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Eldritch Horror Jolene

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Disclaimer: I found this on iFunny, and it looks like a re-post from some other social media platform. I'm just posting a easier to read version. If the originator sees this, get in touch and I'll add a byline.


               Eldritch Horror Jolene 



Your teeth are sharp

Your mouth agape

Your claws rend flesh 

There's no escape 

From the judgement of the Eldritch One


He screams about you in his sleep 

And when he wakes, does naught but weep

In terror, of the one they call



Blackening the summer skies

With burning wings and countless eyes

We tremble at the sight of you



We cower here beneath your gaze 

That sets the earth and sky ablaze 

Have mercy at the end of days



Edited by TLDunn213

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(My own add-ons )

We call you from the Blackest Hells

With Obscene Rites, and Eldritch Spells 

Screaming out your name,



And when you from the Pit doth Rise

With acrid smoke that fills the Skies 

And Eldritch Flame that sears our eyes 

We will call the bringer of our demise;



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