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Freya Baggins

Those Who Follow After

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in a tiny room,

no one left to hear her cries.

The outside world a wreckage,

a twisted perversion.

The inside world not much better.

She lives,


Eating the survivors.

Silencing their squeals.


but forgetting,

the new race rises.

Replacing their masters…

(or were humans slaves?)

The purrs rising in crescendo

until the world is overtaken

by the oppressed,

by the feral,

by those once beloved,

by the cats.

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I KNEW the frickin' cats would take over - you can see it in their beady little eyes!:cat:


Well, they'll be in for a 'what-have-you' when Louie, the freakishly overlarge, mutant, bearded cockroach, leads a rag-tag bunch of scrappy Beagle/Saint Bernard mixes :yuipup: in an uprising against them, in an effort to genetically engineer a new human race from the secretly saved fertilized embryos of one Delores Mildrid Piffle - spinster and collector of dust bunnies that resemble 1970's Blackploitation movie stars (her Richard Roundtree 'Shaft Menagerie' was considered the epitome of celebrity look-a-like dust bunny collections).:blink:


Another great poem!

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The first part of that poem seriously reminded me of the life of Emily Dickinson...the 'whole hidden away in a room because the outside world is a twisted perversion' thing. Cats? really? I always thoguth they'd prefer the whole "secret invasion" thing they have going now--secretly controlling the world by inserting themselves into our lives and demanding things of us which we give them because of their ghastly cuteness, or their powers of mind control...they're happy to let us think they are OUR pets as long as they know we humans are really their pets...I dunno that they'd ever care to take on the strife and struggle, as long as they had us to serve them. Also, great poem. :)

Edited by Harmony

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