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Hungarian Language

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hello all,

i wonder if any of you have ever came in contact with hungarian, did a research on this language, or at least heard things about it. we, hungarians, know that this is the oldest languae on earth and its origin is most likely not from this planet. i think even the bible says that in the beginning there was only one language on earth. we believe that it was the ancient form of hungarian because our ancestors made all the biger empires here: sumeria, babylon, ancient egypt(nubia),india, mayan civilisation, rome, troy, and greece.

i am not an expert in this field, but i wonder what you might have heard about this. (i wouldn't be surprised if this is yoru first time, 'cause it is a very suppressed fact.)


your turn now.

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Now THAT is a very interesting observation.


Personally, I have absolutely no knowledge on the subject and its been a VERY long time since I have read about the Tower of Babel.


BUT, I think I'll have to give it a look-see.


Can't wait too see what anyone else has to say about this.


You've sparked my curiosity, THANKS!!!

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here is something more to fire up your curiousity:

do you know the arab name of the sfinx in egypt?


ABU HUN = Hun Father (pronounced as "hoon" the same way as Hun is pronounced in hungarian)


so how big actually was the Hun empire???


(the nubians are Maghars, and we hungarians are Magyars. we both have a flag red, white, and green, just like so many other nations that have Hun ancestry)

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O.K., brain hurts!


Snypiuers' two natural states of being are comatose and oblivious.


NOW I have to start looking into ALL of this - yes, I HAVE to (just have to make room in my busy schedule of short naps, long naps and sleep, to actually do it)!


I'm debating whether I should be thanking you or shaking my fist, in anger, in your general direction!


Leaning towards 'thanks', just to let you know!

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