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Walk with me in Twilight

and hold on to my hand

and I'll show you the Doorway

to a strange Faerieland


There in the Graylands

where their eyes are like smoke

They never will laugh

or call pain a joke


Walk in the Graylands

when you're feeling sad

They can't make it better

but you won't hurt as bad


For although the Pain

will fly not from thee

You'll learn to live with it

and yet from it be free


When you walk in the Graylands

trust not your eyes

for all that they will show you

is Shadows and Lies


Look with your Heart

and then you will See

where True Danger lies

and what you need never flee


Walk there in Twilight

and come safe away

or spend the night

and then you'll have to Stay


Walk with me in Twilight

and hold on to my hand

as I lead you back now

to your native land


Forever in Twilight

The Graylands will be

you Know now how to Walk there

and how to stay Free.

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