, locked it, and braced it with a chair. From behind the both of them, Lewis opened the window loudly and angrily. He had a sneer on his face. “And we all rue the day Simon ever met Elrond Peredhil,” he spat.
  5. Just adding a couple of titles to this list tonight. One disturbing sci-fi/drama, the other a disturbing comedy. For the record, I do realize how bad I am at synopsis, but please, bear with me. Infinite Ryvius (Mugen no Ryvius) - Trapped on a powerful ship built in secret and hunted by their own government, a group of students struggle to survive as they unlock the mysteries of this strange ship. (Drama/Sci-Fi) Okay, some of you may recognize the animation here. This the work these animators did before s.CRY.ed and Gundam Seed, and in my opinion, it's their best work. For a show revolving around a ship that gets constantly attacked, there is very little action involved. The show is more of a drama revolving around how the kids cope with it all. Overall, it was a nice watch, a mildly unique approach to the whole Sci-Fi/mech anime theme. Child's Toy (Kodomo no Omocha or "Kodocha") - ...umm...well...there's this really crazy elementary school girl...she's got a lot of drama in her life...but she's just really energetic about it all...and there's this white bat...thingy...narrating her life... (Comedy) Kodocha is probably one of my favorite animes of all time. When I first saw it, I thought the show was bizarre as heck. Now, though, I think it's actually pretty mild. The humor is really random sometimes, but the story is really a sound one. It's demonically hard to find, but very much worth the hunt. These were some fairly old titles (5+ years old). I'll come back with some newer stuff next time.
  6. After his accusation, Isachar had just fallen silent, his face etched in stunned disbelief. Lewis and Simon spared a moment’s glance at each and then back at their still-frozen master. Simon noted that he did look a good deal paler than he usually did. He leaned over to Lewis and whispered, “Did you…” “No,” his partner responded firmly. Simon withdrew and glanced back at Isachar. His mouth was twitching sporadically. He was very much in shock. Again, Simon leaned over to Lewis. “Are you sure you didn’t…” “Not a thing,” he said. This time, Simon was even less convinced. “Really?” “Yes!” Lewis hissed at him. “Why won’t you believe me!” “Do you really need me to answer that question?” Simon replied, still skeptical. Lewis glowered at him, and Simon decided not to force the issue. For once, Lewis did seem sincere. He turned back to Isachar, only to find their master no longer frozen in place. He had curled into the fetal position and was gently rocking himself back and forth. “Not there…” Isachar was muttering to himself. “Not there…” Worried, Simon cautiously approached the young mage. Isachar paid him no heed, just rocked himself quietly and muttered the same two words over and over. Simon gently tugged on his coat sleeve. “Isachar?” he prompted gently. Without warning, Isachar snatched the tiny squirrel from the ground with both hands and brought the him close to his face. Simon stared at the mage’s fear-filled eyes, and he gulped. “It’s just not there!” Isachar screamed, and he shook Simon till the squirrel thought he would throw up. “Will you just get a grip!” Lewis shouted as he jumped atop Isachar’s head, his claws digging hard into the base of the mage’s skull. He peered down into his eyes and snarled, “Just what the spork is wrong with you!” Isachar blinked, and when he opened his eyes again, Simon saw that they were different. The fear was still there, but it was more controlled now. His grip loosened, and Simon crawled out and hopped up onto Isachar’s shoulder. “What’s not there?” he asked quietly. “The m-magic…” Isachar whispered shakily. “It’s…gone…” Simon glanced at Lewis, still perched on Isachar’s head, curious if he understood any of this. His partner only shrugged, and Simon turned back to Isachar. “Gone?” he asked. “It’s just not there…” Isachar repeated. “There’s no magic on this world…” It was a long, long time before any of them spoke again. The implications of Isachar’s declaration were all frighteningly clear. They were stranded. (To Be Continued….)
  7. It had been such a beautiful plan, simple yet elegant. It would have worked had he not been there to screw it up. Simon’s critiques were nothing more than the fearful mutterings of a scared little boy, but Lewis had heeded them, that had been the condition Isachar had laid down when he had left Iverlen to them. The two squirrels had compromised until they had castrated his beautiful plan, and when Last Days began, it had all fallen apart. Standing there, in the ruins of their once mighty stronghold, Lewis realized it all. And he was angry. The two danced around the room, locked in mortal combat. Acorns flew through the air in such numbers as they had not seen since their Imp Project. But to no avail. Both were adept at reading the other’s movements by now, and this only enraged Lewis further He screamed wordlessly as he drew his largest acorn yet. He hurled it blindly, putting all his might behind it. Simon easily dodged the projectile, and it arced upward. Lewis cursed and drew another, but he stopped as he noticed something. He gasped. Simon frowned and followed his gaze. His eyes widened when he realized what was about to happen. “Oh fork,” they muttered together. The errant acorn tore through the scroll and struck Isachar squarely between the eyes. He stumbled backwards in surprise, only to trip over a fallen piece of timber. He fell backwards cursing, and his head bounced against the stone floor. He did not get up. The two squirrels stared at Isachar, then at each other. They panicked. “Is he alright!” “What should we do!” “What was he doing?!” Lewis noticed, for the first time, that the room was bathed in an eerie blue light. Isachar had been working a spell. The distant rumbling of the dying earth reminded Lewis again that Armageddon was fast approaching. “He was casting a recall spell!” Lewis exclaimed in a panic. “I know that,” Simon hissed. Lewis did not bother to argue the point. He scurried over to Isachar and tried everything to rouse him, but the young mage would not stir. He was out cold. “Can you read it!” Lewis called back to his partner. “I have no idea where he left off!” Simon shouted back. “I don’t suppose you were listening to him!” “Do I ever?!” Simon did not answer. Lewis scurried back to him and glanced at the scroll. It was largely intact, save for a rather large acorn-sized hole in the middle of the fragile parchment. It now skewed more than a few runes, but that hardly mattered now. Simon was right, without knowing where Isachar had left off, they would never be able to finish the incantation. The soft blue light turned to a deep red, and it began to screech. Lewis realized they were out of time. The magic had to be released. Simon realized this too. “Guess!” he shouted to Lewis. “What?!” “We don’t have any time left! Pick a place and finish it!” Lewis boggled. It was insane. Magic was not something you toyed with unless you know what the spork you were getting in to. But as magic began to howl more persistently, Lewis realized they didn’t have a choice. Picking a spot on the parchment past the acorn hole, he began to read. His voice was unsteady and broken. The howl deepened. Then, he felt Simon’s paw on his shoulder, and he was strangely reassured. All their angry words seemed so distant now, and Lewis’ intoned the incantation with a firm voice. The light slowly returned to its soft shade of blue. Simon sighed. Lewis finished the incantation. The light gathered above the two squirrels and the collapsed mage. That was slightly encouraging. “What happens now?” Simon asked, staring up at the light. “Who knows,” Lewis replied The two stared up at the light in silence. The enchantment seemed strangely long, longer than a simple recall spell should be. Lewis was worried. “Lewis?” Simon began, turning back to him. “Hmm?” “We’re going to be in trouble, aren’t we?” Lewis only nodded. The rumbling collapse of Terra continued in the distance, but the two squirrels stared up at the hovering blue light above them, watching as the last of it gathered together. Without warning, it came crashing down, and the two squirrels gulped. The world was enveloped in light.
  8. The timing of this story idea is very strange. It came hours after I spent my first time playing The Reincarnation (Archmage) in almost two years. I find the possibility of this game being my muse very disturbing. This is another attempt of mine to actually work through a serial. I've had a horrible track record with long stories, and Zadown suggested I try something smaller. Well I honestly did try to do a small story this time, but it just ended up like this. These things just seem so short and simple in my head, but they always end up becoming these long stories that I never finish. Anywho, I will try to finish this one, I've got maybe half of it worked out so far, along with the ending. Hope you enjoy.
  9. Now when we speak of anime, there are always certain titles that will stick out in your mind -- Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun, Evangelion, Love Hina, Dragon Ball Z, the list goes on. This thread does not exist to recommend these kinds of anime. There are other people who could do that for you. Plenty of other people. What I would like to do with this thread is help shine a light on a few lesser known titles that has slipped through the cracks of mainstream interest. There are various reasons why such animes remain unnoticed. Several of these titles did not share the large budget that some of the more popular or were licensed almost immediately and thus did not gain a fansubber's database. And some of these animes simply have yet to see an American release date. Please note that I am not against mainstream anime. I am an avid fan of Fullmetal Alchemist and a loyal watcher of Naruto, and I thoroughly enjoyed most of the animes I listed above and would recommend them to any newbie. But I am making the leap of faith that several of you watchers who frequent these boards are probably past that stage already. In the previous thread, I recommended three titles to the anime lovers who populate the Pen. Short recaps to follow: Voices of a Distant Star (Hoshi no Koe) - The tale of two friends torn light years apart by a war in space mourning over what might have been. (Romance/Sci-Fi) Crest of the Stars (Seikai no Monshou) - Two strangers brought together by circumstance in the midst of huge galaxy-wide war. Yes, I know how it sounds, but the two animes are really quite different. Promise. (Romance/Sci-Fi) Paranoia Agent (Paranoia Agent) - A bizarre series of beatings lead a pair of detectives down a bizzare and twisted trail as they struggle to comprehend its connection between a young artist. (Horror/Fantasy) None of these titles have earned immense commercial popularity within the United States. In fact, probably the most popular anime, Hoshi no Koe, was just a small, independent anime that no one in the fansub community thought would ever even see a North American release (you have ADV to thank for that). Crest of the Stars just slipped under the radar of most fansubbers, and Paranoia Agent is simply too new (and was licensed right off the bat). Tonight, I would like to add two new animes to that list tonight. Kino's Journey (Kino no Tabi) - Follows the tale of young Kino as he travels from nation to nation, observing and absorbing their cultures briefly before moving on once more. (Fantasy) Kino's Journey is probably the only anime that I have ever liked without a coherent plot advancement. The story can be literally contained in that little blurb I gave it right above there, but it's such an interesting anime to watch just because of how it plays at the concept of perception. Now and Then, Here and There (Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku) - The tale of a young boy caught in a conflict that takes him to another world where it's a struggle just to survive. (Fantasy/Drama) Now and Then, Here and There is vicious in its portrayal of humanity. It comes completely unexpected from the maker of Kodocha and Fruits Basket, Akitaroh Daichi. But it is a great anime in how it just molds its characters. An old anime, to be sure, but definitely worth a watch. That's all I've got for now. I'll try to keep this updated every couple of weeks or so. After all, all I do anymore is watch anime, and Wyvern suggested I might as well share what I liked.
  10. Thank you for the kind words. I hesitated to post this because it feels so out of context now, not because of my insecurities (though rest assured, they are there). But I posted it because it's probably the only piece I've ever completed. I believe I've started somewhere in the range of five stories, all of varying lengths, and not one of them has ever gone past the middle. Sure I've done spoof work -- I especially enjoyed my coverage of the Legion Awards Festivities that Kendricke always held in IRC after resets (well, twice anyway). But there's just not much creativity involved in that. In terms of actually finishing what I set out to do, Legion Hearts is it. My one finished work. As far as future writing is concerned, I stared at about a half page of something I might've wanted to start once for a while, then I gave up and went to sleep. I just can't get myself into a place where the writing actually starts to flow, and every time I try to force it, it just looks ugly.
  11. …Flicker… …flicker…flicker… “Isachar?” Lewis’ voice stirred the young mage from his reverie. With careful precision, the youth held the lamp up to a tree, looking for a place to hook it. After a few moments of searching, he found a place suitable to hook it. Closing his eyes, Isachar offered a few quiet words: “Mortanius, Moribank, Dakeryas, Zadown, and everyone else I called friend…Nozradd, Guenevere, Skwyd, Abraxas and all the others who I never had the opportunity to meet…I just wanted to say, well, the door’s always open, and I’m leaving the light on. Come back home, some day,” he could feel a lump forming in his throat. “If ever your travels make you weary, if ever your world grows too hectic: Let the light guide you home, and let us help you find your peace.” He hung the lantern on the tree and turned away, trudging wordlessly back to the town. The squirrel duo looked at each other for a moment, and then they followed after their master.
  12. Zadown managed to flicker just outside of town, away from any late night pedestrians that might recognize him. The angel took a moment to gain his bearings and found that he had materialized just outside the Northern Gate. Perfect. The ghost stared back a moment at the town he had left, the Legion’s Halls casting a majestic shadow over it in the bright moonlight. He gave a sigh and turned away. He’d come back for his things later and make a few final good-byes. “Far be it for me to judge,” came a voice. “But leaving your own farewell party isn’t exactly good form.” Zadown searched for the voice’s source; he found it in a tree just off the road, where a young mage sat perched on a firm branch. He held a pair of binoculars closely to his eyes, intensely scanning the landscape. Isachar. “Looking for me, Isa?” Zadown growled, a little annoyed at the mage’s presence. “Not in the least, Z. You popped in on me,” Isachar replied, never even glancing at his friend. “I’m waiting for another truant right now.” Zadown gave the young mage a look of skepticism, but Isachar beckoned the ghost up to him. Zadown complied grudgingly, floating up to the branch where the youth sat. Out of nowhere, the young mage produced a second pair of binoculars and offered it to Zadown. His curiosity got the best of him, and the ghost accepted them. “Ah ha,” Isachar exclaimed in triumph. “I knew he’d try tonight.” “What?” Zadown whispered. “Just inside the Western Gate, off to the right behind the barracks.” Zadown followed the youth’s instructions and found a small wagon being loaded with a few supplies. Dakeryas! The mage piled the last of his personal items and sighed. He was trying to sneak off! “Did you manage to get it?” Isachar asked. Zadown was puzzled for a moment, until he heard someone else’s reply. “I couldn’t remember which one you said he’d use, so I pulled them all.” Zadown recognized the voice. Lewis, one of Isachar’s rabid squirrel lieutenants. Isachar sighed. “It’ll do.” Zadown took his eyes away from the binoculars and glanced at Isachar. The young mage was accepting some sort of bolts from his minion. Zadown’s eyes widened as he recognized them. “You didn’t,” the ghost declared in surprise, not really believing it himself. “You WOULDN’T!” “Of course I would,” Isachar replied simply, looking back into his binoculars. Zadown did the same. Just as Dakeryas urged his mount forward, the wagon crashed behind him. A few citizens rushed out to find the source of the commotion, and when they saw the mess, they looked at Dakeryas questioningly. The mage sighed and started to explain. Looks of alarms turned into frowns, and they just grew deeper and deeper. “…you did,” Zadown said at last, returning the binoculars to Isachar. “Yep,” the young mage replied cheerfully. “Serves him right for trying to sneak away without a proper good-bye.” Zadown gave a tired sigh. “He deserved that party tonight more than I did.” Isachar looked at the ghost quizzically. “But then he would be the one staring at me disapprovingly while I sabotaged your efforts to leave under the cover of night. But don’t worry, Dakeryas will get his soon enough.” He drifted off, and a wicked grin soon sprouted on his face. “I don’t see why everyone is making such a fuss over my exit,” Zadown muttered quietly. “Ahem,” Lewis interrupted, breaking Isachar away from his daydream. “You’re leaving, Zadown; heaven knows when you’ll be back. Why shouldn’t the Legion be throwing you at least one last farewell party?” Zadown looked up into the night sky. “Because I’ve never been the kind of member the Legion should be proud of.” Isachar and Lewis traded startled glances. “What on earth are you talking about,” Isachar sputtered. Zadown mutters something and raises his hand. A dim light shimmers in front of it, and Zadown is suddenly holding the partially completed version of the Legion’s Code of Conduct. “You’ve seen these rules, Isachar. You KNOW me. I’ve never followed these.” “Pish posh,” Isachar grumbled, blowing on the paper. It crumbled and dissolved, returning to the earth from whence it came. “Written words are just for people to argue with. You’ve been a fine Legionnaire.” “What led you to that conclusion?” Zadown muttered. Isachar was silent for a moment. “You were my example,” he matter-of-factly. Zadown stared at his young friend, a pang of guilt echoing through him. “Tell me,” he asked in genuine confusion. “Why?” “Well you see…” ”You’re not going to tell me that honor is a state of mind again, are you?” Zadown cut him off, recognizing the speech from an old chat they’d once shared. “Not anymore!” Isachar quipped. Lewis sweat-dropped. Zadown stared at the young mage expectantly. Isachar sighed and wiped the smile off his face. “Ever since I’ve met you, you’ve been nothing but courteous and friendliness,” he said in all seriousness, remembering their times on the Blitz world. “Your dedication to the Legion has been almost unwavering, sparing only that quick jaunt to the Pacifists. You’ve gone all out for the Legion every passing I’ve had the honor of knowing you. Now despite whatever a piece of paper that tries to outline how we should act tells you; you’ve been a fierce fighter, a valiant comrade-in-arms, and good friend. Distill all the semantics involved with defining honor, and I think anyone would get something similar.” Zadown looked at the young mage thoughtfully. Isachar turns from the ghost’s gaze and shrugs. “Let me ask you something, Zadown; if you really don’t think you’re a good Legionnaire, why’d you come back.” Zadown didn’t answer immediately, even though he’d thought about a lot himself. Finally, he gave Isachar the only answer he could find himself. “It’s home.” “And we’re family?” the young mage asked. Zadown shrugs helplessly; Isachar continued staring at the ghost, refusing to let him go that easily. Finally, he gave a reluctant nod, grinning. “Then how can you deny a family the right to say good-bye to their prodigal son?” Zadown sighed and held up his hands in defeat, but he was smiling now. Isachar returned the smile and said, “Now I think some people are looking for their guest of honor.” Sure enough, lights had begun going up throughout the town. Zadown nodded. “Isachar,” he said, almost as an afterthought. “I’m glad I could be such a great role model.” Isachar grinned wryly. With that, the ghost flickered…flickered… …Flicker…
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