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Shifting Line

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Would you walk the shifting line

Is it Power that you seek

Then be warned for the shifting line

doth bridge the Burning Deep

There are those who have looked down

and now they fear to sleep


Would you walk the shifting line

Is it power that you seek

There are far better ways

To escape from being weak


There is Power all around you

And brightly does it shine

How can it be, my friend

That you are so blind


So shun I say the shifting line

And the horrors of the Deep

And you shall have true friends

To guard you while you sleep


Listen well to what I say

For I know of what I speak

For I have walked the shifting line

And gazed into the Deep.




Would you walk the shifting line

And gaze into the Deep

Would you dare to find there

The answers that you seek


The Burning Deep can show you

The Dark Heart of your soul

But such a view is bought

At a heavy toll


If you must

Then Look,

And find what you may See

But remember

On the Line, You'll have no place to flee


And this is sadly also True

You will be forever haunted by

The memory of that view.

Edited by TLDunn213

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