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This is one of the writing projects for our 10th Anniversary.


This one is based on Harmony's suggestion, with a slight tweak.


Everyone will write their version of a story based on the following basic outline:


1. Main character finds him/herself in a facility/institution/building/(etc) in which a group of children/beings are found.


2. Main character observes these children/beings participating in various activities.


3. Main character observes children/beings experience some sort of change or transformation.


4. As a result of their actions/transformations, the number of children/beings is reduced in various ways.


5. Main character somehow leaves.

It can be as mundane as someone going to an elementary school and seeing kids playing regular school games and then putting on their coats and backpacks and being picked up by their parents over time and the main character simply leaves - maybe he/she takes a kid or two (who knows, it might be his/her kids).




The individual could be on the run and ends up sneaking into a secret government facility to hide, where a portal to another dimension has been opened and a group of small beings have been brought through to be subjects of experiments, some are transformed while others die or vanish as a result and the main character flees in terror - perhaps he/she helps a few escape.


The point is to elaborate and be as descriptive as possible, while keeping to the basic outline - each version will be how a different personality of the same individual interpreted the events of the outline.



For best results, DO NOT READ ANYONE ELSE'S VERSION until you have written and posted your own.




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No, planned on leaving it open so that whenever anyone gets inspired, they can add to it. :D

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