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Ancient Aliens

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If someone is already doing this topic let me know.


Anyway I was looking at a thing on magic in here somewhere

And it got me thinking about the whole ancient lost science idea.


And while I don't buy everything from that show on the History channel

They do make a good case for ancient advanced science.


It's the alien part I tend to discount.

Not to say that aliens aren't out there or may have come here


But the aliens "gods" they tend to point to in the series

Looked human acted human mated with humans.

Look at all the half gods in the Greek stories.


So I hold to the view that most of these "aliens" were humans

Who just happened to have higher level technology.


Easy enough to see how that could happen


Take the world as it is now.

Pick a disaster. End of civilisation level.

Wait oh... 50 years or so; and then come down from a space station

Or out from under a mountain.


We have modern tech while the other survivors are people in remote jungles and such who didn't have much tech to start with...

Would we not be taken for "gods" ?



Maybe I'll take a shot at trying to write a story along that line.

See how long I can keep people guessing as to when it's taking place

Ancient past or post apocalyptic future.


Anyone else who wants to try something along this line;

Go for it.

If you want help with such a project; I'll do my best to be useful

And if you don't want/need help; well, let me know about it anyway

as I'd love to see a good story done along this line.

And so far all I've got is the concept.



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Adding to this mostly to pull it out of the pile and put it on top again.

If there's anyone, Guest or Member who'd like to comment on stuff like this... Well, it's sort of dead around here lately. I'm not sure what all a Guest can and can't do here But becoming a member isn't all that hard.

Just a few clicks and simple questions,  if I remember right.

Guest can use the chatbox I believe, so if you need help just ask there and someone will get back to you.


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One of the noteable counter arguments to the idea of a precursor high tech civilisation is the lack of secondary evidence. 

There is primary evidence, all the buildings made from huge blocks of stone. But where is the rest of it ?

The pot shards, and art work, tombs and trash ? 

Did they burn their dead ?

Were they super eco-friendly?

Is this lost civilisation being actively hidden ? And if so, why ? And by whom? 



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Interesting thought about the great pirmaid. There is the idea that it was some sort of power generation system. Which has left me with the question of

Where was the control room? 

And now they are talking about finding a big empty space above the grand gallery.

If it is the missing control room then there should be a connecting passageway starting not too far from the front door. 

But haven't we already looked for hidden doors and passages all along the way there ?

Mostly just thinking out loud here,

But if anyone reading this knows anything or has any thoughts on this...


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So, I've  been doing some research and;

Vibro-blades are a real  thing, Go figure. Not a huge surprise but still cool to know.

And there's some evidence that a sort of tuningfork sonic drill was used to cut and carve stone back in ancient times.

And that the stones used to build the Great Pyramid are a type of geo-polymer cement/concert.

Which in a way could also explain things like the London hammer and other stuff found in ancient stones.

Bad part about that idea is that "natural " geo-polymer processes are a thing geologists should already know about. And if they somehow didn't That would put the age of a LOT of stuff into question. Unless we just have really bad geology work on these few "out of place" artifacts.


Any thoughts, anyone ?


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Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. 

I was asking the other day; why we don't have water fueled cars, if everything needed to make them is off the shelf technology ?

And then I went looking for an answer.

And I found one. Which begs the question of why we don't hear this tidbit of information trotted out whenever the topic of water fueled cars comes up ?

Oh, the answer; Disappointing really; Which may be why it's not brought up.

The energy needed to break water into Hydrogen and oxygen is the same as the energy you get when you burn that Hydrogen as fuel. A bit more actually as no system is perfect and some energy gets lost along the way.

So, yep, Thermodynamics strikes again. 

But...We see these water fueled cars driving around?

We do. But there is always another source of power in play one way or another. 

Extra batteries, gasoline being mixed with the Hydrogen, or stuff added to the water that reacts to give off extra hydrogen. 

Sorry, but you can't get around thermodynamics. 

Spread the word, so we can stop wasting time on this a focus on options that do work.


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*puff...puff.........cough...COUGH* DUUUDDDE! Did you know that they have a car that runs on water!? WATER! But the government is suppressing the technology, man! Wait. Did you hear that? Ha-ha-ha...what? Oh yeah, DUUUDDDE! Did you know that they have a car that runs on water!?

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Like...Dude What are you smoking?


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I was out of town a while back and was watching one of the news channels, can’t remember which one but, they were doing a story on internet security. One of the people they interviewed was connected to top secret military research, like skunk works, and they asked him how they protect their work and he said they don’t save to computers, they keep everything on hard copy and secured physically under gaurd. This isn’t what caught my attention. They asked him what kind of things they considered valuable enough to treat this way and he mentioned  things like propulsion systems, stealth tech and, this is what made me go “wwhhaaAAA!?!?!?”, gravity resistant material. He then quickly rattled off a few more, like energy efficient engines and such, as if he suddenly realized he needed to take the focus off of the GRAVITY RESISTANT MATERIAL remark! I just sat there and waited...and waited...and NOT ONCE did the interviewer ask, “Excuse me, did you say GRAVITY RESISTANT MATERIAL!?”



I know, maybe he meant light wieght material for parachutes or airplane bodies.


Anyways, I’m pretty sure I’ll be placed on ANOTHER top secret govt. watch list for this post. Oh well.


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Maybe they did ask and it was edited out.

But then they'd just edit out the oops part.

As to being watched;

This is a writing site,

it's a fiction thing isn't it.  😊

"Gravity resistant" 

I'm going to have to do some poking around to see what I can find on that one. 




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While poking around on the gravity resistant thing I ran across a thing 

Where this guy; Bushman; had done a test involving crazy strong rare earth magnets. Placed N to N and dropped off a building they were landing later than two equal sized pieces of the same stuff that weren't magnetized. 

Claims that this is an anti-gravity effect

Sadly I can't buy it without better testing. Steel rebar in the wall of the building is most likely to be why the magnets fell slower.

Take the magnets up in a balloon and drop them over an empty field.

If you get the same results, then,

Then, we are on to something.

Until then, it's just a pipedream fueled  by wishful thinking and sloppy science.


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Magnus Wing.

I'm putting this here because why not.

Anyway, I'm assuming that anyone reading this has heard of the Magnus Effect and the few attempts made at using it for aircraft. If not, go look it up so you'll know what I'm talking about.

My idea is to try using the Magnus Effect in a way that gets around the biggest problem with how it has been tried before. That is, if you use a single large drum in place of the wing, when you lose power you fall. Because a drum doesn't let you glide.

My idea: a wing made of several rows of smaller drums. This should allow one to tap into the Magnus Effect for extra lift while still having enough of a wing that you would still be able to glide without power, at least well enough to land.

I can't be the only person to have thought of this, but I can't find anything about anyone having tried this.

If anyone reading this has heard of this being tried, let me know I'd love to see how it worked or didn't. After all we don't have these things flying around.

So, either I am the only one who has thought of this so far, or I just haven't found the info on where it was tried and what the problem was that keeps it from working; or maybe just keeps it from being practical.

Anyway, if anyone knows anything about this, let me know? 


Well, I  found one thing where the  drum was replaced with just a flat piece. Just an RC model, so they weren't looking at safety features like locking the panels in place in case of power failure.

Might work, but still risky. Panels might not lock in at the right angle, and being a flat piece and not a true wing shape, probably wouldn't glide all that well. And still not close to what I have in mind.

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South American Shamans Stone Softing Liquid.

10 parts Acitic acid(vinegar)

9 parts Citric acid (orange juice, ect)

8 parts Oxalic acid (from rhubarb leaves)

Just noting it here so I don't forget.

Check out  stuff about Geopolimers to learn more about this.

Geopolimers, by the way, are how a lot of the Megalithic structures were made.

See also Egyptian "concrete"



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Still haven't found anything on gravity resistant materials,  at least not as such. Have found vids on You Tube talking about the Secret Space Program; Which included some stuff about craft that just sit there a few feet off the ground. Same way as Luke's sand speeder and the hover board from Back to the Future. 

I forget which vids was talking about them, But just look for Secret Space Program on You Tube, And you'll find a lot of stuff. Several channels posting stuff that's an hour, hour and a half, Two hours.  Long, but if you've got the time and are into this stuff, it's worth a look. 

Love to hear what you/anyone thinks about any of this.


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Has anyone heard anything about the "no moving parts" airplane?

Works on an ion thrust process.

So far they only have a proof of concept drone sized thing. 

I have a few ideas on how to scale it up; but would need to know a lot more about how what they have works, before I could say if any of my ideas would be worth looking into.

Anyway this is mostly a PSA to anyone who is into this stuff and hasn't heard about this yet.

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Underground Cities:

An answer to the overcrowding of our planet.

Sky cities and Sea cities; both floating and underwater; being some other options we could consider. I see underground as the easiest to do large scale. There are ships out there right now that could be counted as cities. But I'm thinking of a large, selfsuficient sort of thing. And I'll cover that option in a later post.

Now then, I'm thinking that a basically four level system would be the best way to go. Starting at the top, we would have several caves/chambers for water storage. These would be at a depth where the temperature is around 60 degrees F/15 degrees C and would be connected to the evaporation and steam caves on levels 3 and  4. With the water vapor condensing on the ceiling, which would be sloped with the cool end lower.

There should be 4 to 12 such chambers to allow for repairs/maintenance without causing any disruption to service.


The water caves would be connected to the city proper, on level 2, so as to not only provide water But also Power.

A series of turbines along the way, if engineered correctly, should be able to provide most of the power needed to run the city. With Steam caves on  level4 providing the rest. Level 4 is mostly intended to be a backup system as it will be so deep and therefore hot, that protective gear will be needed to work on anything down there. Likely the turbines and so on would be connected to the cranes used to lower them into place, for ease of extraction When repairs are needed.

Level 2 would be not only the living quarters of the city but also the level at which food would be grown and processed and whatever other manufacturing process would take place.

Level 3, the wet caves, would be where the city's waste water is treated, with some additional farming operations.

This level would be at a depth where the temperature is around 90 to 100 F

With the city proper being at a depth where the temperature is around 70 to 80 F.

There would need to be fans and a good bit of natural chimney effects in place to ensure proper airflow. 

But this is the basic idea in a nutshell.




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O.k. upon reflection I have to admit that sky cities are likely not an option for here on Earth. The gas bags just have to be too big compared to the size of the living space you're trying to lift with it.

This does not rule out the possibility of both crewed and non-crewed research platforms able to stay aloft indefinitely with little to no support from the ground.

Especially small unmanned lighter than air aircraft/drones. 

A small blimp covered in solar cells and designed to catch water from clouds.

Catch water and then float up into the sunshine and break it down into hydrogen and oxygen.

Hydrogen for lift and fuel in a fuel cell to run the electrical systems when there isn't enough sunlight.


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