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Visual Editor

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O.K., I played with the Visual editor and changed EVERYTHING it would allow me to. Anything that is white, grey, light blue or green - I was unable tho change.


As you can see, there are no images or anything with shade variations - which means I'll need to go into the CSS and find what each and every bit of code matches.


I would use the stuff I put together for the 3.1.x version, but too much has changed (from what I can tell). Anyone who wants to do a skin using the Visual Editor (and has access to the AdminCP), is more than welcome to do so. It will be a while until I have a Tan skin back up. Go ahead and post any suggestions, images, etc. that you would like and I'll put something together as soon as I can figure everything out.


Oh yeah, go to the very bottom of the page and on the left, you'll see 'Change Theme', click on that and you see 'simpleRED' - like it implies, it's just a simple color change I did to see what can be done. It didn't take that long at all.

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