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  1. Surprise! Here I am! Yellow grass hides under white snow Blue sky above grey clouds And summer warmth in winter's shadow. Memory hides within a clouded mind And youth, from advancing age. That grass wasn't yellow yesterday, was it? Fin. What these old bones know.
  2. The formatting on alot of the little bit that I wrote was lost, as Peredhil talks about in the note at the top of the page. Not lost on this one though, and this is the best of what I've written. I will go through the others and see what I'm going to tweak. A 10 year reflection may change some of them entirely. Anyway, here you go: As Morning’s sun awakens something that none knew was present The rays’ touch, a breath of life, caresses my soul. A downy feather playing in the breeze, settles gently on a pond Crisp, fresh, my senses heightened as the mirthful gust tousles my hair. Ripples moving, imperceptible to all but those who look Splashing over me, serving to only whet my thirst. Drifting across the surface, this tiny feather eagerly explores Awakened energies, foreign perceptions, an unaccustomed yen. Such is your kiss.
  3. There are purple cows on the horizon, And green pigs in the sky. Red sheep in the mountains, Oh man, I’m really high. “Have a good laugh”
  4. Lone Shadow


    Is that what this is? A confession Of crimes against the soul? I may have loved you once. You’d Never believe it though. When did love stop? Or was it Just a pack of lies? And you still say, “We can make it Work, if you’ll just try.” But I’m guilty of this crime. Committed The ultimate sin. I’ve crushed your spirit. Taken all You could give. I couldn’t maintain it. The effort Finally consumed me. So I open the locks. Rattle the cage And set you free. You haven’t left yet. Why? I’ll never understand. Force you out? No, perhaps A helping hand. Maybe I should leave? Easier For us that way.
  5. Do you want some grape juice? Or a bagel and some tea? It’s breakfast time, this early morn’ Oh, what you’ve done to me. Next line: I’ve lost my way.
  6. Steady buzzing, over in a minute. The sweep sweeping of the broom. A weight lifted, silence descends. “Thank you,” I mumble. A cool breeze felt, prompting a reflex Running fingers through my hai.. Looking down, there it is. I am, a “shavee.”
  7. The world is but a mirror A reflection of my soul I cast my gaze beyond Only to find it reflected back again.‎ This path weaves on forever What’s ‘round the next bend?‎ I have not the will to look Here I’ll wait, until night’s end.‎ As the moon chases the sun My breath fogs the air Swirling mists surround me And the stars, they disappear.‎ Dawn fights back the shadows I rise to my feet once more Wearily trudging on Braced to confront the mirror.‎ *The time is nigh, yet again*
  8. I like how you constructed your second poem out of a bunch of one-liners from songs. I caught most of them, but I'm sure there's a few I missed.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply Wyvern, and for your appreciation. I've revised the last 2 lines on your suggestion, but I'm not sure these fit any better than the original - Is it just that, a flare?‎ Or will it linger on,‎ Brilliance etched ‎ Into Time itself? ‎
  10. I don't post as frequently as I would like. Often due to work, but more often due to lack of inspiration. This is just a rough scribble of thoughts, so please don't take it as a completed work. I will be trying to come out of the darkness a bit more, and to become a more common presence around the Pen. Magnesium flare Nothing can extinguish Burning hot and pure An intensity like no other.‎ Submerged,‎ Drawing breath from the water Bringing daylight to darkness As it descends.‎ Shadows dance Entwined together Falling back Retreating from the blaze.‎ Is it just that, a flare?‎ Or will it linger on Becoming more?‎ Only time will know.‎
  11. In my mind, when I was writing this, I wanted the 3rd and 4th stanzas to be seen from the car's perspective, not the driver's. You're right though, it should probably stay in 3rd person. That would make it easier to follow.
  12. Awakened from a peaceful slumber The beast roars to life Tearing off down the trail She searches out her prey.‎ Gracefully dancing across the rocks Powering her way over the mud‎ Nimbly changing her course As she leaps through the brook.‎ Clawing up the slope Lunging into the air as I crest it Cutting hard to the left as I land Pausing to catch my breath.‎ Loving the hunt Thrill of the chase I live in Baja I am Volkswagen.‎ A far cry from my usual style, but coming back from a VW Meet 'n Greet / New Year's campout, fragments of this were forming in my head. Not 100% happy with it, so I'll more than likely be coming back to it later to revise it. Hope you enjoy.
  13. Thank you for taking the time to do that, it's very appreciated. I'm sorry I didn't get back sooner, but between work and my car breaking down, I didn't have any time available.
  14. You're right, thanks.. I didn't see that last night, too tired. Fixed. Where have my words gone? It seems as though day after day I make an attempt at writing something Worth reading, and yet I only manage To scribble down nonsensical gibberish. Oh, and any sort of feedback is appreciated.
  15. Blank, empty, void The canvas of our lives We are all, each of us, artists in our own right Painting our respective piece of canvas With the colors and strokes we see fit. Some of the paintings are crystal clear With stark definition, an unmistakable flow While others, nothing is apparent; no visible pattern Not a single direction, and the colors are muddled Blending haphazardly together More and more, I attempt to define my painting To give it clarity and direction Yet more and more, I continue to fail at this goal Wielding my brush with an unsteady hand Unable to fully rinse from it one color before choosing the next So here I begin anew Though try as I might to start with a fresh canvas The remnants of prior works continue to haunt me Making their existence known in everything i do To everyone I know Is this the grand beginning Of the artwork I have struggled so tirelessly to create? Or simply the start of yet another failure in the making Only the passing of time and my badly worn brush Will offer up an answer.
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