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Right now I'm just sort of sketching out the main character and related points.

So if you want the story without spoilers skip down to chapter 1.



Throckmorton was born in the town of Demi. The half-elf son of a half-elf mother. Which means that his father is likely also a half-elf. Although he could be anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 Elf and still have a son who would count as 1/2.

Now as to Who exactly his father is...

Well, given that his mother is a Tavern Winch; that's a bit of an open question.

After all Demi is a Half-elf city. Not to say that there aren't a fair number of Humans, Full Blood Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, and so on living there. With nearly half again that many just passing through. 

Which is hardly surprising given that Demi is one of the three biggest port cities on the Eastern coast of Estria.

The other two, just for the record are:

WayMeet to the South. The largest Elf run city in the region that allows other races inside its walls in large numbers.

And Ha' Ven to the North. Home to the Adventures Guild. A with enough racial/species diversity that you Are a Minority, no matter what race you belong to.

There are slightly more humans than any other single race but they still only make up 20 to 25 percent of the total population.

But enough about the world. We're here to talk about young Throckmorton and his early years.

Being the son of a Tavern Winch naturally lead to the learning of the skills associated with the Rogue's trade. And when given a chance by some of the local Bards he discovered that he had rather a bit of talent for that craft as well.

Which lead to his attracting the notice of the Dragon SilverFrost who just happened to have stopped in( in human form) for a drink. 

SilverFrost was impressed by young Throckmorton's talent and gave him a letter of introduction to the Bards Collage at the Adventures Guild in Ha'Ven along with a bit of traveling money.

At the Guild young Throckmorton excelled at both music, and Rogue craft. Well, once he was able to find the Rogue's section of the Guild. Being able to find it is, after all, one of the requirements for admittance.

Over time he became an Adventurer, joined a party, and after a number of rather routine missions aboveground, he set out on a mission to the Underdark.

And that is where our story begins.

And as his memory is rather fogged over at first...

Well I had planned on just starting in the Morphosis chamber 

So if you want to be as befuddled as our hero skip to chapter one 

If you don't think it will matter if you know the high points of his backstory;

Well if you're reading this you probably already read the rest of this section anyway.

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Chapter One. 

The pain faded.

He lay there for a time savoring its absence. 

Once he was reasonably sure that it wasn't going to return any time soon he dared to open his eyes.

No pain. That was good. But there wasn't much to see either. Blank stone ceiling in a dimly lit room. 

He sat up. Still no pain. And not much of an improvement on the view. 

Small, dim room, carved out of stone with a shallow pool of water beside him and some sort of table and cupboard arrangement against the wall; and a door. 

That was it.

No source of light. Yet he could see, dimly to be sure, But how ?

No windows. Nothing giving off light. And things were clearly no brighter near the door.

The room should be pitch black, yet he could see well enough. This was not something he could do before.

Before? The word echoed loudly in his mind. Fragments of memory flooded his mind and faded away before he could grasp them. 

Memories that felt right mixed with ones that could not possibly belong.

He tried to reach for them, any of them, even the  "wrong" ones. 

It was like trying to grasp fog.

He kept trying anyway.

And finally he was able to grab one.

Just a fragment of time. Walking down some dimly lit hallway. Torch held high, for better light. Then Pain. And darkness. 

So, he'd been ambushed, knocked out, captured. And brought here? 

Where was here? Who? Why?

The fog in his mind swirled and churned.

And then he knew. 


His blood ran cold at the thought.

He was clever and now that he was thinking in abstract ideas and not trying for personal memories knowledge was flowing much more quickly and freely in his mind. Which was good; except he did not like the answers he was getting.

Why Thulians took people. The fact that he could now see in the dark. His clouded memories. Not good.

But the fact that he saw it as bad. Didn't just accept it as how things should be...

Maybe there was hope.

Dreading what he would find but needing to know. He closed his eyes and started exploring his body by touch.


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