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  1. Eh...mine is kinda easy. It might be confusing, though. Say-ee.
  2. *voice from puddle of blood* "Just a little nosebleed, I'm ok!"
  3. Hunger is like a beaver. If it keeps gnawing at you, eventually you'll fall.
  4. Friendship is like a house. Depending on the foundation you use, it has the potential to last forever and provide safety and warmth to all who enter it.
  5. I wouldn't worry much, Salinye. Whatever way you decide to phrase something, I don't think you can offend me, for one. Hopefully you got a chance to compliment the preacher on that one!
  6. Fear is like a deep well. The deeper you descend into it, the less you're able to see the things around you.
  7. Birds remind me of flight...and the wind. Mmm, the wind... *sighs happily*
  8. Seii


    I've always loved short heroic poems. Good job, Salinye!
  9. "And this, my friends, is where we truly get to know each other - in the heat of strong opinions, when an understanding of why they are strong is reached."
  10. Actually I believe Salinye was getting back to topic, which was getting to be quotes at a point earlier on.
  11. "To make no choice is a choice in itself" and "If you have an opinion, there must be a truth to base it on"
  12. I knew how to deal with girls like that - I let them go first in line, then they got all mad.
  13. I must admit you have a point. I realize that it breaks rhythm at the end. Also, I was at a bit of a loss as to how to finish this - I've seen more faults in my life experience than I have good results. In other words, please do toy with the ending a little - I would be interested to see what you can envision from this theme. If I knew more girls who actually WERE themselves instead of one of the other stanzas, I'd probably have done a better job. ;;
  14. Step to da mike, do I got the skill? Heard there was some rhyming so I came to pay da bill Just a-steppin' and a-writin' in a mad quicktime Some'll give their two cents but I prefer to give a dime I ain't no rapper 'cause da words they don't come fast Though I gots ta tell you doing this is a dang big blast Just checkin' out the others makes me feel so very fine 'cause it's lookin' like we all could use some trainin' on our lines We be thankful that we don't gotta use this on a crowd I'm a-tellin' you the results wouldn't make us very proud Hey we havin' lotsa fun and dats all we lookin' fo But dats da end of MY rhymin' - peace out yo ------------------------------------------------------------------------ That's a LOT harder than it looks.
  15. Unfortunately, not many seem to comfort the comforters in my experience. This poem strikes a chord with me, as I've wondered about this same thing often. ...Yet, I have to wonder why this bothers me so much. After all, if my motivation for doing these things is to help, then I have achieved what I set out to achieve. Perhaps after all I am being selfish, doing good deeds to attempt to gain attention. In the end, I find that helping others really must be a selfless thing to be worth much. And what they will not notice when you are present will do no more good for them to notice if you are gone.
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