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  1. if any of you have played the game "Final Fantasy X-2", then you should remember the concert that Yuna gave. The song that she and Len were singing, "1000 Words", has been playing in my mind, and so I'm typing this as it comes to me. Silver Wings of Freedom She ran, branches hitting her, catching at her plain white dress and her wings. She didn't care where she went, she just had to get away. Her long white hair caught on a branch, she yanked it free. She stumbled through the last of the trees, only to find herself on a cliff. In the distance, she could see a wide, glittering expanse of water. The sea. "Angelica." She spun around. The scientist stood there, three men with stun guns just behind him. "Angelica, you need to come back with us. You don't know anything about the world. It's dangerous," the scientist said. She had heard these words too many times before. Whenever she wanted to go out, when she had escaped that one time before. And she had believed him. But not again. "No," she said. Her voice was very hoarse, it hurt to talk. When they had used the stun guns on her the last time she had escaped, the electricity had damaged her vocal cords. "I'm not. . .going back there. . .ever again." "Angelica. . ." "Why do you call me that!?" she screamed. Tears started flowing down her face, but she ignored them. "Because I remind you of an angel? I only have these wings because you implanted them!! My name was Cassana, before you kidnapped me off the streets when I was seven years old!" "What?!" The scientist was startled. How could she remember that? The memories should have been erased. "I know," Cassana went on. "I know that the government was funding your research. They refused to help any more, didn't they? Because my wings," she spat the word out, "haven't grown at all! They never have been big enough for me to fly! So I'm just another botched experiment! There's no sense in taking me back, because you'll just dispose of me in a few weeks!" "O'Malley!" the scientist whispered. "That sneaky little rat! How long has he been taking the side of this experiment!? I knew that there was something odd about his behavior lately!" Cassana took a deep breath. The scientist was rambling on to himself, and the guards seemed unsure of what to do. They wouldn't catch O'Malley. He had promised her they wouldn't. An explosion shook the earth. The ground crumbled under her feet, and she was falling. All sounds died away. This is it. I'm going to die, she thought. Then something inside of her whispered, But I want to live. She screamed in pain. Her wings were growing at an unbelievable speed, large silver feathers that flapped at the wind. For several glorious, beautiful minutes, she was flying. Then her wings gave out. But she was smiling as she fell, her wings breaking apart and silver feathers scattering in the winds. Good-bye. The science lab was blown up. They found inside a body with a bullet hole in the head and a pistol in one hand. The body was identified as Patrick O'Malley, a guard at the former lab. Of course, the government covered up the details, especially with the evidence that O'Malley had blown up the lab. Two days later, the body of a female teenager washed up on the beach. A large silver feather was stuck in her long white hair, and she appeared to be smiling. Of course, these details were covered up by the government as well. She was free. "Oh, a thousand words/Have never been spoken/They'll fly to you/They'll carry you home, and back into my arms/Supended on silver wings/And a thousand words/Call out through the ages/They'll cradle you/Turning all of the lonely years to only days/They'll hold you forever" ~1000 Words, from Final Fantasy X-2 ~End~
  2. woo-hoo! yay, I'm not alone!! <clears throat after the outburst> very interesting. <tries to sound like proper Englishwoman, even though I have no English in my ancestry that I know of.>
  3. Sora wandered in, actually more like floated in, sitting cross-legged a few feet off the floor, flipping through a magazine titled "How to Get Over Your Writer's Block". (wish there was an actual magazine like that.) she glanced up, perplexion showing across her face. She spoke to the wind sprite under her (but of course no one else saw it), "I told you to take me to the Banquet Room." Young, mischievious sprites. *sigh* Oh, well. She stood up, dismissing the sprite. Maybe she could eat some of the food without getting hearburn or indigestion. Maybe. She headed over to the tables.
  4. ooooh. tell me what he did wrong. but then again, I think I understand that it's that kind of story. you know, the one that you get a bit of it, and nothing more. unless I'm wrong about that. . .dunno. bravo, nonetheless!!
  5. hmmm. . .not sure about like or dislike. . .very descriptive, but considering I don't know the characters or what a Pyero or gryff is, slightly confusing. like I said, not sure about like or dislike.
  6. I'm hoping to get my work published, maybe by Tokyopop. . . but it all depends if I get it done anytime within the next ten years! I will gladly put in notes giving credit and a great deal of gratitude!!!! "Singing to Freedom" is the name I've chosen. now give me suggestions, I'm begging you!!
  7. okay, I'm working on a story, in comic form. the main event of this is a singing contest. with each round, the contestants draw a slip of paper out of a box, and they must write a song on the topic. (hey, it's fiction, anything goes.) the topic of the contest overall is darker emotions, to try to show people that they're not alone in feeling like this. so I'm asking for like darker emotions that you've felt at one point or another. if you can put it into a song and post it here, please do!! (if you're okay with me using it) some emotions I thought of were like: feeling like you're all alone, even though you've got people around you (I tend to feel that way often); feeling like you're becoming nothing but a doll, trying to be perfect in the world's eyes, etc. please feel free to say whatever emotions you can think of. sorry if I'm being demanding, but I need a bit of help!!!!! please?
  8. might be slightly odd, but I got the idea on a full moon night. just picked up a pen and paper, and this is the way that it came out. hope you enjoyed it even just a little bit.
  9. Bask in the Moonlight Tonight is the night of the full moon. My head has hurt ferociously all day. Now that it is growing dark, the pain has spread to my entire body. But it will disappear as soon as I bask in the moonlight. Tonight is the night of the full moon. A feeling that is both freeing and imprisoning. The inner beast is freed. But the human consciousness is all but gone. Tonight is the night of the full moon. When I have become a wolf, I am only dimly aware of what I am doing. One morning, I awoke to find myself covered in blood. By the smell of it, it was human blood. Tonight is the night of the full moon. As time passes, I become increasingly more like a wolf. I crave meat almost constantly, and my teeth are becoming fangs. My eyesight is fading to gray, while my hearing and smelling are more perceptive. Tonight is the night of the full moon. The more I bask in the moonlight and transform, the more, gradually, I lose my humanity. If I could, I would stay out of the moonlight. But I cannot. Tonight is the night of the full moon. The pain becomes worse the longer I stay hidden. Unconsciously, my hand pulls back the curtain, even as I cry out in fear. Does my hand move because of the pain, or because the beast is demanding to be set free? Tonight is the night of the full moon. Time grows short for me. My body hair has grown so long and thick to be like fur. I can barely hear anything over my heavy panting, and I can feel nothing but pain. Tonight is the night of the full moon. If I transform even once more, I will never be human again. But my hand is reaching for the curtain. I can't stop it. Draw back the curtain! Let me out! This will be the last time I bask in the light of the full moon. ~END~
  10. very true. I can sympathize with this very much, and am gkad to know I'm not the only one who feels this way. thank you for sharing.
  11. it's very descriptive. I'm not sure exactly how the troll and the bridge fit in, but at the same time it does seem to fit. I think I like it. (not very sure, feeling too tired, sorry)
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