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Yuuxath, is an insane "god" who is the force behind the Forever War, and several other events in Shard Scape history that don't seem to make a lot of scence; the Shamen Necromancer war, for example.

Yuuxath got his start at the far end of history. He knew that the other "gods" were coming to cast him into the Outer Darkness, and he was ready for them. He arranged things so that his passage to Outer Darkness happened at the same time as the launch of the Great Ship "The Maelstrom's Bore". And so even as he was being flung into the Outer Darkness, he was sowing Mind Seeds into the hive mind of the ZerEk Swarm as it plunged into the Paradox Maelstrom in pursuit of the Morlock's Great Ship. Thus sowing the seeds for his own rise to Power and Madness.


Far back in the dim and distant past a young Yuuxath found a dying ZerEk,

infected with a MindSeed from the far future. The Seed leaped from the dying ZerEk into the mind it had been intended for all along.

And so the circle of madness begins by becoming complete.



Now the Forever War is an ongoing effort by Yuuxath to drive Cronus insane, or at lest distract him to the point that he can't really do much to stop Yuuxath. So inspite of what people my think the real point of the Forever War is to create as many contradictory time lines as possible, while also spawning as many paradoxes, paradox objects, and paradox people as possible while weaving them into history so that removing them will make even more paradoxes than leaving them in the now tangled fabric of history.


The Necromancer Shaman War was Yuuxath's attempt to both keep Charon from taking over as "god" of death for Cronus and to distract Gaia with swarms of undead things that had no place in Nature; Nature versus Unnature to the greater detriment of Nature.


More on the Necro/Shamen War, and the rise of the Wyldlings and Shadow people elsewhere.

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