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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
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About Time

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They say that Love is never having to say "I'm sorry".


Well, all of you must think I hate each and every one of you, with the way I'm CONSTANTLY having to apologize for not keeping up with the updates.


You can rest assured that I, at least, Huggles :wub: you all!


There's been quite a bit of activity since the last update, so I'll do my best to cover it all!


We're seeing some Pennites that we haven't seen in a while, like Katzaniel who has posted some great stuff to help motivate everyone:


The Labyrinth: A structured roll playing game for anyone wanting to play!


NaNoWriMo: We all know this one - and should be doing it!


Writing Exercises - The No-Reading Thread: Get your writing muscles in shape!


Writing Exercises - Inspiration: Cardio for your Muse!


So get that Muse of yours' off the couch and get it in shape!


TheOtherOne - A reincarnation of a Pennite from long ago, checked-in and also gave us:Hope for Dawn


Zadown has added to 500: IF, you have not read this. . . GO! NOW! READ THESE WORDS! FOR TONIGHT, WE DINE IN HELL!


Blondemoon checked-in.


As well as, Alaeha.


Brute has been. . . BRRUUUUTTTE!!! (Sorry, involuntary reaction!). . . seen about the Keep - hunt him down and buy him a drink!


And then there's those who appear more frequently:


Zool has fallen out of his dusty old frame and has been seen roaming the Keep - see if you can find him!


Appy has been seen bouncing :skippy: around - APPY! APPY! JOY! JOY!


James Crow finished the 100 Poems in 100 Days Challenge (2 shirts are still available for anyone wanting to take a shot at it!), then gave us the beginning of The Weatherman - read it and then join me in harassing him until he finishes it!


WritingMom gave us Addiction...Or is it? a possible beginning of a very thought provoking story.


Harmony has given us:


Connoisseur of Air: Breath it in. . . exhale.


Rollin' Poem: Hit the highway, then head on home.


Heart Attack: CLEAR!!!


She told us a little about herself: Harmony Aethenias Echoe.


And added to the library stacks in Longitudes of Avinarr.


Get in tune and read them all!


That Raven at the window is Cryptomancer, why not Tweet along with him?


Freya Baranfinnel Sinome Rae Maethe gave us:


Apocalypse: Take comfort when it's over.


Those Who follow After: Then again, it looks like the freaking cats take over! Here kitty, kitty! :cat::gun:


Then spread a blanket and revel in the memories Of College Movie Nights.


THERE! I believe I've covered it all!


I apologize for anyone or anything I've missed.


Finally, Version 3.2.3 of IP Boards is out and I will be having them update us to it. This means the skins will most likely no longer work, which means I'll have something to do. There is a skin generator added to this version that SHOULD make it easier and anyone with access to the Admin CP is ALWAYS encouraged to try their hand at making a skin!


That's about it!


Oh yeah. . . POST!!!

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