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While I don't have the D&D books for this class I've heard enough to see them as being more or less the same as the Dracons that I already have in the Shardscape. With the only real difference between the two being what they are bonded to. Or are drawing their Essence from, in the case of Ronini Warlocks. 

Now D&D doesn't have Ronini Warlocks, at least as far as I know. But I see no reason to not include them in the Shardscape. As well as "Blood" types; which D&D does have; sort of.

In so far as they have Plane Touched,

Tieflings,  Azamars, etc. They don't really seem to have anything for those descended from The Great Old Ones,

But the Thulians here in the Shardscape could cover that fairly well.

And with the Ronini option also comes the Mongrel Warlock. Someone who, in their quest for power has been grabbing whatever supernatural essence they can get, and so are now well on their way to becoming...?

If you are having trouble following what I'm talking about here, Check out my Dragons and Dracons post.

And if you have questions after that,

Please ask. And I will try to explain.


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