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    West Auckland, New Zealand.
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    Metaphysics, philosophy, psychology, conversation, writing, playing music, writing music, Cello. I love meeting people, and watching people. I like to be challenged and to engage my mind.

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    I like it straight up and bullshit free. Smells better.

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  1. I have been watching the world as if through sound proof glass. The air in here is stale, and I've run out of room - for my thoughts, for my desires, I can no longer occupy this space, this self inflicted womb of denial. What was comforting is now uncomfortable. I stand fumbling with the latch. My fingers clumsy, and my temper frantic. "Make way," I yell. I need fresh air to breathe. The door is open. It's time to move. I crawl from this space to find myself born again. Waiting and waiting. It is time.
  2. I love you :') I want to take your mind home with me and caress it on my pillow.
  3. Wow - that is absolutely beautiful. My eye got watery. Just one. I was starting to think of tunes and melodies to put to it. You could turn that into a beautiful song! I might play around with it and get back to you and offer you some melody. or! if you already have a melody to it I'd be dying to hear it if there's some way you can share.
  4. Piddler on the root ~releases poisonous spores~ Breathe deep, my friend.
  5. So so true. I like the way you think.
  6. Mmmm - I dig what you're saying. For sure. No deeper meanings there. This is an older poem and I guess I was mildly embarassed about it. I have always chosen to write about things that are negative and I am looking to grow as a writer and write things more positively or with a new perspective and I guess sharing that line felt like I was holding myself back in some way. The poem is sort of about wanting to throw a tantrum and complain that life isn't fair and it's too hard and I dont wanna try anymore and BUY ME SOME CANDY and now carry me cuz my legs are tired. But meanwhile realising that it will get me no where and that I have to stand on my own two feet and keep it together or I will make it worse for myself. Poem is about being bitter about that realisation but looking to move on.
  7. Sad and mournful day The death of rats has begun Watch your step or squish! Run, run, rat, run, run Go find your sacred sewer Do not die today. The grim squeaker comes, He lays his holy hand here All shall pay for this. Rodents, find peace now The other side has much cheese Heaven infested
  8. ~flails leaves~ Pulled recklessness and irresponsibility out of where? I didn't quite understand sorry.... :/ and that line that made me gag - you don't find that so cliche and unappealing? What am I talking about?! Plants have no gag reflex... That line made me wither and turn brown.
  9. You have a Placebo - like sound to you. I am likening you to the band, not the affect. But it's like placebo meets country. Almost. I like your guitar skills. I would love to get together with you with my cello. We could make some sweet music. You're very angsty. That song was like your musical punching bag. Did you feel good after singing it? My favourite line was ~ "I can't lose I can't win" In regards to addiction I felt like I understood that thought. Like, you have nothing to lose and you feel like the situation was hopeless. Or even if you improve - what of it. None of it means anything anyway. Just reminds me of my constant battle with pointlessness... which in itself is a .... ~sigh~ huge waste of time. Personally - I think you could serve to be a little more original - but at the same time you have this overall vibe/tone that is really unique and appealing and I liked it a lot. Look forward to seeing more from you
  10. Haha, I've been practicing Haikus. They are nothing magnificent, but there are a few that make me smile. I was at the beach writing about my surroundings. Ugly seagull squawk Parasitic beach dweller Swallow a rock, please ------------------------- Sunshine licks water Steam rises and falls again The sea drinks the rain ------------------------- Waddle little duck Your feathers all in order Seek rest in puddle ------------------------ Smiling faces see a sight that brings happiness Contagious smile ------------------------ Friendly stranger stops Through my window he greets me Awkward discussion ----------------------- Sitting in silence Alone and thoughtful I am Ponder this, my friend
  11. Standing on this ledges edge I challenge you to test my bitter outlook, To tell me I am wrong for being so, or acting so. Without being told, I already know. For consequence denies me the right to be right. As a stubborn child would, I firmly ground and mark my place. For anything that changes cannot be reality, but lowly I crave this to be real and unchangable. Although I know that today is the tomorrow I created for myself yesterday, (<--- This line makes me gag!! sorry for the cheesyness I hope that the faster I descend, the quicker I will lose responsibility to make tomorrow. Come forth and show me, for I am a fool. Today I am wrong. Tomorrow may change.
  12. My feet are blurry as I look down at them, fidgeting in my discomfort. Blurred by that leaky substance that hints that my composure may be crumbling. MY left hand is tugging at the end of my sweater. Straightening it and re straightening it, an externalization of my attempt to get my thoughts in line. They disobey. My right hand is incessantly running through my hair, to soothe my confused mind as if it were a child's aching stomach. I gaze away. I find inanimate objects to hold my glares to find some kind of mental footing so I don't just... slip. She speaks to me again. As I hear her lips move my emotional shell curls into the fetal position. Awaiting the lashing that is certain to fall. Motionlessly I sit. It takes all of me not to decompose into the cesspit of a person within me who longs to throw myself into a rage. A rage that would see to have no limits. Confined to stone, I am eroding. A single tear falls. A reaction of any scale is all she needs to trigger her verbal weaponry. I am indulged in her story of my tear being the bullet in her heart. MY release of life being my fault and her burden to carry. She awaits a reply. As my silence offends she withdraws to her inner child. Sulking and pouting. How could I love her as little as not to reply? The silence continues. It seems as if my life could have passed in those loud minutes. the strength it takes to withstand a soundless war. Like a comical piano accompaniment to an old silent film, my thoughts turn manic. Aching. Time passes. Aching. Finally, she moves. A staggered walk to her bottle to refill her empty vessel. Her own externalization of sorts. I cringe again, knowing that the action is a catalyst to an already slippery slope. Her dependency has come to bemuse me. A status I never suspected to claim. Indifference being my lifeline, I cease to suffer. Closing the curtains on a too familiar act, I exit, stage left.
  13. I am both amused and creeped out... and also, oddly inspired. btw... I'm a she not a he >: ( If you hadn't made me smile I would track you down and give you manicure in your sleep! yeah! how creepy are you now, PrettyNails?!
  14. Haha - I thought you said Gollum riding Bilbo. That's an unsexy combo.
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