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Prophets preaching to pharaohs.

A delight in alliteration.

My tongue takes to it eagerly,

Slipping and sliding over

this gem of a phrase

like sugar-sweet candies.


new line: If it had been lead

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If it had been lead

We would have collapsed then

Our burden was much lighter,

much clearer then, much brighter

As when it all began,

the day we found it dead.


If it had been lead

Away, far from our eyes

It might have lived another day

yet all of us were led astray

Still it was no surprise

when we found its severed head.


If it had been lead

It wouldn't have been eaten

The butcher's son did eat it whole

-Everything but the gumdrop skull-

So now he has been beaten

and he is far from glad.

Yet the gingerman is dead.






RSS feeds nourish us

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"RSS feeds us, nourishes us!

Why would you spit in their faces!"

I glared at the ceiling, not listening,

And thought about all the empty spaces.


My sister was apoplectic,

She was throwing quite a fit,

"If you get us sanitized I swear

I'll kill you, lousy git!"


"Stupid," I muttered, rolling my eyes,

"You won't be killing anyone,

If we get sanitized, I say,

You'll be dead and gone!"


"Then keep your mouth shut," she screamed at me,

"This isn't America, you know!

It's not the land of the free and the brave,

It's the land of 'do as they say so'!"


"They'll cut our rations, and that'll be it,"

I said defensively,

"The government can't kill us all,

Or they'll have no one to fee."


"They can kill you," she argued back.

"We're colonists if you remember,

On this floating rock, we have no rights,

Not even those of the Tenders."


"Don't remind me," I muttered cold,

"I can't go to school you know,

All because I'm a little blind kid,

Even if it doesn't make me slow."


"What am I supposed to do,

If you get killed right off?

I can't just live a one time room;

You know that they'll get rough!"


"Just be careful and obey the rules,"

my sister sighed at last,

"Even if you do things you don't like,

I care about your future, not your past."



That was weird, but I didn't know what else to do with it.


New line:


Xethel and the Desert Cat were ruining

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Xethel and the Desert Cat were ruining

my party.

Oh. My. God.


could they do this to me?

Their very own flesh and blood.


these days.

There's just no living with them

I'd dearly love to investigate the option

of living without them.


as a young lady of respectable standing

I've yet to lay my hands

on a pistol.

I twirl my parasol menacingly.

But Aunt Tabitha's got contacts in the underground.

I'm sure she'd understand.

They WERE ruining my party.

It seemed only fit I ruin their lives.


New line: Making love to my microphone

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Making love to my microphone

almost beating flesh and bone

Shure, S&M 51

Just like all those nights at home.

But there's a reason I am gone

by myself, not quite alone

This little old microphone

can't ever speak all on it's own

'less I'd reverse the input.




Recipes of verbal spam

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My Mother


Recipes of verbal spam

flew from her lips unnoticed

by those inured to endless

slicing, dicing, personalities

and lives inexorably minced

by the ceaseless motion

of her poisonous tongue.



Next line: Trailing a tape measure

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Trailing a tape measure

To size you up

See if you fit

Inside the trunk


Revving the chainsaw

To fix 'overhang'

Stop at the market

Pick up some ham


Driving to swampland

To visit the gators

Fussy eaters they be

But bloodlust is greater


Trailing the tape measure

Amongst other tools

Free of your presence

'Hidden' from fools.


New line: If lies were cats you'd be a litter

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If lies were cat's you'd be a litter,

That's what my mother said.

But somehow I think she's wrong;

If I had been a better liar...perhaps I wouldn't be dead.


It started with the war you see,

And the parachute, that's also key,

But when I jumped into this jungle,

It wasn't for a cup of tea.


I was wounded, sure, but not too bad,

A mangled leg and bloodied arm,

No biggie, I thought, and looked around,

To see I'd fallen into...a dundlyfowl farm.


??Ok, yeah I know, what's that doing here?

But this is the truth, I swear!

And they looked up at me with their beady eyes,

And bared their sharp teeth...what inimical glares!!!


So, what could I do, I pulled out my gun,

Though what to do with it I can't believe,

It's empty of any bullets, useless, as always,

And I thought, that'd be a good time to leave.


But they're bloodthirsty things, dundlyfowls,

And they attacked me most brutally...


Wellllll, yeah it's hard to believe.


OK OK! I'm lying, but how else was I to explain?

This mangled leg and bloodied arm...

OK, that didn't happen either,

Nor was there a dundlyfowl farm.


I jumped out of the plane and got blown home,

Over the ocean about 1000 miles...

No, that's not true either,

Ok, I'm stuck here sorting files.









next line:


Do you want some grape juice?

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