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My life at the moment.

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She rubbed the crusties from her eyes and stretched her arms out, cracking all the muddled joints and feeling the stretch in her back. The sun beamed in between the blind slats, leaving a striped pattern the floor beneath her feet. She stood up and walked toward the kitchen, as her kitty found his way to her legs and purrrred in ownership as he brushed back and forth. His bowl was full of food and water, so she focused instead on the grumble in her own tummy and began inventory of the fridge and pantry.


What a day. I am not looking forward to writing this paper. Oh, yes! Honey nut cheerios. That is what I want. Oh but what I really REALLY want is coffee. Mmmm with vanilla creamer. Ok. See as soon as I am caffeinated I will tackle this damn paper!


With renewed determination, she prepared the coffeemaker, poured herself a bowl of cheerios and sat down in anticipation of her brewed coffee. Just as she had settled on how much easier her day would be, came the "ga-ga-da-da-neeee" sounds of her teething son waking up from the bedroom.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Craaaapppppppppppp. The baby. Riiiiiiiight. Ok. I can still do this. I can, I can, I can. I HAVE to. This friggin paper is due tomorrow. WHY do I procrastinate to the last minute? Well I better get him up and fed. And then I'll just check my mail and browse a bit online and hold off just a LITTLE longer.


And sadly began day three of trying to get her paper done.

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