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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

10th Anniversary

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Snypiuer is still a bit of a transient and once again gives his sincerest apologies for not being able to post regularly.


That being said, we've had some great ideas for writing projects for our 10th anniversary.


Patrick has already started an open RP:


The rudderless ship

So jump in there!


I will be adding links here to a new 'Check-In Here' post in the Conservatory for our 10th, as well as links to the other anniversary projects as soon as they're up.


Harmony, James Crow and Zool have all made some interesting suggestions - so much so, that I can't decide which to use and have therefor decided to implement them all!


I should be able to get those up in the next day or so.


Now, since I've been gone, there has been a flurry of activity. . . almost as if in celebration of my absence!


Brute (BRRUUUUUTTTE!!!!!!!!!!!!) has given us:


Something from the archives

As well as several other post EVERYONE should take the time to find - so you should grab a bottle of your favorite alcoholic beverage and head on over and share it with Brute (BRRRUUUUUUTTTTE!!!!) as you peruse his work.


Zool went on a joyous celebration of my not being here and went on a posting spree - not only responding to numerous posts, but starting:


Word Association Thread


Check it out and see how you respond!


Along with the previously mentioned RP, Patrick has given us more of his elegant words with:


A muse tickles

While Regel takes us back to:


The Summer of 1975

As well as taking us through the:


Valley of Fire

Harmony gives us a glimpse of the:


Longitudes of Avinarr

Cryptomancer gave us a challenge of 'Poetry in 140 characters or less' with:


Quoth the Raven, "Tweet, tweet"

Jechum, Eyeoneblack, Norman the Runt, Gwaihir, Appy, Gravia and Peredhil have all been seen around the Pen - why not see if YOU can find them!


Now, EVERYONE, give ALL the support you can to:



James Crow




In their 'Challenging Myself' attempt to write 100 poems within 100 days - they've written some real good stuff and deserve all the praise and support we can give!


There are a LOT of new posts that I have not linked to, so find them, read them and why not post some yourself!?


Will put up links to the anniversary posts as soon as they're up!

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O.K., there is Patrick's':


The rudderless ship

and I've just posted:


10th Anniversary Roll Call/ Check-In

The Mansion





Lordsmeagol will be at the Florida Super Con July 1-4, so stop by the Core Warez booth and say HI!


Brute baked:


A cake for Zool

And I'm pondering what a meeting between 'Inspector Zool' and 'Mage Noir' might be like. . .


Join in or start your own 10th Anniversary Project (Anyone want to run a game of Werewolf? I would, but afraid my internet access problems wont let me)!

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Degorram here. :) Hello, and happy anniversary!


I'll admit, I haven't been much of a poster lately. Between school, un-inspiration, and the aftermath of a poetry class long gone by, I've been falling behind. But, since the lovely email I received told me to update what I *have* been doing, I'll tell you!


Firstly, I do have my own portfolio of written works now online. I'm quite proud of it. :) This is definitely something I would suggest all aspiring writers to do -- put it on your resume! Plus it's fun to have something you can point at and brag about. http://flavors.me/lmitchell


Also I've officially submitted my first work for 'real' publication to Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. Cross your fingers for me!!


And thirdly, I *will* be writing more in the future -- and I'll probably be coming in here for advice, if I can keep my brain together enough to remember to do so -- because my Honors Thesis for college will be a two year project on compiling my own collection of short stories discovering and challenging the aspects of Time Travel. How exciting!


That's all from the changeling's life. :) I'll be watching, and I've got that RP opened in a tab, which means I'll HAVE to post. I do love a good Pen RP. <3

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That is so cool that you are trying to get a story published. I was just looking at Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine website and thinking of sending in a story.


But unlike others with real reasons not to write,

I have just my laziness and fear of smite.

But I vow to change that tonight,

posting all my poems with delight.

I forgot, I wish you luck with all my might.

And I will wish you all good dight.


Okay, okay. I know that was bad but still. I would wish you luck again Degorram, but you don't need it. You have great talent and they would be fools not to publish it. On another note I also want to start an open RP...

..Weird, isn't it.

Edited by James Crow

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