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A Happy Day

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Just rambling from lack of sleep.

I'll see what it looks like after I get some rest.




They said, "Today,

the beatings wont be that bad."

And you would think,

"Well, that's still sad."

But, to me,

it kind of makes me. . .




'Cause, it's still

another day of

hopes and dreams.

And 'neath the cries and

sobs and screams.

There's that one small chance,

the meds will. . . finally

kick in.


I try to rise,

tired of being kept down,

of being punched and kicked

while on the ground.

With only blood and pain

and blackened eye,


I'm still alive.


For now.


A constant struggle and fight,

just to be knocked

back down.

Left broken and shattered

and pushed around.

With naught to look forward to

but the end of the day,

when I can lay down my burdens,

close my eyes

and drift away.


To rest my weary soul,

in my too small bed,

to dream of love and comfort

and getting ahead.

Solaced by the hope

that, maybe tomorrow,

the meds will kick in

and the beatings. . . really

wont be that bad.

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Why, thank you very much.


This is what happens when I don't sleep for a LONG time and go on a moody music binge - ESPECIALLY 4-NonBlondes.


I know, 4-NonBlondes!?


Linda Perry. . . is. . . AWESOME! Look her up. Listen to her. Kiss my feet in gratitude at your earliest convenience.


This woman could sing the alphabet and you would FEEL it had meaning.


It's like she takes a dull knife and eviscerates herself, reaches in and pulls out every last shred of her soul, throws it on the ground before you and as it writhes there, she grabs you by the scruff of your neck, forces you to your knees, shoves your face right up to it, places her lips a hairs breadth from your ear and. . . informs you, "There. That. THAT is the very essences of my being. The whole of what I ever was or will be. Look upon it and tremble at the horror of its' beauty."


Don't get me wrong, she's written stuff that, if ANYONE other than her sang it, it'd suck - like 'Dear Mr. President'.


I do not know of anyone who could sing that song and I wouldn't think that they were some pretentious, holier-than-thou, well. . . I'll be kind and NOT say it.


BUT, when Linda sings it. . . wow.


ANYWAYS, that's my rant on my sleep deprived, Linda Perry inspired writing!




One last thing, 'Love is a Thing of Evil'. . . frickin' genius, thank YOU for that one!

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