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Darkness and Rest

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Come Oh Darkness, My dear friend

I have need of thee again

Enfold Me in your Sable Shroud

and hide me from the hostile crowd

As I above the rooftops fly

Seeking one who's soon to die

From your folds my Bolt shall fly

And in your Embrace they then shall lie

Untouched as Ages march on by

Until we hear our Master's Call

To gather in The Shadow Hall

Then on Wings of Night we'll haste away

To play our part in The Final Fray

And when that Battle is Fought and Won

Then Our Journey Shall Be Done.





Now I lay me down to rest

With a Dagger on my chest

Beneath this Stone I shall lie

As I watch Time go marching by

Beneath the Ground I shall wait

Until they open wide The Final Gate

Then into Hell I shall go

There to face The Final Foe

And When that Battle is Fought and Won

Then My Journey Shall Be Done.

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