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  • Birthday 11/11/1979

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    The usual. Haven't been around for a long while. I haven't written anything in a very long time. Warn you though, even though I've put my facebook as a homepage, I'm pretty boring.

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    born, raised, and still live in Indiana.
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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Peredhil! I hope it was a good one. *hugs*
  2. erm...I really need to pay attention more often. *coughs* *sings Happy Birthday to Peredhil* Happy belated B-Day Pered!! *mucho hugs*
  3. Wyv, the "Black and Tan" Ben & Jerry's is ever so yummy! I found it to be better than the "Vermonty Python."
  4. Thinking sometime in August, cause the lead singer of the band is on tour through to July....so yeah, August. Sounds like I will just barely miss you. I'll be very close to NYC at the very end of July. Enjoy the road trip! *huggles*
  5. I like this Regel. Very good sense of the pain someone endures when they are losing or have lost a friend or family member. That isn't something you could ever get used to. On a lighter note, it makes me want to hug everybody in sight.
  6. This strikes a chord. It brings to mind all of the doubts and feelings that someone in love experiences...sometimes daily! The first draft did seem a little rough to me, but the second take cleared that up quite a bit, and for me, added more emotion. I think you should try writing from a third partys' pov, just to see if it can add anything to it.
  7. Happy very very late birthday!
  8. ...with impatience, for if he doesn't get those penguins in the cauldron soon, dinner will never be ready in time for the 5th annual penguin lovers anonymous convention.
  9. Usually the mint M&Ms and mint Kit-Kats are only around for the x-mas holidays. At least, that's the only time I've ever seen them. which is sad. it also explains why there are at least three bags of the mint m&ms laying in various places around my house. I'd be happy to share though.
  10. Annael: Thanks to you, and some number of others, I do know that the world isn't always a big ugly place. Sure, there's some really really ugly spots, but you helped me learn how to avoid most of them. And I've stayed out of trouble ever since! well...mostly... lol! Peredhil: I can't even begin to thank you enough for listening to me whine and cry, and for giving me solid pieces of advice when you hardly even knew me. You are one of the most compassionate people I have ever met, online or in real life. Although I do have to ask, what is there to forgive you for? *lots of hugs* Thanks to all the people who welcomed a confused and petrified-to-post-for-the-first-time wannabe poet/writer to the halls of the Pen, and to those that convinced me to go into Wyvern's office. I wish I could write even half as well as you all. I'm sorry this has to encompass a whole bunch of people, but that is a whole lot of names! Finally, thanks to all the people from the Pen that I met through Archmage or various other online games (Orlan, Tzim, Knight...to name a few) for endless hours of amusement...sometimes at another mages expense. I truly wish I had the time to write something to all the people I've come into contact with here at the Pen. Perhaps I will one of these days, and perhaps I'll even pick up a pen and start writing again.
  11. Pepsi Holiday Spice isn't all that bad, but definitely not a favorite with me. If I had to choose between drinking that, and drinking diet caffeine free stuff....I'd take the diet caffeine free. Another seasonal favorite of mine, Hershey's Cookies and Mint Nuggets. Mmmmm....minty goodness.
  12. Blondemoon tries to crawl further in her hiding corner, but to her horror, her feet begin to move of their own volition. She tries in vain to cling to any stationary object, but her feet bring her closer to the conga line until.... Dut-dut-dut-dut. Dut. KICK.
  13. soon to be 25. I've heard that you're only as old as you feel, but that can't be right, otherwise I'd be about 40!
  14. They have strawberry KitKats?? I'm partial to the mint KitKats and the mint M&Ms. Doritos has a new flavor (supposedly limited edition), Black PepperJack. They're not bad, though I'd recommend having something to drink handy at all times. I tried the Pitch Black Mountain Dew....but I handed it off to one of my friends after a few drinks. I thought it was kinda gross. Hey Wyv....what was in that Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide ice cream? I don't remember ever seeing that.
  15. I only missed it by a few hours, but Happy Birthday anyway Pered! *huggles*
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