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  1. Irvin was enjoying a nice little meal along with Filk, they discussed a wide variety of topics, from Irvin's latest inventions to the death of their friend Stoomp and Filk's thoughts about who his murderer was. Irvin thought FIlk's words made sense so he pondered on them some more. "The ent is a strange one aswell, who ever heard of an ent meddling in the affairs of men" he thought. "But on the other hand, Yeager is a sneaky fellow, knows alot of tracking and such... and his Poppa had always told him to stay away from the hunter hobbits, living by the edge of the forest" ------ OOC: Vote for Vahktang/Yeager
  2. Ever since he saw the dead pack mule Irvin was lost in thought. "Who would kill such a cute animal?" he thought "Must be one of those rangers, perhaps that Garmorn" he thought, "He's pretty secretive" Feeling someone tug on his sleeve, interrupting his thought process, he turned around and saw Stoomp hold out both his hands covered in something brown and sticky. "Stoomp, what's that on your .." he started saying but stopped when smelled chocolate. "Oh i see, you forgot to take it out of your pocket, come along lets get cleaned up with some snow" OOC: i vote for Panther =>Garnorn, human Ranger (male) (long live the dice)
  3. Irvin tried to stand but for some reason there was a heavy weight on top of him. Looking up he saw a dwarf lying on top of him, Stoomp he realized, but there was something in the dwarf's hand. Stoomp seemed to be holding his teddy bear, 2 red flowers, a purple one and a rather sorrow looking yellow flower which appeared to have taken the fall rather badly. Still a little dizzy from the fall, Irvin prodded Stoomp on his shoulder saying, "Say there, would you mind getting off me so I could maybe get up?" Stoomp diverted his stare from Jagkatha’s disappearing back to the broken flower, and then to the face of the hobbit under him. He looked back to where Jagkatha had been just moments ago, and saw that she had disappeared. No! This was no good. He crawled up, and wanted to run after the lovely elven lady. But, halfway gone he realized that he was being very impolite, and turned around. He put ‘Teddy’ down and grabbed the hobbit at his collar to pull him back on his feet forcefully, almost sending Irvin flying. With a rueful smile he stared at his feet, and picked up the teddy bear again. Then he remembered the flowers and stuck out the crushed bouquet towards Irvin. “Hime sarwee.” "That's ok dear boy, no harm done," Irvin said while feeling his pockets if he hadn’t dropped anything. "Oh .... are those for me? Why thank you, I’ve never gotten flowers before. Now i can finally try out that 'Flower Fresh keeping Mixture' my friend sent me last month." Seeing Stoomp stare at him with a sheepish smile on his face he noticed the dwarf was a little 'out of this world'. Irvin searched his many pockets for a gift for this friendly dwarf and with a quiet "Aha" he produced a large stick which seemed to be coated in chocolate. "Do you like candy? Here, you can have this one, I made it myself," he said with a proud look on his face, and handed Stoomp the chocolate Stoomp wanted to stick the chocolate in his mouth, but decided that he should probably keep it for the journey. He wondered where his bag was and the remembered he had left it with ‘Fwin’ and ‘Karmoose’. He stuck the chocolate in the pocket of his pants, grabbed Irvin’s hand, and started dragging him over to his two friends. “Fwin! Karmoose! Look who I meet!” he yelled triumphantly. Caught off guard by the dwarf's muscle-power, Irvin felt himself being lifted off the ground and half-flying, half-walking followed the dwarf to meet his friends. Written by Sweetcherrie and Sinsor
  4. Still frustrated about not being able to attend the feast or present his invention Irvin Bartholomew Muskfoot started packing his things for the trip. Shortly before he arrived at Rivendell he started to feel unwell, when he arrived he was sick as a dog and took to bed almost immediately. Thankfully, he had recovered in time to participate in the great journey that lay ahead of the Fellowship. "There'll be plenty of wonders along the road to see" he thought to himself. When he finished his packing, he looked out the window and noticed a dwarf rushing by, fully packed, "Oooh a dwarf" he mumbled, afterwards he grabbed his pack and ran out the door after Stoomp.
  5. Character: Irvin Bartholomew Muskfoot - Hobbit of The Shire Hobbit of average height, around 40 years old Inventor and salesman Come to Rivendell by cart to promote(and sell) his latest product 'The Portable Writing Kit' Spends most of his time working on his notes for future inventions He plans to give a presentation of his latest product at a banquet later on(probably in the RP thread).
  6. i'm in sounds like fun, character needs some more work tho so probably will post it later this week (if that's ok)
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