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    Son of Chaos
  • Birthday 08/01/1981

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    Lots of interest not alot of time.

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    Arawn,Elis,Ros,Janus,Straton,Ry, Taran,Vahn,Twla, Doyen
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    Race: Demi-god/Human. Arawn is the son of the god Chaos. Sex: Male Height: 5'10 Weight: 179lb Hair: Black (Although it was once white) Eyes: Brown (His pupils have changed color depending on his mood.)
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    See "Journal"

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  1. It's odd I didn't notice this thread here. Happy Birthday to you as well Arwen.
  2. Trigun is the series with Vash the Stampede(sp?) Yes, Lain is very slow and confusing, but all together interesting. As for EOE (End of Evangelion) there are several websites where people sit and debate the ending. Afew books actually explain the whole thing, pretty wild stuff.
  3. There is no power that would grant me peace, any joy it might grant me would quickly fade. I seek freedom. Is that a power? If not that I wish I could turn things to chocolate
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