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  1. Don't be fancy....just get dancy!!!!!
  2. It's far deeper than just that. Think about it.....as we are raised from childhood, we have birthdays. Our special days. And we celebrate them with cake and ice cream. We have Halloween, where we get to dress up and become someone else for an evening and we get candy. All throughout childhood, we often get "treats" for doing "good". So, in many cases our sense of self esteem, or sense of self worth can be tied to food. When you're sad and not feeling good about yourself as an adult, doesn't a little "treat" make you feel a little better? Maybe a little cake and ice cream make you feel "special" or a little candy lets you pretend you're someone else. Or maybe you just want that feeling of being "good" you had as a child. For the Doctor it's a case of .....if one freshly baked chocolate chip cookie makes the Doctor feel "good"....then eating a dozen in one sitting means the Doctor is "great" Some people develop an emotional relationship. Food may not be part of the solution, it's not quite that simple.
  3. * Do something each day that scares someone * Keep monologing to a minimum * Being paranoid is a good thing * Occassionaly smell yourself to make sure you don't smell bad * Beware of Wild Cows
  4. The Doctor thought you retired P !!!! You must be like Mork from Ork, and you must age backwards. Please tell the Doctor you didn't look like Johnathon Winters when you were a baby Nanoo, Nanoo to you!
  5. The Doctor thought MySpace was only for kids
  6. Ah, the Doctor has always been an avid read since the days of the Doctor's youth, all those hundreds of years ago. The Doctor has a very complex system of rating books....they're either good or they're bad. And of course they can be easy reads (books you can't put down and spend every spare minute reading) or hard reads (books that are still good, but require a pause from time to time to digest what has happened and what has been written). So with that in mind, here are the Doctor's suggestions.... Glen Cook - Mr. Cook has two series that rank among the Doctor's All-Time Favorites....the Black Company series and the Garrett P.I. series, both good easy reads. The Black Company series is approximately 10 books and follows the exploits of a mercenary company. The first three books of the series are the best, but you'll be hooked after reading them and want more. The Garrett P.I. series is a whimiscal romp through the world of mudane human detective in a distinctly fantasy metropolis. Mr. Cook also has two other series which are good hard reads. The Dread Empire series starts slow but ends strong as you follow the world chaning adventures of a group consisting of the most powerful mage on the planet, a fat smooth talking con-man, a mercenary commander and a revolutionary insurgent. The other series is the Instramentalities of the Night series, the first book in the series is excellent, although the complexity of the political situation being described makes your head spin at first. Robin Hobb - Several very good series. The Assassin series and the follow-up Fool's series are great easy reads as you follow the life of a bastard son to the throne and how he ends up as a King's Assassin. The Liveships series, set in the same world as the previous series, explores a distant merchant city and the secret of their Liveships (sentient ships that can talk). Hard good read, but worth it. The latest series is the Soldier Son series....two books out so far, but both are excellent. Naomi Novik - She has written four books in the Temeraire series. Set during the Napoleonic Wars in Europe, the book has a fun twist....dragons, although rare, exist and are trained and used as a air support in the war. Temeraire is a young rare Oriental dragon that falls into the hands of a British ship captain. Not and easy read, but not a hard one either. Michael Stackpole -Mr. Stackpole has a terribly under-rated series called the Dragoncrown War Saga (Fortress Draconis, When Dragons Rage, and The Grand Crusadem as well as a prequel The Dark Glory War), The Doctor can't even explain this book , other than it keeps you on your toes with all the plots twists and surprise.....just when you think you have it figured out....boom, something else happens. Most of these books were done in about 24 hours each. Thieve's World - An anthology series with some of the best fantasy authors in the business. 12 books in the series, in which the authors write about the happens in a shared universe setting of Sanctuary. Great editing from Robert Asprin keeps the whole thing alive and moving along. Steven Brust Almost forgot Mr. Brust's Vlad Taltos series. The adventures of a human assasin in a magical empire. Excellent easy reads.
  7. Bah!!!! The Doctor sees the Pennites are still continuing with the oppressing and humilating rite of annual Weenie Awards as a means to oppress those who refuse to conform!!!!! Bah!!!!! Bah!!!!! (That's a double Bah!!!!) Workers of the Pen UNITE!!!! Throw of your shackles and embrace your Weenies....the Awards that is.....Strike a blow against elitism and conformity and do not "buy off" your Weenie Award. Wear it as a badge of honor! ...oops.....Baby Evil's bed time....more Evil Ranting later........
  8. The Doctor is a huge fan of comic book movies and the Doctor was hugely disappointed with Spider-Man 3. The Doctor agrees with Merelas' assessment...the plot and dialogue were the weakest part of the movie. The Doctor believes this movie was made purely to produce more action figures and promotional tie-ins. Saw Children of Men on pay per view this weekend.....LOVED IT!
  9. LOL.....of course the Doctor has loads of rules that the Doctor lives by, such as.... * Two small children can do twice the amount of property damage of anything else that an evil genius can think of * Always be nice and polite to your enemies....it lulls them into a false sense of security * Loot first, THEN burn & pillage........ * Take one day at a time....unless they all attack at once. * To make sure you hit your target, shoot first then call whatever you hit your target * When you walk in, always assume that you're the stupidest person in the room. That way you'll feel really good about yourself when you realize everyone else is REALLY mcuh dumber than you thought. * When creating a Zombie army....never reanimate your mother-in-law. * Never do something today that you can put off until tomorrow * An enemy is anyone who tells the truth about you * Start everyday with a smile....then get over it!
  10. ...rather have a sword... LOL....the Doctor has often said this....
  11. Ahhh.....Weenie Primus...... See, there is a revolution going on in the Pen.....A Weenie Revolution. We should stand up and demand our own forum where we can be allowed not to partcipate
  12. Bah....the erased post was such a good one....let's try again..... The second and primary reason the Doctor responded to this post was based on the Doctor personal feelings about the Pen. For a very long time the Doctor has questioned why the Doctor is a member of the Pen and why does the Doctor keeps coming here. The answer to the first question is pretty simple, originally the Doctor followed the Doctor's favorite enemy here (and Zool & Jechum). Someone got the bright idea of actually making the Doctor a member and giving the Doctor a title. The Doctor was never very comfortable with this idea. The Doctor really never wanted to be a member, it was more of a gift. Certainly it was a gift the Doctor respected and did not turn away, but the Doctor never felt it was earned. It was primarily based on the Doctor's old humorous posts in the Archmage forums. The truth is the Doctor contributes little to these forums and reads very few posts these days. Based on this, the Doctor has never really felt like a member of the Pen, and has felt more like an outsider. That makes responding to the second question far more difficult, since what right does an outsider have to criticize? "Why does the Doctor keeps coming here?".....especially if the Doctor feels like an outsider? Simply....Friends. The Doctor has made a number of them here and even though we don't talk often, the Doctor sometimes stops by the Pen to see who's been around. That being said, the Doctor is very uncomfortable in the Pen. From the Doctor's point of view, it has a very elitest feel to it, almost like it's just a club for the "cool kids". Sometimes the Doctor just gets the feeling that if you're not good at writing creative fiction, poetry, roleplaying, etc....then there really is no place for you in the Pen. The Doctor started getting this feeling with the introduction of the Weenie Award. To the Doctor it felt like a way of saying "partcipate or you are a loser". The Doctor quickly rejected that notion of forced partcipation and began wearing the Weenie Award as a Scarlet Letter of Courage While the Doctor understands that the concept is to get a count of active members, it almost evolves into a game to see who can be more creative than the next person. While that's fun for those who partcipate, it can be overwhelming and intimidating to others. Next comes a ranking system, where people strive to climb the ladder of titles. Posting in this environment can be very intimidating for those who don't feel they meet the "standard" of the Pen. For those with obvious talent, the Pen can be a very fun and supportive place. For those with little talent, but possibly an enjoyment of writing or trying to be creative, this can be a very scary place. That's what gets the Doctor about this place. People carry on that it's "All about the writing", when the truth is that this place is really "All about the people". ****** Editors note: Yeah, the erased post was a lot better than this one....it would have made you laugh...it would have made you cry....definitely Emmy contender
  13. ARGGHHHH!!! Just spent 20 minutes writing part two and the damn system erases the post!!1
  14. Understandable points. One of the reasons the Doctor responded to this post was due to responses by the Pen members. By DoctorEvil standards, the Pennites response to the post were rather tame In the Doctor's heyday, the Doctor would have responded with a far greater degree of sarcasism! The Doctor has not been known to have a high tolerance for stupidity and bad grammar (bad spelling is OK sometimes though). With the exception of one or two comments,the responses were certainly acceptable. Personally the Doctor thought Katzaniel's point by point response was a fairly effective response as it answered the silly questions yet made it clear what the opinion of the post was. The fact that the original poster has not responded means that the troll tag was probably approriate But occassionally, the Doctor gets these briefs flashs of....empathy, sympathy...call it what you like and the Doctor tries look at things from someone elses point of view. In this case, the Doctor tried to put the Doctor's self in the original posters POV and imagine how they might feel. From that standpoint, this place appears to be a fairly unfriendly. Which really gets into the Doctor's second and main reason for responding to this post.......which the Doctor will elaborate on after dinner
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