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Slider Beast

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While often described as "cat like" these creatures have enough uncatlike features as to make such a statement almost unhelpful. But one must start somewhere, and the basic body shape is feline in nature. But the noncat features will imeaditly catch your notice thereafter.

The pebbely camelion like skin and retractable tentacles sprouting from the shoulders being the most obvious. With the three triangular optic membrane eyes and fern shaped retractable antini "ears" running a close second.


As to the question of origin, many blame Wild Magic. But given the optic membrane eyes, antini ears, and especially their displacement, or Sliding, abilities...

Although notably different from that of the Morlocks it is similar enough to suggest the use of their DNA.

But let's take a look at both abilities.

Morlocks have a personal super possion field of about 300 yards usable at will several times per day. The exact range and number of uses varying from individual to individual.

Slider Beast on the other hand create a second self which then slides to a new location within a given range, (30 to 50 feet, on average). While bi-located both copies are both "real" and "not real" until the Beast resolves again at one location or the other.

While this ability is similar to that of the Displacons, Slider Beast seem unable to breach enclosed spaces with it. A detail for which we can all be quite thankful.


The fern like "ears" also point to the creature being designed as they both allow targeting of tentacle strikes against unseen foes and by being retractable afford excellent protection against sound based attacks.


The main argument against them being a product of BioMancy is the lack of records of either their creation or planed use. But that is a rather weak argument as they could predate the war or have been an unauthorised side project. And if the lab were later distroyed...

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