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I know, I know, I've been derelict in my duties AGAIN!


I'm just COMPLETELY brain dead right now.


I've been playing the current version of what was Archmage - where I'm getting ABUSED!


So, if you want to come and join in on using me as a punching bag (look for 'Snype' on Blitz and Solo), it's at:





I'm hoping I'll get SOME of the old inspiration to do ANYTHING.


I'm not burnt out, I'm just. . . I don't know.


I've been reading what has been posted by Harmony, James, Freyjis, Freya, EVERYONE on the Word Association thread and whoever I am remiss in failing to mention (due to my personal malaise) and all I can think is, "What am I doing?". These people are not only posting, they're posting some REALLY good stuff - while I can't even seem to do more then check in.


I DO see a small bit of sunshine on the horizon.


There is a new IP Boards version out:


Version 3.2.1


Version 3.2.0 just came out a couple weeks ago and 3.2.1 is already out, so I'm thinking we should wait to upgrade until it's less buggy and the bug fixes aren't coming in so quickly.


It has some pretty cool stuff and I'll have to redo ALL the skins (SOMETHING FOR ME TO DO!!!), but it has a built in skin generator (basic things: color schemes, backgrounds, header, etc.) that will make it a LOT easier to build on (still need to learn how to do more technical changes).


The IP Boards site is running it. So, if you want to, you can check it out at:



IP Boards


I'll TRY to get my act together. . .

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*breaking character for a moment*

Hrm. I dunno about the new IP version...I'm so not into technical stuff (it tends to eat my spleen for breakfast) but I'm sure whatever you can do will be interesting. Also I SO don't think the demigod of suicide squirrel squadrons is done for...there is always so much more to write! Just dunk your head in a huge bucket of ectoplasm and breathe in the smell of Muse's dust (that's actually her snot, but it works the same anyway). Or try re-reading your old stuff. That works too. :)

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