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While I have spoken of the Varna elsewhere I want to take the time to cover them in more detail here and briefly touch on the ChoKa; which I will deal with more fully later.


The Varna, as noted elsewhere, are created from modified Thulian larvae to serve as spies and assassins. That is only partly true now that the Varna are trying to become a free people in their own right. An effort which is likely futile, as will be seen as we look at the different types of Varna a the success rate of the Morphoses process.


The claim is 75% success, which is only true if you only count death as failure. A quick look at type one Varna shows the true range of the Morphoses process which can include mind fusions and low levels of intelligence as well as domination by the host/victim. And all type ones are a partial failure due to the lack of ability to exit the Husk and act independently as was originally intended. Admittedly a minor limitation and one that can in many cases be corrected by time and/or taking a few simple actions.


Type two Varna are basically what was originally intended. I say basically, because of the type ones that gain the type two abilities of independent action and spawning (which is a new ability/aberration) without losing the flaws noted for type ones.

In general type twos don't have these flaws if the Morphoses process proceeded to the type two form straightaway. This is of course hard to confirm given that type ones can become type twos simply as a function of time.


Type threes may or may not count as a failure depending on how you view them and the type fours they can become.


The notable thing about type threes is that while type twos can leave their Husk type threes must do so and thereafter exist as an independent entity. Clearly limiting their usefulness as spies and assassins, but when viewed as a stage in a life cycle...


Type fours, just to round out the list, are basically just adult Thulians that took a different vector to adulthood. I say basically because larvae spawned from these type fours has a 50/50 chance of being Varna rather than Thulian. Resulting in Varna if implanted and becoming ChoKa rather than Cephlarac if allowed to follow a non implant life path.


More on the ChoKa vector later. But first a look at the spawning options of type twos and above. Type twos can devour the brains of additional victims creating extra Husk that they can use and even share with other Varna. Which isn't spawning as such but is worth noting. And while other methods of Husk creation seem likely and rather obvious upon reflection they are rather beside the point here.

The Spore infect method of spawning is an ability the Varna have given themselves as part of their bid for independence.

Varna with this ability are able to injecte spores into a victim which cause the Varna Morphoses. This can be done asexually by a single Varna or sexualy by two, or more, Varna infecting the same Host/Victim. Asexually tends to yeald more type ones while sexual tends to yeald evolvers. That is Varna that will go on to the later types.


The other spawning option is the laying of eggs also a sexual or asexual process with sexual yielding more Thulian larvae.


And finally a note on ChoKa.

ChoKa are what happens to unimplanted Varna larvae. They leave the spawning pool at about 12 inches in height with a roughly humanoid form. Looking basically like the choker monster from the D&D books but able to change color and they keep growing to at least human size. More details on the ChoKa in their own entry later.

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