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The Yuun-Xi are a corrupted offshoot race that arose from mating between the Saurian/Lizard folk and the assorted Dusa sub-races; most notably the Optdusa, Medusa, and the Nagdusa. (More on these beings elsewhere.)


While it is unclear just when and how the Yuun-Xi fell under the sway of Yuuxath; it is accepted as fact that some element in Yuun-Xi blood makes anyone exposed to it extremely susceptible to Yuuxath's influence.


Seeing things that aren't there, hearing voices, a feeling of being watched, ect.


All Yuun-Xi have some mental disorder, and most tend tword an evil alignment. They also tend to have some innate powers gained from their Dusa/Saurian heritage. (Which I will cover in more detail later.)

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Yuun-Xi blood, depending on how it's processed, can be mutagen, poison, sleep agent, or mind altering halusinagen.

To name some of its more common uses.

Which shouldn't be too surprising when you consider all the compounds the Med-dusa can create inside their own bodies; not to mention the natural mutagens the Saurians can generate.


Some Yuun-Xi have one(or, rarely, more) of the gaze bases powers of the opt-dusa.

Most common among these are the Hold and Charm abilities, but any of the gaze abilitys are possible. There are even reports of other, spell like abilities beyond those normally found among the Opt-dusa.


As to the Nag-dusa, they seem to be the source of the more snake like looking Yuun-Xi, who tend to also have the stronger, but more subtle Psi-powers, such as, remote viewing, pre and retro cognition, and most telepathic abilities.

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