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  1. After the fresh air and the vast expanse of the Australian countryside, another lengthy passage of time in that pocket was not pleasant. Thankfully, Pig slept most of the way and woke up just shortly before reaching NYC. The weather was definitely colder than what it had been before they had set out on this latest part of travelling. OOC: looks like I have to vote for Zach Petit - Pico - Lord Panther if I want to stay alive.
  2. "Of course I'm talking to you." For a supposedly distinguished researcher this Professor sure could be slow sometimes. "I think I can pretty safely say that you've already realized that I'm not your ordinary everyday guinea pig." The palm of the man's hand was definitely more comfortable than being squished, squeezed or held by his neck. This was already proving to be an improvement. "So I can talk, I can think, and I can understand what posters are and like to decorate my home with them. Is that so hard to believe?"
  3. Pig smelt the blood before Alex did, even just being in the boy's pocket. He had been thrown in there rather hastily, and it had taken several seconds to right himself into a halfway comfortable position. From the strong smell of blood Pig guessed that there was a lot of it. That probably meant that someone was dead. If someone was dead, then someone had killed that someone. Pig shook his little head. This was all confusing for a guinea pig. He could also smell anger, a lot of anger, and fear. Someone was afraid. Of course, he couldn't see, so he could only guess who it had been. Maybe that girl who had been eating a hot dog? OOC: voting for Kikuyu Black Paws/Anzu/Bob.
  4. Several more hours in that uncomfortable pocket passed, with an occasionnal bout of bouncy running and a single leaf of cabbage during the whole time. And of course, nothing to drink...was this a way for a pet to be treated? Finally, after what seemed like an eternity and a half Pig was finally scooped from the pocket and was allowed to drink some water from Alex's hand in the plane's restroom. It felt absolutely gorgeous. Water had never tasted so good before. Pig drank long and deep and afterwards was allowed to nibble on another leaf of cabbage. And then he went back into the pocket again for a couple of hours. When he was allowed out again, he could scamper onto Alex's shoulder, as the boy stood amongst a circle of unknown men and women, all smelling pretty weird. One of them seemed to be cooking something long and thin, that Pig had never seen before. It didn't smell good. But the fresh air was good and all around he could see only the open sky. No walls to confine him. Was this how his ancestors had lived before being owned by a petshop?
  5. Gravity did its work as it always did and after a short time during which he could call himself a flying pig, Pig landed on something soft. And something that stank. It must have been a couple of days since the Professor had washed his hair and from this close it showed...and smelt. "Will you finally stop grabbing, chasing, throwing and dropping me!?" he squaked, speaking for the first time to the Professor, his quiet squeaky voice only reaching him because he was almost next to his ear. "You know, it's pretty annoying...imagine if it were always happening to you! Being grabbed, measured, made to run in that stupid wheel...dumped in stinking, filthy liquids..." on and on he went, his high-pitch voice lifting even higher. A couple inches below, the Professor was gaping in astonishment, at hearing Pig not only speak, but utter perfectly coherent sentences.
  6. Pig hid under a broom as Professor Hassium ran by, fervently searching for the little escaped rodent that Pig was. Free! He still couldn't believe that he was free. As the Professor stopped just a few feet away Pig hurried from his hiding place and rushed through among the researcher's legs, just as the man turned around to look back at where Pig had come from. If only he knew how Pig was shaming him! A free Pig! He even made up a tune as he ran and hummed it softly. now you'd better fear, because Pig is near the researcher he shall shame, all in a Pig's name not in one place but in a host, he shall be like a ghost he is a free pig, and that's something he can dig why am I rhyming thus...not something to discuss Pig went through another door and found himself in another room, but this was a room like none he had ever soon. The floor was alternatingly black and white and stretched far away. White-clad men and women could be seen rushing about. Yet they weren't clad in the white lab coats that the Professor and his assistants had worn, these were different. And the smells...the smells were both absolutely delicious and horrendous. Smells of lovely plants mixed with that of meats that Pig could not recognize. He did not recall this place. Of course he had never escaped from the lab before, but Louis, the french pig had tried escaping more than three times and had told the others all about the labyrinth outside of the lab door. But he had never mentioned anything like this. And then he had drowned in some purple liquid and never came back to them. All this Pig's mind processed in less than ten seconds and then he was running on again, black white, black white, his feet rushing along the tiled floor.
  7. Pig hadn't yet forgotten the chase through the Professor's lab and he was ready to escape again, but with ink all on his otherwise brown fur and some feathers still sticking to him, moving around wasn't so easy and running was nigh impossible. Pig slipped in a patch of oil on the ground and slid between Wyvern's scaly legs, landing on his back. He tried putting his legs underneath him once again, but found that his inky back was stuck to a sheet of paper underneath him. All he could do was sigh as the Professor bent down to pick him up once again.
  8. Noooooooooooo! he thought as he stared at the professor, trying to put on as evil an expression as he could. And then he was picked up again. What was this manic obsession that the man had with picking him up? Did he think that guinea pigs enjoyed being picked up and treated as test subjects? His teeth came down on the professor's fingers holding him and bit hard. Of course he was only a guinea pig and the bite would leave no marks on Hassium's hands, but still it caused pain enough for the fingers to let Pig go. He fell two inches to the table and immediately started running as fast as his legs could take him. He jumped from the table to the back of a chair, scampered down, jumped to the ground and ran between the Professor's legs and the door that had been left wide open. "Freedom!" he shouted in his tiny voice as he ran along the corridor. No one heard him over the ruckus the professor was making as he knocked over a chair, trying to find Pig.
  9. It had been so sudden. Alex's hand had came and tore him away from his sweet dreams about a certain female guinea pig he had been locked together with in the pet shop. And then the world had been moving around him and he found himself in that sweaty shirt pocket. Pig was sure that the shirt had been washed too long ago. It certainly stank of human sweat and a corner of the pocket even faintly smelt of meat, meaning stains during a meal. And above all he was hungry. Luckily after what seemed like several hours he was given some lettuce and then some peanuts, but he longed to see his cage again. He was tired and moving about all the time in that pocket, where the temperature was too warm for him wasn't ideal for sleeping. Strange, alien smells invaded his senses all along, myriad different perfumes, none coming from the older woman he usually smelt around the house. He couldn't make much of it, being just a small guinea pig in a dark pocket. He wondered when he would get out...
  10. Woo, another WW game! Sorry for the late arrival! Brown guinea pig with a white spot on one side / Pig Alex always called his guinea pig, just Pig, whenever he remembered to take five minutes from his computer games that is... Pig is a six month old guinea pig, a birthday present to Alex from his parents. He likes salad and carrots, but he usually gets only dry guinea pig food.
  11. "Did someone call?" Pig shouted as soon as he entered the Cabaret Room. "Oh, Blby, it was just you," he added, seeing the other guinea pig being lifted to the table by Patham. And then he felt it. The most appetizing smell he had ever felt. The smell of tasty green leaves, begging to be eaten. Pig glanced around, but could not find the source of the smell. He could also feel the odors of a carrot mixing with the delicious smell, but he could not bring his thoughts away from whatever smelt so good. It did have a distinct smell of cabbage, but it smelt so much more delicious. What could it be? Pig tried jumping up to see, but as Blby had proved earlier, guinea pigs were simply too small to be able to jump to the top of the table. He tried clawing his way up a foot of the table, but then had to accept the truth, that guinea pigs weren't meant for climbing. Yet that smell... Pig jumped again, not ready to give such an appetizing meal up just yet.
  12. Pig scurried under rows of shelves, avoiding broken shards of glass, rounded corners with a skid, ducked under falling toys and did everything he guinea pigly could in order to survive. He wondered whether he would make it until the emergency services arrived? Only time would tell...
  13. "MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" Pig rushed to the side of the pool as he heard Bartleby struggle with the water and then slowly die. He got there too late. The other guinea pig was dead. Pig couldn't bear looking, he couldn't bear looking upon the sight of a dead guinea pig. He forced himself to turn away, and to walk away. But he could not leave before he heard someone mutter something about dead rats. What an insult! Pig whirled and turned towards the one he thought had muttered the words and shrieked furious curses in the guinea pig language towards him. Ooc: voting for Mithrandin -> David Reyes, because a random choice is as good as anything at this stage.
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