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    Charleston, South Carolina
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    Learning about Computer Animation, spending summer days at the Beach with Friends and Family, Having down time to start reading a new book, spending hours wandering around a bookstore sipping on a cup of coffee, taking my dog to the dog park, having game night with friends, indulging in my creative artistic side, immersing myself in music, singing out loud in my car, looking foward to more road trips soon, and walking downtown with bubbles floating in the air (definitely made me giggle that day!)

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    I would always appreciate feedback! Be honest and truthful so I can continue to improve my writings. And never be afraid that you might hurt my feelings...I'm a tough one. *Smiles*
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  1. Dear Pen Diary, Another semester, another creative project due by the end of the day, week, or month. I wonder if anyone really finds graphite and charcoal under a womans nails attractive? Trying to keep things in order as I move to the new house the Rents have built...so far so good...helps when you only move your clothes, bed, and tv stand over. *giggle* Teacher talking...back to work! Aurora <3
  2. Here is a list of Acceptance Criteria that Barnes and Nobles looks at when considering carrying a published work by a new Author... All books will be considered for store placement based on subject matter and salability. Please consider the following points when publishing and presenting your book. 1. Does your book have an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) ? We use the ISBN to track inventory and sales information. An ISBN is a ten-digit or thirteen-digit number that specifically identifies your title. ISBN's are furnished by: ISBN Agency 630 Central Avenue New Providence, New Jersey 07974 877-310-7333 908-219-0188 (fax) The website for the ISBN agency is www.ISBN.org Processing takes 10 working days. An extra fee brings 72 priority handling. If your book has already been printed, you can sticker your books with the ISBN once it is assigned. The ISBN and price should appear on the back cover of the book. 2. Does your book have a bar code? Bar codes help our store handle books more efficiently. The bar code which incorporates your ISBN, is scanned at the time of purchase, thus recording accurately the sale of your book. The book industry uses the Bookland EAN barcode, not the UPC. If your book is already printed, you can have pressure sensitive labels produced for placement on the back cover. For a list of commercial Bar Code suppliers, visit the BISG website: www.bisg.org/barcoding.bc_suppliers.html 3. What sort of binding (saddle stich, staple, perfect, plastic comb, ring) does your book have? Perfect binding is the more expensive, but perfect bound books have the potential for a longer shelf life and better sales since the name of the book can be printed on the spine. Since most of the titles in our stores are placed on the shelves spine out, stapled or saddled stitched books essentially disappear. If your book is plastic comb-bound or perfect bound, the title and other pertinent information should be printed on the spine. Otabind is another type of perfect binding which allows a paperback to lie flat. 4. Is your book available through a wholesaler? Your willingness to place your book with a book wholesaler may determine whether or not we carry it. Wholesalers normally expect 50%-55% discount, pay in 60-90 days, and expect books to be returnable. Some expect free freight. Placing your book with a wholesaler will simplify your billing (one invoice to one location). It also allows B&N to consider placing larger orders, and putting the book on automatic replenishment. Wholesalers are used by many segments of the book industry: publishers, libraries, and booksellers. Other bookstores order from the same wholesalers Barnes and Noble uses. We can help put you in touch with an appropriate wholesaler. 5. Is your book priced competitively with other titles of a similar topic and quality? Customers care about cost. Price can be a determining factor for a customer when looking at books similar in content, presentation and format. Look at the pricing of similar books in the category, and try to price yours competitively. 6. Why should Barnes and Noble place your title on its shelves? Tell us what makes your book unique and special. What is your marketing plan? Send us your publicity and promotional plans, along with any reviews or articles that may have been written about your book(s). 7. Where can you find more information on the topic of book writing, publishing, and marketing? The reference shelf in your favorite bookstore or local library features a wide variety of titles about writing books and the business of publishing. 8. If you would like your title to be considered for store placement, please submit a finished copy (NO manuscripts please) of the book along with marketing and promotion plans, trade reviews, and a note describing how the book meets the competition (what makes it unique) to: The Small Press Department Barnes & Noble, Inc 122 Fifth Ave New York, NY 10011 212-633-3388 general information 212-463-5677 fax The information must include the ISBN and the suggested retail price. The review process takes about 6 weeks, the Small Press Department responds to all submissions in writing. Part of the process includes having your title entered in Bowker Books in Print. Use www.bowkerlink.com to submit information. Hope this information helps anyone who is interested in getting their works published and out in retail stores.
  3. Well someone was bound to write about it... Twilight: The Movie First off, was the movie anything like the book? Yes Second, was it better than the book? No, but then I didnt expect it to be. As far as the movie is concerned, it tells the basic storyline of the first book, and that alone was 1 hour and 30-ish minutes long. The effects themselves were pretty simple, but then why go completely overboard when you dont have to? The directing was well done and the acting was very good as well. What adds to this particular movie experience was the cinematography of the film. Even though its set in Washington...and Portland , the colors were all very lush and vivid and you really got a beautiful sense of the environment around which the book is set. Especially since the weather seems to be a character in the novel itself. Would I recommend someone who hasnt read the book to see it? Sure, but if you want to know why the die hards giggle at certain points in the movie where you dont notice anything out of the ordinary, youll have to read the book for more in depth background.
  4. She's pushed off a cloud Down she spirals to the ground Corpses make puddles ...kinda grim. Thought I would give a haiku a go since its been years. Hot grilled cheese sandwich Stomach rumbles, mouth waters Happy full tummy ...now im hungry. Blast! This is dedicated to Ozy, for he truely is a man who loves his grilled cheese! Fireplace crackling Hot cocoa with marshmellows Crisp cold Autumn night Shadows grow longer Cold wind whipping though my hair Changing of the Seasons Hansel and Gretel Woman who lived in a shoe Call Social Service
  5. Your fate has been decided.... You are one of the lucky ones! Because of your virtue and beliefs, you have escaped eternal punishment. You are sent to Purgatory! Purgatory -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You have escaped damnation and made it to Purgatory, a place where the dew of repentance washes off the stain of sin and girds the spirit with humility. Through contrition, confession, and satisfaction by works of righteousness, you must make your way up the mountain. As the sins are cleansed from your soul, you will be illuminated by the Sun of Divine Grace, and you will join other souls, smiling and happy, upon the summit of this mountain. Before long you will know the joys of Paradise as you ascend to the ethereal realm of Heaven. Here is how you matched up against all the levels: (Click on a level for more info) Level Who are sent there? Score Purgatory Repenting Believers Very High Level 1 - Limbo Virtuous Non-Believers High Level 2 Lustful Low Level 3 Gluttonous High Level 4 Prodigal and Avaricious Very Low Level 5 Wrathful and Gloomy Very Low Level 6 - The City of Dis Heretics Very Low Level 7 Violent Low Level 8- the Malebolge Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers High Level 9 - Cocytus Treacherous Low Huh...well thats not so bad.
  6. I Loved It! ok...heres some more critique besides the obvious. I thought you did a very nice job with the way the story flowed. The progression made sense from one scene to the next. I havent read the original stories, but if they are anything like this one, I will be sure to look it up. You had enought character description for me to understand the players and their basic roles as well as the "who, what,were,why's" Thank you very much for the tale and I look foward to more! ...now im hungry for chinese food though. Ok, I just read the rest of this "series" you have written and I want to be the first with an autographed copy when you get it published.....Im just saying....1st autographed copy.....me!
  7. Biography: I am Female, which is important. *giggles* I am 27 years old. I am 5'7", brown eyes, brown hair streaked with black,copper,grey, and white - the last two contributed lovingly by my family and life experiences. My ethnic background consists of Japanese, Danish, German, Irish, and Lakota Indian (Native American). I was born in San Francisco, Ca and grew up on Yakota Air Force Base in Japan for 8 years. In 1991, my family moved to America where we settled in Charleston, South Carolina and remain to this day. I recieved a Bachelor of Arts degree from Winthrop University in Theatre with a minor study in Art. I am currently employeed with Barnes and Noble Booksellers and have returned to school to get a degree in Computer Animation. General interests include Learning about Computer Animation, spending summer days at the Beach with Friends and Family, Having down time to start reading a new book, spending hours wandering around a bookstore sipping on a cup of coffee, taking my dog to the dog park, having poker/movie/game night with friends, visiting the beach at night to stargaze, indulging in my creative artistic side, immersing myself in music, singing out loud in my car, looking foward to more road trips soon, and walking downtown with bubbles floating in the air (definitely made me giggle that day!) I genuinly enjoy writing, but its only something I can do when I feel truely inspired to write. I have multiple journals floating around my room, and depending on my mood, the time of day, and the content of my writings will determine the journal that it will go into. My favorite form is poetry, mostly because its short enough that my imaginary ADHD wont kick in and Ill lose interest halfway through. Im really big on conveying images, pictures, and emotions in my pieces...and most of the time (especially with emotions) I will focus on one specific one and emphasis it. Im also big on fun and fanciful pieces as you may notice in some of them as well...mostly inspired by the child like Shel Silverstein works. Poetry: "The Voices" "Organization of the Mind" "A Love Letter" "Absinthe" "The Frog Ball" "Death of a Camel" "Forsaken" "Why?" Not much at the moment, but Im proud of what I have done. If you ever have any questions about myself or my writings, please always feel free to ask!
  8. Alright, well I just got back from watching "Quantum Of Solace", the newest movie in the James Bond Collection and it was wonderful! Lots Lots Lots of Action and Visual FX and it picks up in story from where the last one left off. Some nice character progression from Bond and M and the acting and directing was very nice. Daniel Craig makes an excellent James Bond! 4 1/2 Stars Synopsis: Following the death of Vesper Lynd, James Bond makes his next mission personal. The hunt for those who blackmailed his lover leads him to ruthless businessman Dominic Greene, a key player in the organization which coerced Vesper. Bond learns that Greene is plotting to gain total control of a vital natural resource, and he must navigate a minefield of danger and treachery to foil the plan.
  9. Hi Harmony! So sorry I'm late in welcoming you to The Pen. My Bad! *giggles* Thank you very much for the works that you shared with us. I really enjoyed them. My preferences would have to be "Memorial to P.J.", "Evening on the Farm", and "Published or Bust". I get to see a different side of your personality in each piece and you can feel the emotion in each one. I look foward to your future pieces and am so glad you have decided to hop in for a spell! *HUGS*
  10. Hahaha! Sinfest.net is great!
  11. Hahaha! Ok....so Mardrax is now my personal Spellcheck! Currently on my list of "Want To See's" : Role Models Madagascar 2 Quantum Of Solace Twilight Four Christmases Zack and Miri Make a Porno *SIGH* So many movies and so little time......and $. *Grins*
  12. Max Payne - Dont even waste your time folks! Aside from the nice visual effects and some cinematography, there was no plot, no story, and no direction. We were pretty much waiting for the movie to end as soon as it started, talk about a major dissapointment. Now granted all I had to go on was what I saw in the previews, which made it look like a Constantine-type movie, which at least would have been mildly entertaining. No...nothing like it! SPOILER There was no apocalyptic Good vs. Evil, there were no wicked looking flying "angel/demons" (they were simply hallucinations caused by a drug), the story is about a guy whose family is killed, so he spends his life trying to solve it. It turns out his fathers best friend (and his mentor) killed his family because his wife, who worked at the company where the "illegal" and highly"uncontrollable" drug was be produced got nosey and was going to expose his "side enterprise" without even knowing it. The drug in question, called Valkryn, was suppose to help soldies perform better without fear, but it turns out they became highly addicted to it and the drug caused halluccinations. They make a few references to Norse Gods and Goddesses trying to make the story more mythical but fails! The Secret Life of Bees - Now here is a movie that lived up to expectation as well as the book that it is based on. For a movie that touches on South Carolina during the Terbulent 60's, it touches on Racial Conflicts, Family troubles, and the idea that with a little faith, people can come through the worst of times. Definitely recommend! The directing and Acting was very well done, along the lines of "The Color Purple" and "Friend Green Tomatoes". Synopsis Sue Monk Kidd's ravishing debut novel has stolen the hearts of reviewers and readers alike with its strong, assured voice. Set in South Carolina in 1964, The Secret Life of Bees tells the story of Lily Owens, whose life has been shaped around the blurred memory of the afternoon her mother was killed. When Lily's fierce-hearted "stand-in mother," Rosaleen, insults three of the town's fiercest racists, Lily decides they should both escape to Tiburon, South Carolina--a town that holds the secret to her mother's past. There they are taken in by an eccentric trio of black beekeeping sisters who introduce Lily to a mesmerizing world of bees, honey, and the Black Madonna who presides over their household. This is a remarkable story about divine female power and the transforming power of love--a story that women will share and pass on to their daughters for years to come.
  13. HAHAHA! Alright, thanks a lot Ozy! I appreciate your input!
  14. Heres my myspace addy is anyone wants it, just add some message so I know who you are. :-) www.myspace.com/newicktothestars
  15. Well Im wondering if the visual images are coming across by the way it is written? Is there any feeling or does it feel like a grocery list? Is it realistic? Or is it coming off as a corny teen movie? haha...things like that.
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