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First of the Giants

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*note: this was inspired by "Last of the Giants" which can be found in

George R R Martin's Game of Thrones books. Sorry I don't remember which book.


Oooooh I am the First of the Giants

My people not yet given birth

The first of the great mountain giants

Who will one day rule all of the Earth


The Small Folk we'll drive from our forest

And chase from our rivers and hills

We'll tear down their walls in our valleys

And run them away from our rills


In stone halls they'll crouch by their fires

In stone halls they'll cower in fear

Whilst we will dance in the mountains

And hold reveals that go on for years


We will hunt them like dogs in the daylight

We will hunt them like vermen by night

Till these men who are small

Yet tryed to stand tall

Are driven forever from sight


Oooooh I am the first of the giants

So mark well the words of my song

For when my people are come

Your time will be done

And our time will go on and on.

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