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On Dragons and Dracons.

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The first thing to consider here is Dragons and where they come from. Seeing as Dracons arise from Dragons even as later Dragons arose from the first Dracons.

So, the first or Elder Dragons came during the Fay Migrations. The first of which was around the start of the Saurian Thulian war. As to why they chose to leave the deep realms of Fairie, there are several factors. Boredom and curiosity being the ones more readily admitted to by the more powerful Fay. With fear of the rising threat of Yuuxath being an equally strong, if far less admitted, reason .


Now to look at these factors in a bit more detail. Boredom is such an ongoing thing with the Fay it can be taken as a given. But the related curiosity is worth noting as it derived from the Gith. Namely the Gith slaves who found ways to escape into the borderlands of Fairee.

Now some Fay had found their way into the realms of the shard Scape even before this. Which is part of how the escaping Gith found their way into the Fay Realms in the first place. And Fay being Fay crossbreeding occurred giving rise to Elves, Orks, and indirectly Goblins, but we will look at that another time.

And I think I will save exploring the connections between Yuuxath, the Outer Void and the Deep Realms of the Fay until later as well.

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OK as some people aren't up to speed. I'll explain what a Dracon is for those who don't know or are confused by the different types.

For our purposes there are three types of Dracon.

Blood, Bound, and Ronin. With the Ronin having two sub types; those who started out Ronin and those who became Ronin.

A Blood Dracon of course had a dragon for a parent (or ancestor) and so can access some of the abilities of a bound Dracon even without a patron. But most will take service under their Dragon parent if possible.

In the case of a Dragon ancestor further back than grandparent some event is typically needed to awaken the Dragon blood. But not always, converging bloodlines can spawn a Blood Dracon with no Dragon in the family tree for generations.

Typical Awakening Events include the Dracon Rituals; of course; exposure to strong magic, especially magic relating  to Dragons and/or their Elemental type. But any traumatic event, if strong enough, can potentially, awaken latent Dragon blood.

The Bound Dracon is of course the most common type. Simply put this is a person who swears service to a Dragon in exchange for being Ritually adopted by that Dragon. And so a bond is formed somewhat like the bond between a witch/wizard and their familiar except that the Dracon is slowly becoming a dragon of the same type as their Patron.

Ronin Dracons are either Bonded Dracons who have lost their Patron or at least the link to them. 

Or they gained Dragon Essence and thus Dragon powers by way of rituals designed to extract Dragon Essence from anything that might have it. Shed scales, Bones, Spilled blood, other Dracons,  Dung...

Ronin Dracons must either find a patron or gain Dragon Essence in other ways if they wish to continue advancing tword full Dragonhood.

In some cases this can include taking a for hire role with a Dragon or stronger Dracon. Short term, no Bond; for an agreed upon amount of Dragon Essence.

Some of course chose the Ronin path because they only want some Dragon powers and not the full transformation.

It is mostly from Ronin Dracons who went all the way that the Mongrel Dragon breeds of today arose. (With a few being due to converging bloodlines) And it is because of this that Dragon powers, colors, and alignments don't always match with ancient dragon lore.

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