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Conversations with a Stranger

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Well, isn’t this a pleasant surprise…


And hello to you too.


I thought you’d sworn to never show your face around here again?


A lot can change in two years.


It would appear not, as evidenced by your presence.


Aren't you going to ask why I came back?


I already have. But I can once more, if you insist.


I do.


Why, then? Or rather, why now?


I’m not living in a fairy tale anymore.


They never last. How did it end?


It wasn’t a fairy tale ending.


Maybe you should start from the fairy tale beginning?


It didn’t have one of those either.


So what did it have?


The classic story: Boy meets Girl. Girl doesn’t know what she wants.


Boy doesn’t either.


I thought I was the one telling the story?


You said it was a classic. I think I’ve already heard this particular one.


Maybe. They were both young, and just a little bit crazy.


Crazy never comes in just little bits.


Always with the interruptions.


I’ll try and stop. Go on.


Where was I? Oh, yes, they were both a little crazy, but they were crazy about each other.


Can you just skip to the good part?


The good part? What good part?


It’s a love story, isn’t it?


You’re so crass.


Every good love story has to have a climactic kiss.


Fine. They kissed. The End. Happy?


Very much so. Thank you.


Can I tell the rest of it now?


Sure, if you want.


They quickly fell in love and spent every waking minute together.


Yep, I’ve definitely heard this one before.


They were going to wed, but then the problems arose.


What kind of problems?


All sorts. Most of them were actually resolved relatively easily, but not all.


Care to elaborate?


Well, the straw on the camel’s back was the altar.


The altar? As in, at a church?


Apparently, it was the wrong color.


According to whom?


According to her.


And you couldn’t alter the altar?


Hey, leave me out of this.


Right, sorry. And he couldn’t?


I guess not. I think they were both too tired by then.


I see. So what happened next?


She told him to leave.




He did.


That’s it?


What more do you want?


More of the story!


There isn’t any, I’m afraid.


So is that the end?


I don’t know.


How can you not know?


I already said it doesn’t have an ending. Maybe it will find one someday.


This seems like a good place to stop.


Same time next week?


Of course.

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