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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

A Portrait of Zool

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It's missing yet again?!


Hm... maybe it was misplaced in that last Spring cleaning... so long ago... check the North Tower, maybe?

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Jechum floats in...


I can hear his ranting whispers down the halls. Right now I'm searching towers and have unearthed old treasures.


It still amazes me the brilliant people who have been in these halls. I would also recommend a little caution as werewolves might once again start roaming these halls. Never realized the infestation was so rampant. I noticed your hand in that work Tanuchan.


Feel free to follow me or search on your own and share what you find. Are there not more people here to help us?

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Werewolves... that was so long ago... we used to hunt them down, yeah. So many tales and adventures involving those days! That was before I retired from the hunts. I wonder if any of those are still around; adventuring has worn me down, but I surely miss those days. (Ancient I might be, but certainly still very much alive and kicking!)


Maybe trying to find the Portrait of Zool will also unearth other treasures... where should I start, I wonder. Wasn't there a Treasure Room somewhere in the vaults of the Keep, once?



Looks at Jechum floating in and out of towers, wondering.

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