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It has been said that Wyrdlings were created as a counter measure to the Grendels; but this isn't really the case.

Wyrdlings are reported in several places months before the first recorded encounter with a Grendel.

This is not to say that Wyrdlings were not effective against Grendels; they were Very effective. And not just against Grendels. They were, arguably, the most effective countermeasure to the Yun-Xi weapons program as a whole. And one of the key factors in winning the war as well.

For those of you who are not up to speed on all this. I'll cover Wyrdlings here, and you can learn about Grendels and the War as a whole from my other writings. 

The main reason for Wyrdlings was as a way to counter the Yun-Xi practice of making weapons out of our troops without having to take the time to train Spellcasters up to the levels needed for the most effective countermeasure spells.

And yes creating Artifacts is one way to deal with that problem. And it was tried. But, Artifacts have to be recharged and repaired by trained Wizards; of a  higher level of skill, than what is needed to just cast the spells in the first place. 

Living Artifacts; and that is what Wyrdlings are (as are Wyldings, Lycains, Grendels, and so on for that matter.) have several advantages over the regular sort. Being alive, their Energies renew over time. And if they fall into enemy hands they can attempt to escape before they can be studied or corrupted. 

And, given their powers it would be quite hard for the Yun-Xi to take a Wyrdling captive in the first place. 

First of all there is their Disruption ability. Which not only cuts off Undead from their environment but also blocks the Yun-Xi from using their Mind Web abilities. So the Yun-Xi troops have no way to get power or orders.

This was totally devastating to the early types of Undead, which would collapse on the spot. Of course this lead to the Yun-Xi placing Rune Stones into their later types of Undead and Corrupting living beings.

Of course this lead to the next Wyrdling ability,  Restoration. Which does basically what it sounds like. Restoring the mind of a Corrupted being to it's former state. Of course this didn't always work on the Undead, as there wasn't enough mind left to be restored.

And this lead to the Third Ability, Supplant Control. Which is exactly what it sounds like. 

And that is where the problems started, Wyrdlings ordering about enemy troops, both Undead and living including some lower rank Yun-Xi; lead some people to wonder if the Wyrdlings wouldn't become corrupted by the lure of Dark Magic. And, Sadly, some did.

What most people don't seem to want to understand is that usurping control of someone or something that is already being controlled is much simpler than taking control of a free mind in the first place. Very few Wyrdlings were ever able to do that.

And several of those that did played a key role in the winning of the War, by taking control of key members of the  Yun-Xi Highcomand.



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