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  1. - Slowly rising from the ground after several hug-tackles the small Kender stretches out his aching legs " It really is good to be back guys. Nice to see some familiar faces. I hope all is well! I really wan..." Stopping mid-sentence the Kender wanders in a quick circle, much to the amazement of those around him.. Slowly he starts again.. " I GOTCHA! " yells Tass as he jumps for his Topknot yanking himself to the ground.. " Oh darn it! That was me.. -sigh- " murmurs the Kender as he lays on the ground collecting dust.. " A little help Appy? " asks.
  2. Nice little poem Appy. Scars are a great reflection of someones life history. There is often some story of some sorts that always follows the question: " Where did you get that? ". Even emotional scars are something I think everyone should hold onto, cause they make us who we are.. who we will be.
  3. With a quick tap of the feet, dust flies off the shoes like crazy. " Not having been moved in a very long time creates a lot of dust, " murmours the kender. After a quick tug on his tunic he wanders off. " I wonder if I still know my way around this glorious place " mumbles the kender. " We shall see.. " .. and so the adventure begins, once again ..
  4. Just wanted to let everyone know Im still alive. Going through a lot of stuff & super busy with work. Girlfriend has cancer & lots of problems with her girly stuff. Dr said kids in future is slim, so thats super troublesome, since we thought she might be pregnant about a month ago. In the process of moving in the next two months. Ill try to jump on IRC soon though. Miss all you guys. Tass
  5. To demonstrate my love for you Could be so easy as three words And because of this, I will do more than that In my own special way Through significant little gifts And the warmth of my touch Or through these nights of romance You deserve so much You are trapped in my heart You are always on my mind When you give me your love Our hearts intertwine Creating memories I couldn't dream of
  6. -~- Just a fore-warning. This piece is very ruff. I just started writing sentence after sentence. No plans on rhymes or flow at all. Just my usual, hectic, all messy time of writing. Been a while since I've shared anything, wish it could have been better, but this will have to do. -~- I have no clue whats right from wrong anymore Where things werent good enough, or where we went wrong I stay up all night looking into our stars No longer our stars, sitting solo on this balcony Bloodshot eyes, I cry yet another tear Strike down another good memory as the minutes pass I see the phone flash, feel it vibrate in my numb hands I try to lie, let you think Im better off with out you I tell you that I dont miss you anymore these days Hearing your disapointment, as you try to remain strong Feeling another piece of my heart fall The echos of my empty chest, not much more left .... Sitting straight up, wiping the sweat & nightmares from my body Looking over, curled up so tight, there you are Face of an angel, looking so cold with out my warmth Laying back down, mind at peace, heart slowing down Glad the nightmare is over as I pull you closer Feeling your arms wrap around me & your face on my chest Knowing the dream would never be true, for Ill never let go Watching the smile on your face, finally I can rest ..
  7. Sometimes the lights burn out on our journey Leaving us in the dark during our hardest hours. Sometimes the stars refuse to shine through the night Leaving us lost on our path through memories. Sometimes our hearts gives up on the easiest things Leaving us in nothing but solitude & pain. Never will my love for you fade through this journey Holding on through the darkness, Guiding you down the right path, Bringing you happiness & companionship.
  8. I rest upon this futon, and stare into space, watching the stars, as memories of that night drift on in. I remember it so vividly, kiss by kiss, the look on your face, that amazing smile, that I can never forget. You whisper your desires into my ears, as I feel your heart beat, as if we were only two people, in the world that night. We're taking this night for ourselves, with out a care in the world, the stars just get brighter, as the moments last longer. Holding you while thinking, I could want nothing more, but to hold you till the sun rises. How I wish you could be, here next to me, under these stars, as I close my eyes, and start over again
  9. & I thought I had snuck through un-knowticed.. =P Thanks Everyone.
  10. To be able to kiss your lips, Feeling the passion passing back & forth. To be able to hold you in my arms, Feeling as if the world has stopped turning. To be able to look in your eyes, Feeling nothing but the connection between our hearts. To be able to whisper in your ear, Feeling the goose bumps on your neck as I tell you I love you. To be able to call you mine, Feeling as if Ive finally found the other half of me.
  11. Cyril. My good friend it has been a long time. Ive meant to wander in here & comment before, when I first read it but times, are well ruff. I apologize so let me get to it! The meaning in this poem is so rich. It really works well. I want to re-read & such over & over to analyze & try to find something, but I cant. Nice to hear from you!
  12. reverie called me out! ha. No, I was planning on doing that, infact I had started. I was thinking about turning that into a quill quest of some sort, but my light bulb was stolen by Sephora. Sweet was kind of enough to actually catalog my works for me & email them to me. =) *hugs*
  13. *Slowly a a ragged, awefully skinny & rather tall kender wanders into the Cabaret Room, shivering from the extreme cold & lack of poetry. Finally reaching the front of the room, he clears his throat & begins* "Unfortunatly, one of our close friends fell victim to the devastation of this said Depression. Infact, its me, your neighborhood friendly Kender. I recently lost all my works do a Floppy Disc virus that was started in the early stages of the depression when new technology raided the market with CD & DVDs & even protable memory sticks. I was able to run & survive for quite sometime, but it finally caught up with me & my writings were destroyed by said nasty virus. So I stand here in front of my fellow friends & ask for you help in rebuilding my works! " [OOC. The Floppy disc that had all my poetry on it died today & I've lost all my works, except for the ones I've posted here at The Mighty Pen. So I was wondering if anyone would like to help me find all my old stuff. If you could just post one poem that is your favorite, that I've shared from the past in this thread & a short story about how & why it might be your favorite work of mine. Thank You All!] *Reaching into a small tattered pocket, Tasslehoff pulls out a small piece of styrofoam that he was able to grab from a nearbye garbage can. Upon the styrofoam was the following poem from the kenders past. Our last kiss is with me always, It's burnt into my lips, As soft & passionate as sun rays expire, Just as a summer days set in, before our darkest hours. Your beautiful voice is never silent, It's forever speaking to me, Making me stronger every moment, Smooting all my fear & my doubts that hide in these dark hours. Your touch will always enshroud my skin, With twice the strength I'll ever have, Support & me through all that stands in my way, With the compasion a true friend brings during the darkest hours While I can never repay you, For the wonder you brought to my life, I can forever be true, True to the fact I'll always be here for you ..In Your Darkest Hours..
  14. I understand what your saying. The title & the poem really have no revalance. I actually like the smaller second *title* better. Passion Burns. Fits more, I feel. The original title I got from listening to a song by Hawthorne Heights, in which that is part of the chorus, & it was fitting at the time cause when I originally wrote this piece it was only 4 lines long & was part of a letter I was writing to someone. So, thats where the smal elemental connection comes from. Later I decided to extend the piece. I also agree it needs some work. I shall hopefully tackle that later this week. Hopefully I can get it to flow better, like "Rain"
  15. Dare Me To Walk Through This Fire Burning My Heart & Soul. Dare Me To Walk Through This Fire, I Will Not Falter. Dare Me To Walk Through This Fire, What Will You Do When Im On Yourside? Dare Me To Walk Through This Fire, Dont Let Me Down. Dare Me To Walk Through This Fire.
  16. When it rains, I just want to hold you closer. When it rains, I just want to kiss you again. When it rains, I just want you to myself. When it rains, I just want to tell you I miss you. When it rains, I just want you to know Im thinking of you. When it rains.
  17. To hold you in my arms tonight The only thing my dreams are made of To see your beautiful silhouette once again Will bring me out of this hole To look back at our memories Realizing you made me come alive To discover your fragrance once more Would serve as a reminder of why I pulled you closer To savor a kiss from your gentle lips Can bring us back together & through the silence To take in your soothing voice, Drowning out all the rest of the world To You I Write, To You I Send, For You I Hope.
  18. I also like how I was able to rhyme, but a bit disapointed I couldnt finish it so. *ponders* Thanks for the comment though.
  19. Im missing you when you are not near. This "forever" still brings the slightest tear. I long to hear your voice whispering in my ears. By far the sweetest music I've ever heard. Still to this day, they wait to hear the chords again. Softly; I do love you.. Ive come to believe saying "Good Bye" means, forever. So in the poem, when I say " This forever", Im reffering to when she said goodbye.
  20. Crumbling, Collapsing, Dissolving, No longer can I stand here. You finally finsihed what you started, Tearing me down slowly, You finished today. Real love & goodbyes, forever, I hope this forever makes you happy. To Quit, To Run, To Push, Its all the same. The tears that fall will never be seen by your eyes, To afraid to even look you roll away. Stuck on self preservation of the past & the comfort of anyone but me, Struggling to breathe through the pain you cast upon my heart. Nothing with meaning, was ever meant to be easy
  21. ~Running Rememberance~ Never asked you to give it all up, Leaving everything blowing in the wind, Out of your sight; Like the crumbled paper note of our romance, Not asking for your sympathy; To feel sorry for me, I just wanted you by my side; Whispering, Whispering; Everything will be alright..alright.. All I need was the truth. I stand here face to face, With the troubles of the past, Someone I thought I knew, One who loved to laugh, Knew how to smile; Could make my worst day my best day, Together I thought we would take this path together, But you veered; Veered off; Outta my life. So I needed all of the thruth, Is it such a big deal, Knowing I would do the same for you, Why the hell are you hiding; Running away, Is it me; Did I cause it; Or is it you? Wishing there was something I could do.. Hoping; Wishing; Dreaming.. Nothing to change your mind, Darkness swallowing me whole, Now filling up my once vibrant mind. I stand here face to face, With the troubles of the past, Someone I thought I knew, One who loved to laugh, Knew how to smile; Could make my worst day my best day, Together I thought we would take this path together, But you veered; Veered off; Outta my life. What can I do; What can I say, I feel as if I have no meaning to you, Throwing the memories of our times together out the window, Dont you see; The story of you & me, It could be real; Be the whole deal, But your too dammned afraid to admit it, What is there to say, What is there to do? I am slowly but surely just disapearing into your past... -& when times are ruff, I turn to the pen & the paper to relieve the pain upon my shoulders.. One day I hope to not have to write of such pain..-
  22. Well first off, as Ayshela has already done.. *hug*. Its been a long time.. Book Recomendations.. For me, I would have to go with Tom Clancy. I am a huge fan of his books, & I tend to read all his novels when they come out. I would have to say my over all favorite is defently Rainbox Six, which lead to the popular game.. It isnt for the faint of heart, but a great book on terrorism & counter terrorism.. I also started a new serious, Eragon, by Christopher Paoline.. My mother bought me the first book as a gift for a trip I was making, well after not being able to put the book down & almost finishing it in a sitting, I called her & told her to send me the second copy when it came out.. Shortly it did, titled: Eldest & I read through it just as quick.
  23. The uncertainty of our future grows each day, Never knowing where tomorrow begins or will take us, Answers floating above our heads, right with in reach, Time to extend our hearts & grab ahold of something, Standing on the ths uncertainty will only bring us down, Stepping back into your shell once again, Fighting off the choices you know you have to make, Keeping me in the background while you embrace him again, Self preservation in the old, the confortable memories of your past, Struggling to breathe under his shadows, crushed under his words of revival, Answers so plain to me, just need to accept it, When will I see you made your final decision? Only you have the answers behind those lies.... Feels more like a rant than anything else, but still an attempt at poetry.
  24. Here we go again, Round & Round, Stuck to this Merry-Go-Round, Does this stop soon? Nobody knows. Pushing away as you turn, Holding on as I turn, Cant let go of the past, Wont see the future, Is it done? Nobody knows. ...I hate, absoultly hate uncertainty...
  25. I understand what third person would be, as in someone watching & telling what is happening between myself & said person in poem, but could one clarify on its benifits? I'm not understanding the possibilities I might find to better benefit the poem.
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