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The Scorpanocks are believed to have been created by the ZaRak as support troops for the Gith during the Rebellion. At first they were a male only race. If you can be said to be a race with only one gender.

However the Morlocks later cut a deal with the Scorps agreeing to provide them with females. Just what the Morlocks got in return is unclear, so it is hard to say if the Scorps got a bad deal or not. But they got less than they were hoping for as the females were not able to reproduce in a truly sexual way.

Oh they mated, and laid eggs, which hatched. But the young were always female. Almost clones of the mother. Almost, in as much as all their DNA was from the mother, with the unexpressed DNA getting mixed in.


It is unclear if the Morlocks did this on purpose, or by accident.

But the Scorpanocks were and are, less than happy about the whole thing.


Some want to talk with the Morlocks and see if a new deal can be worked out.

Others are rumored to be seeking a deal with the Varna. Who are rumored to be working with the FeroSidhe of Under Louis to become an independent race, separate from the Thulians.

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