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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
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O.K., was hoping I would be able to get back to regular posting by now, been bouncing around and have not had reliable internet access.


I've been checking in as much as possible to AT LEAST check validations.


Shouldn't be too much longer.


Our 10th anniversary is coming up on July 4.


We need to come up with some way to celebrate.


If ANYONE has an idea, let's hear them!


Jechum has made a couple of valid points. . . JECHUM!? GREAT TO SEE YOU!!. . . anyways, I have a few ideas - one is to add a MAIN page that has a welcome to our site and our mission statement on it, any announcements, newest postings list, maybe make it the only page with 'PUBLIC' forums and then links to everything else from there, perhaps have the CBox exclusively on it and not any other pages, or vice versa.


Let's hear some ideas on that.


I'll get back to bothering everyone on a regular basis and updating things as soon as I can!

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* Snypiuer lifts his eyes from the paper he is scribbling on, and realizes with a sudden shock that he is not alone...Harmony is perching quietly on the top of the bookshelf, azure eyes glittering through her veil of long golden hair. Muse drifts in & out of the wall like nerd-shaped smoke, chuckling sneakily. Harmony stands and leaps down from the bookshelf. She coughs politely in an attempt to hide the hissing whispers that emanate from her throat whenever she opens her mouth, then focuses, and selects one voice to speak. Her eyes roll back in her head as a child's voice with a distinct british accent whispers "I think we should all write short stories with multiple-personality characters. Perhaps that could be fun?". Muse shakes her head in disgust, produces a red balloon and a 4-inch silver needle from somewhere, and exits the room with a bang, leaving behind a cloud of fartgas. Harmony's eyes flick back into place, and her mouth snaps shut on the tail end of the word 'fun', cutting off the voice with near-mechanical precision. She gags once as she stalks from the room, leaving a trail of glittering golden strands on the floor.

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Right now, if Snypiuer had colorectal cancer, Real Life would be the ONLY Proctologist available - and he would have had his arms surgically replaced with rusty chain saws.


STILL transient at this time, but also still checking in when I can.


Harmony's idea is GREAT!


A twist on it would be an RP story where everyone writes the SAME story from a first person point of view, but from a different personality.


Maybe we could use it as a Roll Call for our 10th?


Let's hear what the rest of you think.


Will let you know when I get settled!


Oh yeah, POST!

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Muse, breaking from her usual attutude of indifference, pops back into the forum to ask "Who would write the original story/plotline? Would we write from different characters or the same character with a different personality?"


Harmony declines to comment.

Edited by Harmony

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I was able to log in TWICE in ONE day!!!


LOOOVE the glasses Muse!


It would be the same character, just different personalities.


I was thinking someone could come up with a plot line that we post a week before and then on July 4th, everyone posts their version to the same post - same story, same character, but different versions symbolizing different personalities.


Character in plot line would just be 'Character', so everyone can make him, or her, any age, race, profession, etc.


Plot line ideas could be posted here and we can choose one to use.

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Slowly Crow walks in, almost as if in a dream.

Then all of a sudden reality hits and he screams.

What?.?.? Yes, no.... Okay back on topic,

after some confusion. I would love to do a story.

Since for the last week I have been thinking

in rhymes. Now my head hurts.


But I do have an idea, one that has been locked away

for som time. How about,

The Pennite Detective Agency


The main guy would be detective ....

and the case would be that of the missing pennites.


That is my idea for now....

I'll be back to post my poems a little


Edited by James Crow

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Muse whirls faster & faster into a tight ball of smoke & glasses, squeaking with excitement. A new Harmony steps suddenly from the air below the ball of smoke, her golden hair cut in a sylish new pixie cut & wearing, strangely, glasses (and an old-fashioned pink plaid pantsuit). She produces a notebook & pen, taps her ultra-glossy lips with her pen, smiles--also strange for Harmony--and says in a hiccupy voice, "How's this?"


~~~~~~~"Someone" AKA your character, observes strange happenings in an orphanage for girls (also of your choice), during which SOME of the things that happen are;

1. some of the girls in said orphanage are observed creating & acting out strange rituals of an unknown & sinister nature

2. these same girls undergo strange changes and experience unnatural/aka un-human 'things'

3. some of the girls can't or don't find a way to escape or deal with said 'things', and as a result come to a very sticky end--presumably caught by adults & punished, however the ACTUAL ending is also of your choice!

4. some of the girls DO find a way to cope or escape, and, according to the observer, live on unharmed, with the observer and themselves/themself as the only witness...



The whirling ball dissolves with a chuckle, and Harmony/Muse smooths down her pantsuit, clicks her (bare) heels together and waltzes out--through the far wall of the room.

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(It's been a looong time since I posted - please excuse the horrible writing!)



How's this - a detective story with spiritualist orphans AND a ghost story!?


*The unseen announcer's presence swells with a sudden musical sting (Duh-duh-duhhh!) and he begins to speak in a rapid 1930's-ish movie preview voice interspersed with scenes and dialog from the movie...*


Unseen announcer: "Watch as Inspector Zool investigates the non-haunting of the Mighty Pen Keep!"


*cut to scene showing first person view of someone walking down a long dark hallway, sound of slow echoing footsteps overdubbed with Inspector Zool's husky monologue...*


Inspector Zool: "I could just smell it - the egregious essence of everyday emptiness. I could just hear it - the stoic stillness of smoothly serene silence. I could see it all around me - no one was there. Seriously - the place was empty."


*The first person view pauses in it's walk down the hallway and turns to bring into sight the large hanging portrait painting of a man walking. He wears a black trench coat trimmed in red, his hands in his pockets, the broad collar turned up close to his face, a black fedora perched precariously atop an enormous dark pompadour nearly a meter tall. He stops walking, and the echoing footsteps also stop.*


Unseen announcer: "See every twist and turn in this thrilling who-dunnit!"


*Inspector Zool takes his hand out of his pocket and reaches out to a door which materializes out of the mist in his portrait with him. He turns the handle. The door creaks opens, and the scene shifts to look inside.*


Musical sting: "Duh-duh-duhhh!"


*As Zool goes through the door his hair is bent back sharply to squeeze under the portal, then springs back upright once he's through, the fedora clinging tenaciously to it's high perch. He puts his hands back in his pockets and slowly scans the room.*


Inspector Zool: "Even all my years in homicide and vice couldn't have prepared me for what I was to see that day."


*Inside is an auditorium of sorts. It's dark, but there's just enough light to see. At the front is a large stage, the curtains closed and dusty. To one side is a large bar, straight rows of cob-webbed glasses along the shelves. At the other side is a kitchen counter, a lone stack of abandoned plates announcing a once active past. Rows of neatly lined up chairs and tables cover the floor. There is no one else to be seen.*


Inspector Zool: "It was once a vibrant, living Cabaret. Everything was in it's place, patiently waiting for the performers and audience. But... there were no victims, no murder weapons, no weeping loved ones. There were no witches or wizards, no Kings or peasants, no almost dragons or wiggling cabbages. There were no jokes, no repartee, no dramatic conclusions. The joy and the sorrow, the courage and the fear, the ecstasy and the anguish, it was all... gone."


*Inspector Zool surveys the area one last time looking intently for some sign of life - mysterious moaning, clanking chains, shifting shadows - anything! But the place remains depressingly blase'. Then he drops his gaze sadly, and turns to leave."


Inspector Zool: "Like a whoopee cushion with no air in it, the Pen has become a place without spirit."


*A title screen emblazons the screen at the same time the Unseen announcer announces,* "Join Inspector Zool on The Quest for the Spirit of the Pen!"


Musical sting: "Duh-duh-duhhh!"


*The scene wipes to black - but then fades back in, to show...*


As Inspector Zool reaches for the door to leave the way he came, it suddenly opens for him. He finds himself surrounded by a bevy of chanting orphan girls who quickly sweep him into a chair and tie him into it. They slowly circle him, chanting some repetitive phrase of nonsensical syllables.


Soon he is overcome with a bizarre feeling - his body is changing shape! He feels his fingers elongate, his fingernails stretching and curving into long talons. His skin dries painfully, his jaw stretches. Then he feels something pierce his back - a bony ridge plate! "What're they turning me into?" he wonders, "an iguana?" As he begins to shrink, a long tail sprouts from his back.


Then his mind begins to cloud. He finds himself looking around foggily, overcome with a compelling desire to find a fly. The thought of a fly for dinner suddenly has him salivating. The girls continue chanting.


Just before all human thought ceases, his last rational thought is; "What, what is this!? Could it be... could it be hope?"


Inspector Zool smiles - for the first time in a looong time.






Edited by The Portrait of Zool

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Brute and I have also been working on an idea for a community RP which we could also 'dedicate' to the Pen anniversary.


Details coming soon! :)

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There is also the old dark house idea.

A dark and stormy night, a group of people gather for the reading of a will.

Each person has something to gain, more if the others meet a certain...

Well lets just say end.

<evil laughter>

All this would talk place within one night.

Of course it would be dark and stormy,

in an old mansion, full of secrets.


Or we could get creative and make it bright and sunny out,

that would be interesting...


Thats my newest idea, for this

Also I promise to post my poems soon...maybe...I hope....


dot dot dot

dash dash dash

dot dot dot....

Edited by James Crow

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